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Charter, MSU Student Programming Board

Article I – Name, Mission and Affiliation 

The Student Programming Board (SPB) of Morehead State University mission shall be to enhance and unify the University community by providing social, cultural and educational events complementing the University’s mission.   SPB values: 

  • The production of quality events
  • The talent and gifts of student programmers
  • The ability to develop leaders and enhance individual skills
  • The diversity of ideas and points of view

SPB is a function of Morehead State University and as such shall operate under all policies and procedures established by MSU for departmental operations.   

Article II – Composition

1.  Student Leadership: SPB will be composed of four coordinators whose position titles, job descriptions, program goals shall be maintained by the SPB advisor in an operational procedures manual. The four SPB coordinators shall be called the executive committee and are responsible for producing programs and activities designed to meet the mission established in Article I.   

SPB coordinators may not be current Student Government Association or Residence Hall Association executive officers. SPB coordinators must be full-time students with a 2.50 cumulative GPA in good academic and social standing with Morehead State University. Coordinators must maintain their full-time status and minimum 2.50 GPA throughout their term of service. Exceptions can be made by the Director of Student Activities and Greek Life and/or the Associate Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students.  

2.  Advising:  The Student Activities and Greek Life Office shall appoint an advisor or advisors to the Student Programming Board. The advisor is responsible for the selection, hiring and training of the coordinators as well as any SPB committees that may be established under the operational procedures manual. The advisor is a member of the executive committee and any SPB committees. 

3.  Term of Service:  The term of service for SPB coordinators shall be from the first day of classes in May to the last day of April.  Hiring for positions will occur by April 7, however exceptions can be made by the Director of Student Activities and Greek Life and/or the Associate Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students /Dean of Students.  The outgoing SPB coordinators must complete an annual report on all events and activities conducted by SPB prior to their leaving office.      

4.  Coordinator Compensation:  The SPB coordinators will receive a stipend to be determined by the Student Life Division in the annual budgeting process.   

5.  Employment Practices:  In addition to guidelines established in this charter and in the operational procedures manual, coordinators shall be subject to University student work-study employment policies.  Any student terminated from an SPB coordinator position is ineligible for re-hire on SPB.   

6.  Recruitment/Vacancies:  The SPB advisor shall be responsible for promoting and publicizing the position as widely as possible on campus and coordinating the application and interview process. The advisor will chair the selection committee, specific composition of which shall be established in the operational procedures manual. All positions will be advertised at least two (2) weeks prior to selection.   

Article III –Operations 

  1. Operational Procedures Manual:  The day-to-day operational procedures of the Student Programming Board will be defined in an operational procedures manual, maintained by the SPB advisor.  Changes to this document occur on an annual basis and must receive final approval from the Director of Student Activities and Greek Life and/or the Associate Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students.  Proposed changes to the manual can be submitted by a coordinator to the advisor in writing.   
  2. Annual Budget:  The budget of the Student Programming Board shall be established by the University through the annual budget process.  The allocation of funds among the coordinators’ programs shall be made by the advisor at the beginning of the academic year.  This shall be called the internal budget.  Revisions to the internal budget may be made by the coordinators, with the advisor’s approval, as programs may require throughout the year. SPB shall not fund events of other organizations/ departments unless it is involved in the planning and implementing of such events.     
  3. Programming Model:  SPB shall operate under an “apprentice” model of programming, meaning they shall receive direction and instruction on programming and event production from the advisor.  SPB coordinators shall have the ability to choose programs for their specific duty area (as described in their job description). The advisor shall then direct them in the implementation of the selected programs.  

The students maintain creative direction for their programs.  However, the advisor shall have “veto” power over programs which violate MSU policy, exceed budgets or are not planned adequately.  Appeals of such vetoes can be made to the Director of Student Activities and Greek Life by the coordinators.   

  1. Meetings:  During the academic year, the SPB executive committee shall meet a minimum of twice a month.  The meetings will be led by the advisor.   
  2. Event Production:  It is the responsibility of the SPB coordinators to work together to produce events and gather appropriate volunteers or other staff to ensure events occur.   
  3. Committees:  When committees are used, an SPB executive shall be the chair.  Advisors to committees in addition to the SPB advisor may be appointed by the Director of Student Activities and Greek Life, where needed. 


Article IV – Amendments

Amendments to this charter must be submitted to the Director of Student Activities and Greek Life by either the coordinators or the advisors, who will submit them to the Associate Vice President for Student Life/Dean of Students and the Student Life Committee of Morehead State University for approval.  

Implemented, July 1, 2009
--Pending Student Life Committee Approval


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