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Electronic Proposal Submission

Prior to submitting a proposal to a sponsor using an electronic submission system, principal investigators/project directors are still required to have the proposal reviewed and approved by the University. Typically, there are four levels of approval needed: PI, Department Chair, Dean, and the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs.  

Most electronic proposal systems require approval of an application by an Authorized Organizational Representative (AOR).  The Associate Vice President for Research is the individual designated as the Authorized Organizational Representative for proposals submitted electronically. 

Several federal agencies have developed their own electronic proposal submission systems. Most systems require the creation of a profile by the project director. During the process of creating a profile, the project director will be required to assign themselves a username and password. The ORSP staff serves as administrators of these electronic systems. In order for the ORSP staff to upload proposal documents into the electronic proposal submission system, the project director must allow access to this information.  Access is provided by supplying the ORSP staff with the username and password of the profile.

Prior to submitting a proposal to a sponsor requiring an electronic proposal submission (, NSF Fastlane, eRA Commons, etc.), the principal investigator/project director is required to submit all documents to the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs, which is the unit responsible for all proposal submissions.  The ORSP staff will upload all proposal sections into the electronic system for submission to the agency. Once the electronic system has validated the application is complete and ready for submission, the ORSP staff will submit the application.

Faculty and/or staff should not register Morehead State University for any electronic proposal submission system. The ORSP staff downloads and installs such applications, and reviews instructions/documentation on how to use the system.

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