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MSU music professor releases first solo recording

Nabb HeadshotNathan Nabb, Assistant Professor of Music at Morehead State University, has released his first full-length solo recording, thanks to an MSU Faculty Creative Production Grant.

The album, entitled “Tangled Loops,” is named after the recording’s first track, written by Jason Eckardt.

“This recording explores the various timbres and capabilities of the saxophone family through the compositions of some of the most gifted composers of the late twentieth century,” Nabb said.

Nabb, whose musical interests predominantly lie in the performance and promotion of contemporary saxophone music, says that some of the pieces recorded on “Tangled Loops” were already standards. “I recorded the other pieces [the Babbitt, Hurel and Eckardt] because they are incredibly strong compositions and I feel they will stand the test of time and eventually become additions to the saxophone’s standard repertoire.”

The pianist featured on the album is Dr. Winston Choi. “Because of Winston’s outstanding talent and dedication to his instrument, we were able to record pieces of great complexity and depth,” Nabb said.

Tangled Loops“Tangled Loops” was recorded in Bowling Green, OH by Mark Bunce, Electronic/Recording Engineer and Director of Recording Services at Bowling Green State University, and is published by Amp Recordings, a contemporary music label. The album is currently available online through iTunes, Amazon, eMusic and Rhapsody, as well as by contacting Dr. Nabb directly.

Nabb performs regularly in a variety of settings as a soloist, in the Northshore Trio, in the Oasis Saxophone Quartet and also with the Amethyst Quartet – a list of upcoming performances can be found on Nabb’s Web site:

“As a performer, your ultimate goal is to share your music and musical interests with the public,” Nabb said. “In a live performance, the music is transitory. While there is an irreplaceable excitement about live performance, with a recording, the music is documented. To that extent, a recording is the performing musician’s equivalent of publishing a scholarly paper or book.”

More information about “Tangled Loops” is available by contact Dr. Nabb at 606-783-2498.