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The Research and Creative Productions Committee (RCPC) exists to promote quality University research and creative productions through University-Funded Research Grants; University-Funded Creative Production Grants; and Summer Research and Creative Production Fellowships.  The RCPC is also charged with recommending to the Provost the recipient of the Distinguished Researcher Award and the Distinguished Creative Production Award.

Information for IRAPP-Funded Regional Engagement Grants is available online at:  Proposals must be submitted to the Regional Engagement Grants Committee, 110F Combs Building. 

The Research and Creative Productions Committee is located in the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, 901 Ginger Hall, 3-2010.


Current members of the RCPC:

Committee members are appointed by Faculty Senate.

The RCPC Web page is maintained by Brenda DeHart, RCPC Administrative Assistant, 3-9399,