Staff Congress
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AUGUST 4, 2008


Jeff Adkins*

Rhonda Crisp

Phillip James

Jill McBride

Lonnie Morris

Todd Thacker

Darlene Allen*

Chris Hampton*

David Jessie

Jewell McCormick

April Nutter

Michele Thompson

Patty Carper

Shannon Harr

Kevin Koett*

Rebecca McGinnis

Joel Pace

Sharon White*

Lisa Caskey

Rosemary Hinton*

Margaret LaFontaine

Rick Messer*

William Salazar

Terry White*

Shannon Colvin*

Joe Hunsucker

Rhonda Mackin

Amy Moore

Dallas Sammons*


*Denotes member was absent



Chair Pace opened the meeting by recognizing the past Chair, Phillip James, and presenting him with an engraved plaque in recognition of outstanding service in the past year.  The meeting was then recessed in order to take a group photo.   


To approve the minutes from the July 7, 2008 meeting.


Proposed:  Phillip James

Seconded:  Lonnie Morris

Called for Vote:


Chair's Report

Chair Pace thanked everyone for taking the time to attend the meeting as this is a busy time due to the semester just beginning.  He informed members that, while he is physically off-campus, please let him know by email or phone call if there is anything they want to discuss or be addressed.  His office telephone number is 783-2901.  He would like to do an assessment of Staff Congress in the near future to make sure we are meeting the needs of the staff we represent.  This assessment could show us what we are doing well and what we need to focus on.  He has asked Kevin Koett to chair that committee.  Beth Patrick as well as Jill Ratliff have also agreed to assist with the assessment process.  He would like for ad-hoc committee members to assist on this.  In addition, Staff Congress members as well as non-Staff Congress members may be a part of this assessment process.  If anyone is interested in serving on this committee or would like to nominate someone, please email him and this will be shared with the Executive Committee.  The second meeting of state-wide Staff Congress members will be held at the end of September at the University of Louisville.   The meeting is tentatively set for September 26.  If anyone is interested in going let him know. 

Vice-Chair’s Report

Rebecca McGinnis thanked everyone for supporting her for the Vice-Chair position.  If anyone needs to contact her, her direct extension is 783-5174.  With regards to the staff congress committees:  Credentials & Elections Committee, Standing Appointments Committee, Fiscal Affairs Committee, and Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee, if anyone would like to change their representation on a committee, let her know by this Wednesday (August 6th) so a decision can be made by the end of this week.  She read over the membership of each committee.  Credentials & Elections Committee:  Lisa Caskey, Shannon Colvin, David Jessie, Kevin Koett, Margaret LaFontaine, Rick Messer, and Elizabeth Williams.  This committee has met and elected a new Chair (David Jessie) and Vice-Chair (Kevin Koett).   Standing Appointments Committee:  Darlene Allen, Rosemary Hinton, Linda Kegley, Rhonda Mackin, Linda McCarty, Rebecca McGinnis, and Dallas Sammons.  Current Chair is Dallas Sammons and Vice-Chair is Rosemary Hinton.  Fiscal Affairs Committee:  Chris Hampton, Shannon Harr, Joe Hunsucker, Pam Moore, William Salazar, Donna Sloan and Todd Thacker.  Current Chair is Pam Moore and Vice-Chair is Joe Hunsucker.  Personnel Policies & Benefits Committee:  Jeff Adkins, Rhonda Crisp, Amy Moore, Lonnie Morris, April Nutter, Joel Pace and Darlene Ramey  Current Chair is April Nutter and Vice-Chair is Amy Moore.  The other committees need to meet and elect Chairs and Vice-Chairs.  The newest members of Staff Congress need to be placed on committees as well.  The following personnel are no longer members of Staff Congress and need to be replaced on committees:  Elizabeth Williams, Linda Kegley, Linda McCarty, Pam Moore, Donna Sloan, and Darlene Ramey.  The committees also need to set goals they would like to accomplish this upcoming year. 

Secretary's Report

Rhonda Mackin stated that $76.37 was spent on refreshments for the month of July.

Parliamentarian's Report

No report.

Committee Reports

Credentials and Elections

David Jessie reported that his committee has met.  He is the new Chair and Kevin Koett is the new Vice-Chair.  He thanked Margaret LaFontaine and the committee for their work in the past two years.  They have established two main goals for the upcoming year:  (1) representation across Staff Congress; what we have for our membership from the various trades across campus and (2) check on our voting system to see what kind of voting system we will have to utilize for the spring election.  If anyone has a suggestion to be added to this committee’s list, please email it to him.  Chair Pace stated this will be an election year not only for Staff Congress but also for Staff Regent so it will be important to look at the EEOC categories. 


University Standing Appointments

Rebecca McGinnis reported that they have not met.


Fiscal Affairs

As Pam Moore is no longer a member of Staff Congress, the Vice-Chair is recognized.  Joe Hunsucker stated there was no report. 


Personnel Policies and Benefits

April Nutter reported they had not met though they will be meeting after today's Staff Congress meeting to elect a Chair. 


Ad-Hoc - Professional Development

No report.

Regent's Report:   Lora Pace was not present.  Chair Pace reported the Board of Regents had not met in July.  There is a BOR work session scheduled for August 20th where they will be doing ground-breaking on the new SHARE building.  The new Regent will start with the September meeting. 

Human Resources Report:  No report.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  None.

Discussion:  None.

Announcements:  The next meeting will be on September 8th.  Convocation is August 13th at 10:00.  Move-in day is August 15th.  Margaret LaFontaine said they can still use more volunteers.  They currently have about 75-80 signed up to help.  Chair Pace stated that the Standing Appointments Committee will also be looking at University committees so if anyone is interested in any of the University committees, please let him know.  April Nutter noted that when we have a list of new University committees people, that list should be sent to Janet Skidmore as she maintains that website.  Welcome Week Activities begin the 15th and go through the 17th.  RA's are moving in today.  The new parking rules go into effect the 15th.  The university picnic is August 30th, 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm. 


To adjourn.


Proposed:  David Jessie

Seconded:  Amy Moore

Called for Vote:


Minutes submitted by:  Rhonda Mackin, Secretary