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January 5, 2009


Jeff Adkins

Shannon Colvin*

Joe Hunsucker

Jill McBride

Lonnie Morris

Todd Thacker

Darlene Allen

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Jewell McCormick*

April Nutter

Sharon White*

Lauren Buck

Chris Hampton*

Kevin Koett

Rebecca McGinnis

Joel Pace

Terry White

Patty Carper*

Shannon Harr

Margaret LaFontaine

Rick Messer*

William Salazar


Lisa Caskey*

Rosemary Hinton*

Rhonda Mackin

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons


*Denotes member was absent.


Lora Pace, Staff Regent & Director of First Year Programs & Retention.

Chair Pace opened the meeting by recognizing Lora Pace. 


To approve the minutes from the December 1, 2008 meeting. 


Proposed:  P. James

Seconded:  D. Allen

Called for Vote:

A correction was noted on the last page in that M. LaFontaine’s last name needs to have a capital F.  Passed with corrections.

Chair's Report

Chair Pace responded to a question that T. White had about Chris Hampton.  Chair Pace stated that he has received word that C. Hampton has resigned though Chair Pace has not received a written resignation from him.  He noted that C. Hampton has missed every meeting this year.  Chair Pace introduced the newest member of Staff Congress, Lauren Buck, who works at the University Center Conference Services office.  She is replacing D. Jessie who resigned from Staff Congress.  L. Buck will also serve on the Credentials & Elections Committee.   Chair Pace stated there were two presidential forums in December which were well attended by staff and members of Staff Congress.  One item that came out of the Presidential Forum is that the Planning Committee will be used as a sounding board.  There are several Staff Congress members who are part of the Planning Committee.  K. Koett reported that he met with Vice President Beth Patrick on Tuesday before the Christmas break so his committee will be meeting soon to talk about budget issues.  Chair Pace has also asked V. P. Patrick to consider the Staff Congress as a sounding board in this process.


Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported she has updated the Staff Congress website.

Secretary's Report

No report.   

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

 K. Koett has received some information about member absences so he will present that information to his committee soon.  He reported that M. LaFontaine has given him some historical materials from the committee so they will be looking at some Staff Regent election materials this month and will bring that before the Staff Congress next month.  He has one recommendation on the table to bring a new Staff Congress member on board. 



Fiscal Affairs

No report.


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A. Moore stated they met in December.  They came forward with the revisions and recommendations from the Sick Leave Bank policy.  They have also reviewed the tuition waiver UAR which was forwarded to them and didn’t have any changes to it. 


Regent's Report:  L. Pace reported there was a quarterly Board of Regents meeting on December 4th; routine business was discussed.  They are working on a different type of evaluation instrument for President Andrews.  They are working with someone who has been recommended by Eastern Kentucky University and Northern Kentucky University who does an independent-type of evaluation.  She will be part of a four-person committee that will be working on the evaluation.  No compensation information has been talked about.

Human Resources Report:   P. Gniot was absent so there was no report.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Old Business:  D. Allen stated someone asked her why the HRA wasn’t included in the newest plan (the high deductible plan).  P. Gniot was not present to address the question.  T. Thacker asked if someone changed to the high deductible plan, does an HRA balance carry forward and A. Moore replied yes.  Discussion was held concerning the HRA.  L. Pace stated she has looked at her old notes but could not find any official documentation about the HRA being carried forward indefinitely.

New Business:   A. Moore emailed everyone a copy of the Sick Leave Bank draft prior to today’s meeting.  Copies were also made available for today’s meeting.  Discussion was held regarding the draft.  J. Hunsucker asked if contributions to the Sick Leave Bank were voluntary.  A. Moore stated she had taken this to the Employee Benefits Committee.  She stated that P. Gniot believes this will become self-funded.  She reported he is aware the Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee wants clarification of this in some kind of final UAR with regards as to whether or not it is mandatory participation.  She said this is based on FMLA guidelines which means a person is supposed to have worked at least one year at an institution before getting Sick Leave Bank benefits.  She reported that P. Gniot is checking on the legality of when an employee can actually get FMLA with regards to beginning employment.  D. Sammons stated she thinks it has something to do with an employee being on probation.  Additional discussion was held regarding this.  J. Pace paraphrased the recommendation as follows:  “This has been submitted to Staff Congress with a suggestion that additional information is needed for Section One”.  A. Moore made a motion to accept.  No second is needed as it comes from Committee.  Vote was taken and passed. 

K. Koett, on behalf of the Credentials & Elections Committee, made a motion that Barbara Willoughby be assigned to the vacancy created by the resignation of Michelle Thompson.  No second is needed as it comes from Committee.  Vote was taken and motion passed.  She will begin serving on Staff Congress in February.  He stated that in looking at the numbers received from Human Resources regarding Staff Congress categories, there seems to be a fairly significant discrepancy between what the university numbers represent and what Staff Congress representation is.  Prof./Nonfaculty category represents 45% of the University and 21% of Staff Congress comes from that category; Secretary/Clerical - 19% University, 14% Staff Congress; Service/Maintenance - 15% University, 14% Staff Congress; Skilled Crafts -  8% University, 7% Staff Congress; Executive/Managerial – 7% University, 7% Staff Congress; Technical/Paraprofessional - 6% University, 7% Staff Congress; At-Large 31% Staff Congress.  He would like for the Credentials & Elections Committee to take a serious look at not just continuing the same model but look at what our model is for Staff Congress representation and at the few things that have been discussed.  Consider whether we need to stay with this model and change the percentages or do we need to go more with zone representation as opposed to job category representation. His committee will be looking at the disparity of this issue.  It appears that the Professional/Non-Faculty and Secretarial/Clerical categories seem to have the most significant numbers that are different.  Discussion was held.  Chair Pace stated that MSU was one of the few educational institutions in Kentucky that had representation from EEOC categories; many of the other educational institutions had their representation by zone.  B. Sammons stated in the past changes were due to reorganization.  Chair Pace read from the Bylaws:  “Twenty Staff Congress representatives will be elected to proportionately represent each of the following employment EEO categories based on percentages of employees in each EEO category.  The total number of Staff Congress representatives shall total twenty with a minimum of two representatives per category…”  He stated if we are going away from that, we probably should look at some type of zone option but outside of Professional/Non-Faculty this may be as good as it can be.  K. Koett stated his committee will come back with some proposals.  He distributed a draft of some thoughts and questions that might be incorporated in a survey of Staff Congress.  He would appreciate if any thoughts or comments about the survey be shared with him as his committee will be meeting about this.  His committee has not discussed how this would be administered.  He stated he recently attended a meeting about SACs information and informed everyone that the President will soon be asking for volunteers to work with SACs.  He stated if anyone knows of staff members who would like to be a part of this, please let him or Darren DeMoss know.  They will need as many people as possible to be involved with this process.

A. Moore mentioned an initiative that is being spear-headed by Edna Schack which deals with a bicycle check-out system for students to use on campus.  It currently is in a very preliminary stage.  The maintenance of the bicycles would be outsourced somewhere.  M. LaFontaine said there will be an outdoor recreation center when the new student recreation center is completed where it may be possible to incorporate this concept with that.  K. Koett stated SACs will be bringing regular updates to Staff Congress.

Discussion:  None. 

Announcements:    Convocation is Wednesday at 10:00.  The next Staff Congress meeting is February 2nd.


To adjourn.


Proposed:  R. McGinnis

Seconded:  K. Koett

Called for Vote:


Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary







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