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'KentuckyView' receives $23K grant

Morehead State University’s Institute for Regional Analysis and Public Policy (IRAPP) within the College of Business and Public Affairs has announced that the “KentuckyView” consortium has received funding of $23,100 to support the use of images collected from satellites and aircraft, as well as other geospatial technologies, to support K-16 education, workforce development, applied research, and technology transfer in the Commonwealth.

“KentuckyView” is one of 36 state consortiums that are part of AmericaView Inc., a nationwide program sponsored by the U.S. Geological Survey.  Currently members are working to develop an archive of aircraft and satellite images that will be distributed to users free of charge, create K-16 educational materials, conduct applied research projects, and provide outreach workshops and workforce training throughout the state.

Dr. Christine E. McMichael, associate professor of geography, is the director.

IRAPP brings students, faculty, staff, citizens, and policy makers together to study and develop action plans that will affect the lives of people in its service region.  IRAPP combines well-established programs (environmental science, geography, government, social work and sociology) with a specified general education core and regional analysis courses that allow students and faculty to make a difference in their communities.

Current members of the consortium are: Institute for Regional Analysis and Public Policy, Morehead State University (official member of record); Department of Geography, Eastern Kentucky University; Mid-America Remote Sensing Center, Murray State University; College of Agriculture, University of Kentucky; Department of Geography and Geology, Western Kentucky University; Kentucky State University; Kentucky Division of Geographic Information; and Kentucky Geological Survey.

Membership in “KentuckyView” is free and voluntary and is open to a wide range of organizations from the academic, government, non-profit, and private sectors who share the goal of improving life for citizens throughout Kentucky.

Additional information may be obtained by contacting Dr. McMichael at (606) 783-5442, by e-mail at, or by visiting

Posted: 8-5-09