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To apply for an exemption to live off campus, please follow process as noted in the form Request for Waiver of On-Campus Residency Policy.

MSU On-Campus Residency Policy

Morehead State University’s On-Campus Residency Policy requires all full-time students under the age of 21 who have earned fewer than 60 University recognized college credit hours to live on campus and subscribe to the applicable dining requirement.  Students must be 21 by the first day of classes to fulfill residency requirement.  (Students enrolled full-time on-line or at an MSU Regional Campus are exempt from this policy.)  Students failing to meet this requirement will be assessed the lowest residence hall fee. University Catalog

Students may apply for an exemption to this policy, no more than once per semester, provided they meet certain established criteria. (*Please note, an application for exemption from the on-campus residency requirement does not guarantee nor imply that an exemption will be granted. Students should assume that their request has not been granted until they receive written notification of approval.)

Exemption Information

The University may grant exemptions to the on-campus residency policy for certain categories of students based upon guidelines related to credit hours completed, age, marital status, proximity of home to campus, and other pertinent factors. Requests for exemptions based on other reasons are almost never granted. Any exemption to the On-Campus Residency Policy must be approved in writing by Office of Student Housing prior to the beginning of the term for which the exemption is requested.

Exemption requests must be submitted by July 15 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester.

If you wish to apply for an exemption to live off-off campus:

Complete the Request for Waiver of On-Campus Residency Policy form found on MSU Housing webpage.

Follow the steps for submitting the waiver request. Your request will be reviewed, and a decision will be e-mailed to you within 10 business days.


Who is the exemption process for?

The spirit of the On Campus Residency Policy is that students with less than 60 credit hours completed and under 21 years of age will live in university residence halls. Most students who fall into these groups are best served in on-campus housing. However, we realize that some students may have unique circumstances which may qualify for an exemption. The exemption request process is intended to provide an avenue for those students to identify themselves to Office of Student Housing if they want to live off-campus:

  • Are married or in a documented domestic partnership.
  • Have dependent children.
  • Plan to live with their parent/s or legal guardian within 50 miles of campus as measured by Mapquest . (A legal guardian is a person appointed by the appropriate legal jurisdiction to act on behalf of the student in place of parents. Legal documentation may be requested for verification.)

Who is the exemption process not intended for?

The exemption process is generally not intended for students who:

  • Dislike their room, roommate, residence hall, or on-campus living in general.
  • Have disabilities such as mobility, visual, hearing or mental/emotional disabilities, or medical conditions such as asthma or allergies.
  • Have dietary concerns or are on special diets.
  • Want to live with a sibling, other relative or family friend.
  • Parents bought a house or condo and want student to live in it.
  • Already signed a lease for an off-campus house, apartment, condo, etc.
  • Have problems or concerns that need to be addressed but have not sought staff assistance.

There are many avenues besides moving off-campus for students to address the above concerns including talking with the housing professional staff, requesting a room change, moving to a different type of room or residence hall, changing roommates, working with the Office of Disability Services, etc. Students are expected to explore all possible avenues before requesting an exemption to the University housing requirement. Questions? Contact Office of Student Housing at (606) 783-2060.

Exemption Appeals Process

If a student wishes to appeal a decision concerning their request for an exemption to the University On-Campus Residency Policy, information on the appeals procedure may be obtained on this page. Exemptions are generally not granted on the basis of health or medical reasons. Students who believe they need special housing accommodations due to health or medical concerns should contact the Office of Disability Services to discuss possible accommodations.

If you have submitted and been denied an exemption request and are interested in appealing, please be aware of the following:

  • Exemption appeals are rarely granted.
  • Office of Student Housing’s first obligation is to make appropriate accommodations for students with serious health problems and/or disabilities.  Therefore, our goal is always to try to find a solution within the residence halls to whatever problem is prompting your request for an exemption. 
  • The appeal process is not to be taken lightly since many people are coming together to review each and every appeal.  Carefully consider whether or not your situation is so extreme that it cannot be resolved in the residence halls or that the consequences of remaining in the residence halls would be severely negative for you. 
  • If you decide to appeal, you will have only one opportunity to do so.  All appeals MUST be submitted in writing.  The board will review all provided information/documentation and make a decision regarding whether the appeal is approved or denied.  This is not a legal or judicial process.  To review an appeal the board must receive your completed appeal form, your written statement (which should not exceed one or two pages at the most) and any supporting documentation you want considered.
  • Members of the Appeals Board include representatives from the student body as well as experts from various departments within the University to ensure a thorough and knowledgeable review of each appeal.  Therefore the decision of the Appeals Review Board is final.  No additional appeals will be considered.

 If you have decided to appeal, you may print and follow the directions on the following two documents:



PLEASE READ: Housing Waiver Appeals Process



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