Student Support Services
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Services Available

Personal and Career Counseling

     Counselors/advisors are available to help you understand and cope with the challenges students face in college.  We help you make the transition to college and try to resolve problems related to your academic success.  We can assist you with decisions regarding major and career choices.

Academic Advising

     Counselors/advisors provide advance registration advisement, drop/add advising, and assistance in developing realistic class schedules and class loads.  Counselors monitor the academic progress of all participants periodically and conduct individual conferences to keep students informed of his/her progress and academic status.

Individual Tutoring

     Tutorial services are provided to participants on an "as needed basis" in a variety of general education classes.  Tutoring is done by select MSU students who have demonstrated academic excellence and may help you with the following:

  • Understand course content
  • Prepare for exams
  • Manage study time
  • Learn study skill methods
  • Group tutoring is also available.

Grant Aid

     SSS provides grant aid to current SSS participants who are in their first two years of college and have a financial need.  You must be active in the program and maintain a certain grade point average.

Computer Area

     Program participants have the privilege of using SSS computers with FREE printing in the student study area and tutor rooms.



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