Relay for Life
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We are the MSU Dream Team--MSU's Faculty and Staff Relay For Life Team!

What is Relay For Life?Relay for Life logo

Relay For Life is a fun-filled overnight event designed to celebrate survivorship and raise money for research and programs of your American Cancer Society. During the event, teams of people gather and take turns walking or running laps. Each team tries to keep at least one team member on the track at all times.

Relay brings people together from all walks of life with the common goal of eliminating cancer. No matter who you are, there’s a place for you at Relay.

Tell me about the MSU Soaring Eagles Relay For Life team:

MSU participates in the Rowan County Relay For Life as a sponsor and fields a team as well.  The MSU Relay For Life team is made up of people from across campus--all of whom care about this fight against cancer. 

Our fundraising goal for 2011 is $5,000!!!  The MSU team has been honored as the top fundraising team in Rowan County for several years in the past.  In 2008, the MSU team raised $5,326.80.  In 2007, the MSU team raised $5,148.30; in 2006, we raised $5,583.34; and in 2005, we raised $6,617.22!

What does the MSU Dream Team Relay For Life team do to raise money:

Each year, the team’s fundraising efforts included events both on campus and in the community.  We have a great schedule of events set for 2011!  Join us!

What happens when you support Relay For Life?  Here are just a few examples:

  • Finding a cure - To date, the American Cancer Society has spent more than $2.5 billion on research.  That research has led to advances such as the Pap test, the bone marrow transplant, and drugs such as Tamoxifen and Gleevec, which have positively affected and even saved the lives of many people with cancer.
  • Spreading the word - Volunteers educate their neighbors about cancer prevention and early detection; two things that save lives.
  • Calling for change - American Cancer Society volunteer advocates work tirelessly with elected officials to make cancer issues a priority.  Their work has helped expand Medicare benefits for cancer screenings and get clinical trial coverage legislation passed in 16 states.
  • Lending support - For those who have been diagnosed with cancer, knowing the facts and having the resources to get through treatment and recovery are essential.  The American Cancer Society is available to help anytime, day or night.  Last year more than one million people got help by phone, and 400,000 people used the American Cancer Society's Web site,, each month.