Staff Congress
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December 1, 2008


Jeff Adkins

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Jill McBride

Lonnie Morris

Todd Thacker

Darlene Allen

Chris Hampton*

David Jessie*

Jewell McCormick*

April Nutter

Sharon White*

Patty Carper*

Shannon Harr

Kevin Koett

Rebecca McGinnis

Joel Pace

Terry White

Lisa Caskey

Rosemary Hinton

Margaret LaFontaine

Rick Messer*

William Salazar


Shannon Colvin

Joe Hunsucker

Rhonda Mackin

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons


*Denotes member was absent.


Lora Pace, Staff Regent & Director of First Year Programs & Retention and Phil Gniot, Director of Human Resources.

Chair Pace opened the meeting by recognizing Lora Pace and Phil Gniot. 


To approve the minutes from the November 3, 2008 meeting.  A correction was noted by M. LaFontaine as follows:  in the Chair’s Report, 6th line down, the word “stat” should be changed to “state”. 


Proposed:  M. LaFontaine

Seconded:  S. Colvin

Called for Vote:

Passed with corrections.

Chair's Report

 The meeting was turned over to P. Gniot as he had additional meetings he had to attend.  After the Human Resources Report, Chair Pace continued with the Chair’s Report.  He referred to an email that went out last week regarding the ongoing state government economic shortfall.  There is still the possibility of a 4% reduction in General Funds which will be a reduction of $1,821,660.00 to MSU.  There will be two public forums with President Andrews:  the first held December 2nd at 2:00 p.m. and the second held December 5th at 9:00 a.m.  Chair Pace stated this would be a good opportunity for members to attend and ask questions.  There is a new UAR that deals with faculty/staff/dependent tuition waivers.  He has asked A. Moore and her committee to review this.  There is a change to the deadline for submission of paperwork which will be strictly adhered to.  The deadline to submit paperwork for the Spring 09 semester is January 5th.  D. Jessie has resigned from Staff Congress due to a change in his position as well as his recent election to the Carter County School Board.  Chair Pace stated that at the state meeting of Staff Congress representatives he and Vice-Chair McGinnis attended, one of the things talked about was that in the Council for Secondary Education in Frankfort, there is a student representative and a faculty representative but no staff representation.  The various Staff Congress Chairs across the state were charged to go back and talk with their constituents and university presidents to see if there would be support to have a staff position on the CPE.  Another topic coming up statewide is supervisory training.  Right now we train our employees when they are promoted into supervisory positions but very little training, if any, is given on how to be an effective supervisor.  Chair Pace stated when he does his internship with Phil Gniot this year as part of the President’s Leadership Academy program, this is a topic they will look at, at the possibility of bringing in some kind of supervisory training to help with what we are doing here.  Chair Pace next asked R. Mackin to share what our beginning budget balance is in her report.  The reason for this is that Western Kentucky University, Eastern Kentucky University, and Murray State University all have budgets between $3,000 and $3,800.00.  They have no stipends for their elected positions.  The University of Kentucky and University of Louisville each have a much larger budget with UK’s budget being almost $200,000.  They also have dedicated employee positions (full-time staff positions).  M. LaFontaine asked if we have ever had to return any money due to budget cuts.  Chair Pace replied yes.  We have also returned money at the end of the fiscal year due to left-over funds. 

Vice-Chair’s Report

R. McGinnis reported the Staff Congress website has been updated.  She still needs a list of accomplishments on behalf of Staff Congress.  Staff Congress has been assigned an office on the 1st floor of Allie Young, which is actually the basement floor.  We are in the process of getting the filing cabinet and boxes moved from the Director’s Office in Waterfield Hall to the new location. 

Secretary's Report

R. Mackin reported that $101.72 was spent on refreshments.  The current balance in supplies is $2,479.83.  The total budget for Staff Congress at the beginning of the fiscal year is $11,139.00.  A. Moore questioned the practicality of spending $100.00 for refreshments per meeting.  This will be talked about further in New Business.

Parliamentarian's Report

No report.

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

Because of the resignation of D. Jessie, Chair Pace has asked K. Koett to assume the position of Chair from his Vice-Chair’s role and he has accepted.  K. Koett reported that Lauren Buck is the next person in the At-Large category to replace D. Jessie.  He has talked with her and she is willing to join Staff Congress.  This will be discussed further in New Business.  He stated they are finishing a review of the employment categories per the Bylaws and will have a report on that at the next meeting.  He reminded everyone that we will be coming up on the Regent election so his committee will be talking about that as well.  They will also be discussing the absence policy.  P. James reminded everyone that we approved to move the Staff Congress election to April, which is a month earlier this year. 



Fiscal Affairs

S. Harr stated they have not met yet.  Chair Pace asked K. Koett to give a status on the Planning Committee.  K. Koett stated he and Beth Patrick have scheduled several meetings that have not yet occurred for various reasons.  Their plan is to bring the Planning Committee into some discussions about what is going on with the budget, how these issues are going to be addressed, etc.  That was the last conversation he had with her as she wanted to wait to meet with him after her meeting with the President.  He assumes they will be meeting shortly to develop a plan on how to go forward with the Planning Committee.  Right now it looks like the Planning Committee will be involved in some discussions related to the budget crisis we are in.  Chair Pace stated he will contact Beth Patrick and let her know we would be interested in having some kind of role in this process. 


Personnel Policies and Benefits

A. Moore stated the committee has not met but the Employee Benefits Committee has met and talked about the Phased Retirement plan for faculty.  The Faculty Senate came forward with their first draft revision with the Sick Leave Bank policy which will be talked about in Discussion. 


