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  • A. Frank and Bethel C. Gallaher Memorial Music Award
    Provides music competition awards to full-time junior level students.
    Adron and Mignon Doran Scholarship
    Students whose high school GPA is 3.0, or better.
    Agriculture Scholarship
    Entering freshmen majoring in Agricultural Sciences.
    Ahmed and Vicki Sabie Scholarship
    Undergraduate students pursuing a degree in Industrial Education.
    Albin and Eva Lee Scholarship
    Students admitted to the Teacher Education Program who are pursuing a degree in education.
    Alice Elaine Williams Scholarship Endowment

    This scholarship is for female graduates of Lafayette High School who are seeking a bachelor degree.

    Alicia G. Vallotton Scholarship (Music - Theatre)
    Scholarship for returning Theatre major.
    Alumni Scholarship
    The Alumni Scholarship is awarded to incoming freshman with a 18 ACT composite and an admission index of 500; transfer students with more than 24 hours and a transfer GPA of at least 3.00, who are the child, grandchild or the spouse of an active MSU alumnus.
    Appalachian Endeavor Scholarship
    Incoming freshmen from east Kentucky majoring in biology.
    Appleseed Scholarship
    Students majoring in Horticulture or Agribusiness from Fleming, Lewis, or surrounding counties preferred.
    Art Leadership Scholarship
    For entering freshman art majors.
    Barbara Dehner Scholarship
    The Barbara Dehner Scholarship is awarded to full-time MSU students from Elliott County, Kentucky who are accepted into one of the Imaging Science Programs.
    Belva Sammons Scholarship for Students with Disabilities
    Awarded to students who have registered with the MSU Disability Services Office and have provided documentation of a qualifying disability and who have been determined by the Office of Financial Aid as financially eligible.
    Bernard L. McKay Award of Excellence for LGBT Scholars
    The recipient must be a full-time incoming undergraduate student who self-identifies as either lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgendered ("LGBT") and have demonstrated commitment to equality for the LGBT community by either membership in gay-straight alliances, participation in community projects or similar actions which indicate their dedication to improving equality for the LGBT community.
    Big Sandy Superstore Scholarship-VanHoose Stewart Foundation
    Students must be full-time undergraduate students who are children of full-time active employees or part-time undergraduate students who are active employees of Big Sandy Superstore.
    Bill Soslowitz Scholarship
    Recipients must be full-time junior or senior students majoring in Agricultural Sciences, who are in good academic standing and who live in campus housing. Preference shall be given to students majoring in food production areas.
    Black Achievers Scholarship
    Completion of the Black Achievers Program in the Lexington (KY), Louisville (KY) or Cincinnati (OH) areas with a minimum ACT score of 18 and an admission index of at least 500.
    Boone Logan Memorial Scholarship
    To fund scholarships for students attending MSU.
    Breckinridge Commemorative Endowment
    Recipients of the scholarship must be a descendant of alumni from Breckinridge Training School/ University Breckinridge School who attended a minimum of two academic years.
    Brian and Kenneth Cooke Memorial Scholarship
    Students from Kentucky majoring in Biomedical Sciences, who are studying Pre-Medicine.
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