Staff Congress
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February 2, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Shannon Colvin

Joe Hunsucker

Jill McBride

Lonnie Morris

Todd Thacker

Darlene Allen*

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Jewell McCormick*

April Nutter

Sharon White*

Lauren Buck

Chris Hampton*

Kevin Koett

Rebecca McGinnis

Joel Pace

Terry White

Patty Carper*

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

Rick Messer*

William Salazar


Lisa Caskey*

Rosemary Hinton

Rhonda Mackin

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons


*Denotes member was absent.


Lora Pace, Staff Regent & Director of First Year Programs & Retention

Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources

Chair Pace opened the meeting by recognizing guests, Lora Pace and Phil Gniot.  He welcomed the newest member, Barbara Willoughby, who will be serving out the remainder of the term of David Jessie, who resigned. 


To approve the minutes from the January 5, 2009 meeting.


Proposed:  P. James

Seconded:  W. Salazar

Called for Vote:

Motion passed.

Chair's Report

Chair Pace recognized the passing of one of the forefathers of Staff Congress last week, Larry Stephenson.  Flowers were sent on behalf of Staff Congress.  A moment of silence in his honor was observed.  He reported that he and J. McBride have been asked to look at 1-1/2% of discretionary funds that excludes salaries, fringe benefits and any types of rents or leases to give back to the university.

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported she has updated the Staff Congress website.

Secretary's Report

The current balance in Supplies is $2,214.25. 


Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

 K. Koett reported his committee was unable to meet last week.  They will meet later this week or next week regarding elections, absences and representation.  He will send out email updates soon.  Chair Pace stated that with elections coming up, we will be asking for members outside the Elections & Credentials Committee to assist with this process. 



Fiscal Affairs

S. Harr reported the Planning Committee did not meet last week due to the weather, but they will meet each Wednesday to work on a number of items.  They elected Dr. Verdie Craig, Assistant Professor, from the Dept. of Geography, Government & History to be a co-chair of the Planning Committee with K. Koett.  They will be tasked with revising the six year capital plan for 2008-2016 timeframe.  The state has asked for a contingency plan for 6.7% budget decrease.  The Administration is looking at a 4% cut.  K. Koett stated that the Planning Committee is a representative body and it made sense to use them as a sounding board for information coming out of the Cabinet.


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A.    Moore – no report.

Ad-Hoc Committee:  S. Colvin and R. Hinton are co-chairing this.  They have been looking at committee structure.  S. Colvin reported she and R. Hinton looked at all our benchmark institutions and their government structures as well as equitable Kentucky institutions and their government structures.   They came up with three options  which they presented to Staff Congress. 

Regent's Report:  L. Pace reported there was nothing new to report since the last Staff Congress Meeting.  They will have a work session on February 19th.  The Executive Committee is working on the president’s evaluation process.  She will share this at the March meeting.

Human Resources Report:   P. Gniot reported there will be a different approach to Spring Break this year.  Dr. Andrews wants the university to remain open during this time.  For those who have to work during spring break, they will still get time off between now and the end of the fiscal year.  T. Thacker stated he heard a rumor that Spring Break will be canceled after this year.  P. Gniot replied that is in discussion but nothing has been finalized yet.  Faculty will not be held to this.  Department Chairs and College Deans will make sure there is academic representation during Spring Break week.  The motivation for keeping MSU open is a customer service aspect.  J. McBride asked if off-campus sites need to stay open since they are minimally staffed.  It was noted that, for those who work during Spring Break but take time off later, that makes it more stressful for those offices to cover for the person taking time off later.  Further discussion was held.  P. Gniot said more information should be out later this week.  T. White asked about the salary comparison of MSU to other universities.  P. Gniot replied this is the third year of funding from the Segal study.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  T. Thacker asked P. Gniot what were the chances of employees getting some personal days per year, where employees don’t have to call in if they need to miss work, a “no questions asked” type thing.  Physical Plant employees can use vacation time if it is scheduled in advance but if something comes up and they need to take off unexpectedly they get an occurrence.  If a Physical Plant employee gets 13 occurrences, that person gets fired.  Further discussion was held. 

Discussion:  S. Colvin presented an overview of the benchmark study she and R. Hinton worked on.  They came up with some options which were presented at today’s meeting.  These will be emailed to everyone to review.  J. Pace asked that everyone look over this and come back to the next meeting with any questions they might have.  D. Sammons stated Staff Congress may want to look at the restructuring of university committees in general to help with restructuring Staff Congress committees.  J. Pace stated B. Rodgers was tasked by the University Senate to look at that; the report has not been completed.  D. Sammons asked if the Reclassification Committee still exists.  J. Pace replied yes but it only meets a few times a year. 

K. Koett-SACs QEP (Quality Enhancement Plan).  He stated we, as a university, are responsible for creating a QEP.  He asked all members to voice their opinion as to what they think needs to be done to enhance student learning, that it doesn’t always have to be inside a classroom.   He also stated Retention Alert can now be used.

Announcements:    Staff Congress election time is coming up.  J. Pace encouraged everyone to use this time to begin looking for potential new members.  Open House is February 28th.  M. LaFontaine stated that the Wilson Bowling Lanes were recently certified by the U.S. Bowling Congress.   This allows us the ability to offer sanctioned leagues.  Eric Spurlock, Bowling Manager, is working on days  to offer leagues and they hope to be advertising that soon.  The next Staff Congress meeting is March 2, 2009.  S. Harr reported that Officer Stidham (MSU Policeman) is having open heart surgery on Friday to repair three valves.  K. Koett stated the family has requested that in lieu of flowers, donations be made to a scholarship fund.  R. Crisp announced the Spring Career Fair will be held March 3rd


To adjourn.


Proposed:  S. Colvin

Seconded:  A. Nutter

Called for Vote:


Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary







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Kevin Koett/Joel Pace

April, 2009


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Rosemary Hinton and Shannon Colvin

March, 2009


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