Regent's Report:  L. Pace stated a work session was held on November 20th.  It was more of an orientation-type meeting, looking at key indicators and where we are with those.  She stated they had not discussed anything in terms of presidential compensation.  They are currently looking at the evaluation process.  Last year was the first time the president had been evaluated.  They are looking at other options.  The next Board meeting is December 4th. 

Human Resources Report:   P. Gniot reported that Open Enrollment is now closed.  There were about 16 people who chose the high-deductible plan.  T. Thacker asked if it was a possibility to choose an easier password for the Humana website.  P. Gniot said he would talk with Humana about it.  Several people mentioned that they had to reset their password to select a plan.  J. Hunsucker asked if a final decision had been made as to letting the HRA extend for 18 months.  P. Gniot replied that he has asked ProcessWorks to do some research and right now it looks like it is a pretty solid issue but he has some other options he would like to talk about in the future.  T. Thacker asked if the 18 months does not take effect until after an employee leaves employment.  P. Gniot replied that was correct.  P. James asked if there have been any discussion concerning locking in our insurance rates; is there a chance we might see an increase in premiums?  P. Gniot replied not for 2009.  Additional discussion was held on the initial presentation of the HRA.  P. Gniot stated he will talk about additional options at a future Staff Congress meeting.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Old Business:  P. James asked if there has been any progress on appointing someone to the Secretarial/Clerical or Technical/Paraprofessional positions.  K. Koett replied he has not talked with Barbara Willoughby yet and D. Jessie was working on the other information so he will need to talk with him.  T. Thacker asked about filling the Skilled Crafts position (Chris Hampton).  J. Adkins stated that Chris resigned three months ago.  Chair Pace stated that Chris never gave an official resignation but he was one of the members who missed three meetings in a row.  This is something that will probably be addressed when we do the evaluation of the EEO categories.  He stated if anyone from Skilled Crafts is interested in serving on Staff Congress, please let K. Koett know.  Chair Pace stated that an official resignation letter from C. Hampton is needed.  Chair Pace stated in the Bill Tracking we also identified the Sick Leave Bank issue as needing to be addressed.  A. Moore stated she had forwarded this to everyone right before November’s meeting and they didn’t feel like they had time to review it.  She stated we could do general discussion on it today.  The Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee was going to review it and come forward next month with any revisions or things they want.  She stated it could be discussed today just to get general feedback from the committee that can be incorporated into wording that will come forward with a formal version of that policy.  T. Thacker asked what the faculty changes were.  A. Moore stated the Sick Leave Bank states that it’s “one occurrence or 60 days”.  Faculty Senate wanted the “one occurrence” to be taken out and it just say “60 days” that you have available to you.  The reason for this is that you might have some kind of illness after you have exhausted all your days and you need two or three more days to get through the end of your doctor period before you can come back to work.  That would be one occurrence and, therefore, you wouldn’t be able to pull anymore days out if something else happened to you that you qualified for FMLA.  Take the “one occurrence” wording out and just leave it as a “maximum of 60 days available” from the Sick Leave Bank during the rolling calendar year.  She stated faculty also had concerns where they are on a 9 month contract, they don’t get 12 days a year and they didn’t think because they were on a 9 month contract that they should have to contribute an additional two days towards the Sick Leave Bank; they wanted to do prorated days.  This is probably something that faculty should move forward because it pertains to them more so than us at this point.  Additional discussion was held concerning faculty concerns.  A. Moore stated she will pull the Personnel Policies and Benefits Committee members together to prepare a draft.  She stated that P. Gniot is just looking for some official input from Staff Congress and Faculty Senate so he can prepare a final draft.  UARs come from Administration and don’t really need input from anyone else but they are asking for input on this.  Chair Pace asked, after her committee meets, that a draft be sent to all Staff Congress members before the next meeting on January 5th.  Since members will be receiving this while they are on the Christmas Break, he asked that everyone please read this before the next meeting where it will be discussed in detail. 

New Business:  K. Koett made a motion that Lauren Buck assume the At-Large position vacated by David Jessie.  It needs no second as it comes from committee.  No discussion.  Vote was taken and motion passed.  K. Koett made a motion that refreshments be eliminated from future meetings, seconded by M. LaFontaine.  Vote was taken and motion passed.  A. Nutter reminded everyone that they could put money on their Eaglecard and purchase refreshments from the vending machines to bring to the meetings.  S. Colvin stated that the January Staff Congress meeting was on the first day back to work after the holiday and asked if it would be better to move the January meeting to January 12th.  She stated she will be extremely busy that day and will not be able to attend the meeting due to other obligations.  Discussion was held.  It was decided to go ahead and hold the meeting on January 5th as originally scheduled. 

Discussion:  None. 

Announcements:  Commencement is December 13th at 10:30 a.m.  The Madrigal Feast is this week.  Please try to attend one session of the President’s Public Forum.  The next meeting is January 5th.  The Craft Market is this Saturday, December 6th, at Laughlin Health Building, starting at 9:00 a.m.  Laughlin Health Building will be open on Thursday, Dec. 4th and Sunday, Dec. 7th, with limited services but will be closed on Friday and Saturday because of the Craft Market.  This Saturday is also Hometown Holiday in downtown Morehead.  Main Street will be closed and all the shops will be open.  There is a men’s and women’s basketball game on Thursday and Saturday of this week. 


To adjourn.


Proposed:  M. Lafontaine

Seconded:  T. Thacker

Called for Vote:


Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary







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