Staff Congress
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March 2, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Shannon Colvin

Joe Hunsucker

Jill McBride

Lonnie Morris

Todd Thacker

Darlene Allen

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Jewell McCormick*

April Nutter

Sharon White*

Lauren Buck

Chris Hampton*

Kevin Koett

Rebecca McGinnis

Joel Pace

Terry White

Patty Carper*

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

Rick Messer*

William Salazar


Lisa Caskey

Rosemary Hinton

Rhonda Mackin

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons


*Denotes member was absent.


Lora Pace, Staff Regent & Director of First Year Programs & Retention

Lisa Shemwell, President’s Leadership Academy & Speech Team Coach, Communication & Theatre

Chair Pace called the meeting to order by recognizing guests Lora Pace and Lisa Shemwell.  The meeting was suspended so Lora Pace, Board of Regents Representative, could speak as she had to attend another meeting.  Please refer to Regents Report below.  Next, he allowed K. Koett, Credentials & Elections Committee.  K. Koett made a motion to go into New Business as he had to leave for another meeting, seconded by A. Nutter.  Vote was taken and the motion carried.  Please refer to New Business below.

Motion to move back to the original agenda was made by P. James, seconded by L. Caskey.  Vote was taken and the motion was approved.


To approve the minutes from the February 2, 2009 meeting.


Proposed:  T. Thacker

Seconded:  J. Adkins

Called for Vote:

Vote taken, motion passed.

Chair's Report

Chair Pace reported the Academic Audit was slightly behind schedule.  He had invited Vice President Mike Walters and Beth Patrick to attend today’s meeting but they were attending a Retreat regarding the Audit.  The first phase of the Audit will be mostly academic.  He announced that a Presidential forum will be held March 25th

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported she will be updating the Staff Congress website.

Secretary's Report

R. Mackin reported the current balance in Supplies is $2,101.55.


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

 Please refer to New Business below.



Fiscal Affairs

S. Harr reported the Planning Committee and Vice Presidents Beth Patrick and Mike Walters have been talking about budget issues in an indirect way.  He stated the Planning Committee is looked at as a sounding board for the Cabinet.  They will bring ideas to the Cabinet and the Planning Committee is to analyze those recommendations and take any concerns or questions back to them before they implement any changes.  Discussion was held about the discontinuance of the use of university buses for trips and the cost of the new chartered buses.  The University will also reduce its fleet of state cars by about 15%.  Discussion was held about the MSU Child Care Center being closed due to it not being cost-efficient. 


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A.    Moore – no report.

Regent's Report:  L. Pace reported the Board of Regents had a work session and a 1-1/2 day Retreat last week.  The next regular meeting for the Board of Regents is March 12th.  They will be discussing a possible tuition increase.  The Academic Audit is currently being reviewed by the President’s Cabinet and should be available within the next week for public review.  The President’s performance appraisal, using the new instrument, is being postponed until the fall semester.  The new instrument that will be used this Fall (360 Review) will interview a lot of people on-campus and some off-campus and alumni. The regular annual review will be done using the same instrument that has been used in the past. 

Human Resources Report:   No Report.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  K. Koett presented a number of things from the Credentials & Elections Committee.  The Committee recommended five current Staff Congress members be removed from membership due to excessive absenteeism.  He read aloud the Bylaws section that pertained to absenteeism.  The five members are Sharon Beller-White, Patty Carper, Chris Hampton, Jewell McCormick, and Rick Messer.  No second is needed as the recommendation comes from Committee.  Discussion was held.  Sharon White retired from MSU.  The remainder of each member’s term is as follows:  Sharon White’s term was through 2010; Patty Carper’s term was through 2011; Jewell McCormick’s term was through 2011; Rick Messer’s term was through 2009; and Chris Hampton’s term was through 2011.  If these members are interested in serving on Staff Congress in the future, they can place themselves back on the ballot.  P. James called for question.  Vote was taken and the motion passed.

K. Koett stated his Committee has been looking at issues concerning representation since the Bylaws state there has to be at least two employees in each category.  There is a significant imbalance of Professional Non-faculty representation which currently consists of 47% of Staff but only 20% of Staff Congress.  He next read the following recommendation:  “An analysis of the employment classification data demonstrates there is a significant imbalance with regard to Professional/Non-Faculty representatives on Staff Congress.  Specifically, this category represents 47% of all staff; however, it only represents 20% of Staff Congress.  Our means to address this concern are limited by the requirement that each category have two representatives; therefore, the following proposal is being submitted for your consideration.   As a result, the Credentials & Elections Committee proposes that for the upcoming election, the number of Staff Congress representatives in the Professional/Non-Faculty category be increased from six to seven representatives and the Service/Maintenance category be decreased from four to three representatives.”   Discussion was held.  They are not using At-Large category representation numbers which are 33%.  Professional/Non-Faculty representation would be 23% and it would reduce Service/Maintenance representation to 10%.  Vote was taken for accepting the committee recommendation and the motion passed. 

