Staff Congress
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April 6, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Rhonda Crisp

Kevin Koett

Rebecca McGinnis

William Salazar


Darlene Allen

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons


Lauren Buck

Rosemary Hinton

Rhonda Mackin

Lonnie Morris

Todd Thacker


Lisa Caskey

Joe Hunsucker

Margaret LaFontaine

April Nutter

Terry White


Shannon Colvin

Phillip James

Rhonda Mackin

Joel Pace



*Denotes member was absent.


Lora Pace, Staff Regent & Director of First Year Programs & Retention

Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources

Dr. J. Marshall, Assistant to the Provost

Andrew Arnold, Representative for the Student Government Association

Chair Pace called the meeting to order by introducing the guests.  Mr. Arnold stated that the SGA is trying to establish a better dialog between SGA, Staff Congress and Faculty Senate by attending more Staff Congress meetings.


To approve the minutes from the March 2, 2009 meeting.


Proposed:  Shannon Colvin

Seconded:  Lisa Caskey

Called for Vote:

Vote was taken and motion passed.

Chair's Report

J. Pace reported that Staff Congress elections are coming up soon. 

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported the website has been updated along with the election information. 

Secretary's Report

R. Mackin reported the current balance in Supplies is $2,010.

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

K. Koett reported he has a lot of things to discuss which will be brought up in New Business.  These consist of Staff Regent Election Guidelines, upcoming ballot, and run-off election if there is a need for one. 


Fiscal Affairs

S. Harr reported the Planning Committee has made some recommendations to the President’s Cabinet.  K. Koett stated the recommendations were related to tuition, scholarship money, and lowering the differential for out-of-state tuition.  Also included was lowering the discount from 80% to 70% for students enrolled in more than 12 hours. 


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A. Moore reported her committee met this week and didn’t have a quorum She will have a few things to bring up in New Business.

Ad Hoc Committee on Committee Structures:  S. Colvin reported there would be a 2nd reading today on committee structures.  She will send out another copy to everyone.  This will come up for voting at the next meeting. 

Regent's Report:   L. Pace reported the Board of Regents’ regular quarterly meeting will be held March 12th.  They will vote on fees and a 4% tuition increase in June.  A subcommittee has been named for the President’s compensation.  Their first meeting will be held next week and they will begin working on this in June.  The Board also met with Dr. Bob King, CPE President, last Thursday night.  They will have a work session in May. 

Human Resources Report:   P. Gniot reported he made a presentation of the Sick Leave Bank to the President’s Cabinet last Tuesday and they approved it.  It will be implemented and effective January 2010.  This includes the version approved and passed by Staff Congress but also includes maternity as an expansion.  It also includes the federal definition for family medical leave for a serious health condition.  Most of the information will be presented to employees during the Open Enrollment period. 

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  A. Moore reported an initiative was brought to the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee by Dr. J. Marshall.  Dr. Marshall thanked everyone for the invitation to attend today’s meeting.  He shared copies of a Community Service Leave benefit.  He explained the 24 hour and 36 hour paid leave options (community service).  Questions were taken and discussion was held.  This is something that has to be signed off on by your immediate supervisor.  L. Buck asked if this could be used to go out-of-state as in a Hurricane Katrina-type volunteer service.  Dr. Marshall replied if a supervisor signed off on it, it could be; however, it would be better if employees did something closer to home, in our service region.  He is proposing that the Center for Regional Engagement track this for reporting purposes.  He emphasized this as being a good role model for our students.  M. LaFontaine asked if the university benefited from this as far as a tax write-off or something similar, other than promoting the university.  A. Nutter replied this might help build better relationships with the community.  P. Gniot said they would look at this as it does make Morehead a better place to work.  J. Pace would like to send this back to the Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee to research and present again next month.  T. Thacker asked about the opposition to taking away Spring Break, if that was taken back to Mike Walters.  J. Pace replied yes, it was.  K. Koett distributed a copy of the Staff Congress Elections ballot.  L. Caskey noted that her name was not listed.  J. Adkins also noted that his name as well as Ed Beam’s was not listed.  K. Koett asked if there were any further corrections.  T. Thacker noted that Rick Williams should be listed under Skilled Craft, not Service/Maintenance.  K. Koett stated he would check on this when he got back to the office and have the list corrected.  He stated there is a vacancy in Executive/Managerial but no one ran for this position.  There are three vacancies in Service/Maintenance with no one running for these vacancies.  He reported the Credentials & Elections Committee decided the vacant positions would be filled through a Credentials & Elections process after-the-fact.  He next made a motion that anyone who is a Regent candidate not be present while discussing the Staff Regent Election Guidelines, seconded by R. McGinnis.  He distributed a copy of the guidelines to everyone.  His committee is proposing a space be created on the Staff Congress webpage for Regent candidates to post what they want to, limited to 250 words.  The submissions would not be edited.  What is submitted by the candidates will be posted.  These are due Friday at 3:00.  A Regent Forum will be hosted on the 15th at 10:00 a.m. in the Crager Room.  There is to be neither campaign gathering outside the Forum nor any campaigning during regular business hours.  Voting will be by machine.  The polling location is yet to be determined.  Voting will be held on April 29th.  A run-off election, if needed, will be held on May 6th.  Absentee voting will be available for those employees who cannot vote on the 29th.  P. James asked if there was another date in case there would have to be another run-off election.  K. Koett replied no at this point and time.  R. Crisp asked if there was an absentee voting date if there is a run-off election.  K. Koett replied this is yet to be determined.  M. LaFontaine asked, if we are using voting machines, is there sufficient time between the regular election and run-off election to print ballots?  K. Koett replied yes, there should be enough time.  Vote was taken for accepting the Committee’s guidelines for the Regent elections, motion passed.  K. Koett will send these guidelines out electronically this afternoon.  R. McGinnis asked him to copy her so she can post them to the Staff Congress webpage. 

A. Moore made a recommendation that the university better identify the reserved parking spaces on campus, seconded by D. Allen.  Suggestions included marking the spaces yellow or better signage.  Discussion was held.  Called for question.  Vote taken and motion passed.    

K. Koett thanked everyone who volunteered to serve on SACs.  This is a process we are mandated to do by SACs.  A final report is due Spring 2011.  He asked for feedback from everyone via a QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan) Staff Survey he handed out.  He encouraged everyone to complete the survey and return it to him.  These are needed back no later than the end of this month. 

William Salazar made a recommendation to invite the new Diversity Officer to a meeting to introduce himself.  A. Moore has placed copies of the results of the Human Resources comparison of benefits amongst the regional universities on the back table for everyone to pick up.  These can be discussed at the next meeting.

Announcements:  The next meeting is May 4th.  Staff Congress and Regent elections are coming up.  Spring Celebration is April 23rd.  The President’s Spring Concert is April 23rd.  The Spring Gala will be held on April 25th.  There are 19 vacant positions on Staff congress.  There are only 11 people who can help at the polling place as those who are running for a position cannot work.  He asked for volunteers to help work at the polling place if you are not running for a position.


To adjourn.


Proposed:  S. Colvin

Seconded:  W. Salazar

Called for Vote:


Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary






Ad-Hoc Committee to look at committee structure at other schools.

Rosemary Hinton and Shannon Colvin


Final Reading
May 4, 2009


Joel Pace


April 2009