Academic Advising and Retention
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Certified True Colors Facilitators 
Morehead State University

Need someone to train your department or students on True Colors?

Contact Retention Programs at 606-783-2056 or contact one of MSU's Certified True Colors Facilitators below.







Robert Boram Lappin Hall 405B Physical Sciences 2931
Karen Cornett Allie Young 311 Academic Outreach and Support 2579
Donna Everett Combs Building 320D Information Systems 2718
Starlet Johnson Allie Young 304 First Year Programs and Academic Services 9578
Gary LaFleur Breckinridge Hall 203F Communication & Theatre 2192
Calvin Lindell Breckinridge Hall 303B Communication & Theatre 2693
Jay Marshall Breckinridge Hall 315F Provost 9388
Bruce Maxwell Howell McDowell 205 Provost 9575
Beverly McCormick Combs Building 203B Management, Marking & Real Estate 5156
Lonnie Morris Allie Young 232 Student Support Services 5193
Janet Ratliff Combs Building 306 Accounting, Economics & Finance 2390
Sheree Robinson Ginger Hall 401G Curriculum & Instruction 2854
Terri Roberts ADUC 204 Student Activities 2071
Mike Wallace Allie Young 329 Retention Programs 9580
Wahed Wasel Lloyd Cassity 210 Industrial & Engineering Technology 2415
Denise Watkins Breckinridge Hall 103B Communication & Theatre 2713