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YouthBuild receives federal grant

Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis has announced that IRAPP (Institute for Regional Analysis and Public Policy), Morehead State University’s program of distinction and part of the new College of Business and Public Affairs, has been chosen to receive funding for a YouthBuild award. The full amount of the award is expected to be just over a million dollars.

“President Obama and I are delighted to be able to increase funding for this promising program, which does so much for youth and their communities,” said Secretary Solis. “The YouthBuild program not only assists young people in obtaining education and skills, but also gives them a sense of accomplishment and empowers them as they give back to their communities.”

The College of Business and Public Affairs’ YouthBuild program is specifically geared to help encourage Rowan County and surrounding youths between 18-24 who dropped out of high school to further their education and attain a GED while also gaining valuable construction skills. Participants also engage in leadership and civic activities that bring both personal and public benefits, and YouthBuild participants get opportunities to meet and talk with local leaders and have even been selected to serve on local committees and boards.

“YouthBuild offers an opportunity and a second chance for a population that is often neglected or forgotten about,” said Dr. David Rudy, associate dean for the College of Business and Public Affairs. “This is an opportunity for us to make a critical difference with those who are just asking for a little bit of help to climb the ladder.”

The YouthBuild Program partners with various community groups, including Habitat for Humanity, Frontier Housing, and Doves to participate in the construction and/or rehabilitation of low-income housing in the Morehead area. A YouthBuild Advisory Board, made up of members of the community with expertise of local help services, economy and job market, also helps guide the program and steer its participants to success.

“The goal of the Department of Labor’s YouthBuild program ties in very well with our mission at the College of Business and Public Affairs,” said David Sloan, director of applied research at IRAPP.  “We are both concerned with creating better opportunities for people and enhancing the economic vitality of our region. When Mike Hail worked at UNC Greensboro, he brought YouthBuild to that campus and saw the positive impact it had on that community; so when he came to MSU, he encouraged us to bring it here. It has worked out well.”

Additional information is available by calling Loretta Carroll Stewart, director, (606) 783-9407 or David Sloan (606) 783-5441.

Posted: 7-14-09