He then handed out a proposal for the Staff Congress elections calendar.  He stated that the Credentials & Elections Committee would like Staff Congress to consider this calendar for approval for the upcoming election.  Dates they are looking at to hold elections are March 9th for distribution of information packets to include the printed packets and electronic distribution; give everyone until April 3rd to submit candidate nominations; verify candidates on April 6th; and then post the final ballot on April 8th.  If anyone is interested in the Regent’s position, their statement would be due on April 10th which would be posted on the Staff Congress website.  They would consider using April 15th or 16th for the Regent’s Forum.  Absentee ballots would be started on April 22nd.  The election would be held on April 29th or 30th, pending looking at the university calendar to see if there would be any significant conflicts.  Discussion was held.  P. James asked for clarification that only one day would be held for elections.  K. Koett replied that was correct:  one day for the Regent’s Forum and one day for the election.  Voting would be conducted by machine; however, a polling location has not been determined yet.  P. James called for question, seconded by A. Nutter.  J. Pace stated that all those in favor of accepting the proposed election schedule as is, signify by saying aye.  Motion passed.  T. Thacker asked if members were going to come back and vote on the Regent’s Forum and election dates.  K. Koett replied what they were proposing is that members give the Credentials & Elections Committee the flexibility to select whichever of those two dates work best with the university calendar.  J. Pace stated all those in favor of accepting this as a proposed election schedule with giving the Committee latitude on the selection of dates to signify by saying aye.  Vote taken, motion carried.  K. Koett stated money is needed for printing costs and the cost of using the voting machines.  He requested that as much as $700 be allocated to pay for costs associated with printing and using the voting machines.  Estimates are that $185 is needed for printing costs and $100 - $500 is needed for using the voting machines.   Any funds that are not used would be returned to Staff Congress.  Discussion was held concerning the pros and cons of paper ballots versus using the voting machine.  T. Thacker stated he would rather go with paper ballots to save money.   There will be a Regent election this year which will hopefully increase the number of people voting.  The voting machines are currently stored in Fields Hall.  Absentee ballots could be used for voting off-campus.  K. Koett stated he could make an amendment to drop costs to $200 for printing costs.  P. James objected to the amendment due to the timeframe until elections were held.  Further discussion was held.  J. Pace clarified the motion as follows:  That $700 be approved to go ahead and start the election process.  K. Koett stated the current plan is to have one polling place.  No further discussion.  M. Lafontaine called for question, D. Sammons seconded.  Vote was taken with one objection.  Motion passed.  K. Koett noted there will be 18 positions vacant plus the Regent position.  

T. White made a motion to pass a resolution to state our opposition to canceling Spring Break in the future, seconded by J. Adkins.  He stated this is the best time to perform repairs, when the electricity has to be turned off.  Discussion was held.  T. Thacker called for question, seconded by W. Salazar.  Vote taken and the motion passed with five abstentions. 

S. Colvin went over the proposal for restructuring committee structures.  Option 1 would include Credentials & Elections, Benefits & Compensation, and Public Relations; Option 2 would include Credentials & Elections and Benefits & Compensation; and Option 3 would include Credentials & Elections, Benefits & Compensation, and Staff Issues.  J. Pace stated last fall he had asked R. Hinton and S. Harr to look at the committee structures at our benchmark institutions across the state.  Currently there are three committees listed in the Staff Congress Bylaws:  Personnel Policies & Benefits, Fiscal Affairs, and Credentials & Elections.  Discussion was held.  T. Thacker made a motion that we accept the Ad Hoc Committee Report supporting committee structure #3, seconded by A. Moore.  Vote was taken with one opposition.  The motion passed.  J. Pace stated, since this is a Bylaw issue, it will have to be voted on and approved a number of times so it will be brought up again at the April meeting.

Announcements:    The 16th Regional Basketball Tournament is March 2nd – 10th.  The Career Fair will be held Wednesday.  A Radio Fund Drive is being sponsored by Morehead State Public Radio March 5th – 13th.  The President’s Forum is on the 25th in Button Auditorium.  Open House is March 28th.  P. James stated there is a double-header basketball game tomorrow with the men and women, beginning at 5:30.  T. White stated the electricity will be turned off to Downing Hall, Jayne Stadium, the baseball field, and the Wellness Center on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday over Spring Break from 7:30 am to 3:30 pm.  M. LaFontaine stated the time moves forward this weekend.  D. Sammons reported that K. Koett will be in Frankfort tomorrow talking to the state legislature about a bill he has helped push through which will allow staff to have voting privileges on the Student Disciplinary Committee.  Also, she had received a thank-you note from the family of Larry Stephenson. 


To adjourn.


Proposed:  S. Colvin

Seconded:  M. Lafontaine

Called for Vote:


Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary







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