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University of Louisville Course Equivalencies
University of Louisville Course

MSU Equivalency





ACCT*201 PRIN OF FIN ACCT 09/01/1996   ACCT*281 Prin Financial Accounting
ACCT*202 PRIN OF ACCOUNTING II 09/01/1996   ACCT*282 Prin Managerial Account
ACCT*301 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1996   ACCT*384 Inter Accounting I
ACCT*302 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTIN II 09/01/1996   ACCT*385 Inter Accounting II
ACCT*315 INTRO TO TAXATION 09/01/1996   ACCT*387 Income Tax
ACCT*320 MANAGERIAL COST ACCOUNTIN 09/01/1996   ACCT*300 Managerial Acct
ACCT*353 ACCT FOR NOT-FOR-PROF ORG 09/01/1996   ACCT*428 Governmental Accounting
ACCT*401 ADV ACCOUNTING PROBLEMS 09/01/1996   ACCT*482 Advanced Accounting
ACCT*415 ADVANCED TAXATION 09/01/1996   ACCT*487 Adv Tax Accounting II
ACCT*420 ADV MANATERIAL COST ACCOU 09/01/1996   ACCT*490 Cost Accounting II
ACCT*431 ADVANCED AUDITING 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 ACCT*483 Auditing
ACCT*490 SPECIAL TOPICS IN ACCOUNT 09/01/1996   ACCT*499 Special Class
AHC*322 ETHICS & LAW IN ALLI HLTH 09/01/2000   NURS*300 Ethic/Legal Issues Hlth
ANTH*201 INTRO CULTURAL ANTHROPOLO 09/01/2000   SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
ARTH*203 INTRODUCTION TO ART 09/01/2000   FNA*160 Understand Visual Arts
ARTH*250 ANCIENT THRU MEDIEVAL ART 09/01/2000   ART*264 Art History II
ARTH*270 RENAISSANCE THRU MOD ART 09/01/2000   ART*265 Art History III
BIOL*102 INTRO BIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS 09/01/1993   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIOL*103 INTRO TO BIOLOGICAL SYSTE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIOL*202 GENERAL BOTANY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*215 General Botany
BIOL*240 UNITY OF LIFE 09/01/2000   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIOL*263 ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*356 Environmental Biol
BIOL*311 CELLULAR BIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*380 Cell Biology
BIOL*312 GENETIC & MOLECULAR BIOLO 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*304 Genetics
BIOL*325 PLANT MORPHOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*555U Plant Morphology
BIOL*336 PLANT ANATOMY 09/01/1993   BIOL*550U Plant Anatomy
BIOL*347 COMPARATIVE VERTEB ANAT 09/01/1993   BIOL*337 Comparative Anatomy
BIOL*348 VERTEBRATE EMBRYOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*338 Developmental Biology
BIOL*355 BACTERIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*317 Pr of Microbiology
BIOL*357 INTRODUCTORY MICROBIOLOGY 09/01/1996   BIOL*217 Elem Med Microbiol
BIOL*360 HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOG 09/01/1993   BIOL*231 Human Anatomy
BIOL*364 GENETICS AND MAN 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*350 Heredity & Soc
BIOL*365 PRIN OF ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*425 Animal Physiology
BIOL*380 DENDROLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*318 Local Flora
BIOL*382 INTRODUCTORY INSECT BIOLO 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*334 Entomology
BIOL*400 HISTOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*520U Histology
BIOL*506 BIOLOGY OF HIGHER INVERTE 09/01/1993   BIOL*505U Invertebrate Zoology
BIOL*514 ORNITHOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*437 Ornithology
BIOL*519 ICHTHYOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*530U Ichthyology
BIOL*522 LIMNOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*510U Limnology
BIOL*523 PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*426 Plant Physiology
BIOL*529 MAMMALOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*535U Mammalogy
BIOL*530 AVIAN BIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*437 Ornithology
BIOL*532 HERPETOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*531U Herpetology
BIOL*561 PRINCIPLES OF ECOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*461 Ecology
BIOL*575 PARASITOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*540U Gen Parasitology
BSC*211 HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOLOG 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*231 Human Anatomy
BSC*312 HUMAN ORGAN SYSTEMS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 BIOL*232 Human Physiology
09/01/2006   CHEM*101
Survey of Gen Chem
Survey of Gen Chem
09/01/2004 08/31/2005 CHEM*111
Prin of Chem I
Prin of Chem I
CIS*100 INTRO TO MICROCOMP APPS 09/01/2000   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
COMM*111 SPEECH COMMUNICATION 09/01/1996   CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
COMM*112 BUSINESS & PROF SPEAKING 09/01/1996   SPCH*370 Bus & Prof Speech
COMM*201 INTRO TO COMMUNICATION 09/01/1996   COMM*220 Intro to Comm Theory
COMM*311 PERSUASION 09/01/1996   CMSP*385 Persuasion
COMM*312 GROUP PROCESS 09/01/1996   CMSP*383 Small Group Communication
COMM*315 INTRO INTERPERSONAL COMMU 09/01/1996   CMSP*230 Interpersonal Comm
COMM*320 NEWSWRITING 09/01/1996   CMJN*201 News Writ & Report
COMM*322 NONVERBAL COMMUNICATION 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CMSP*318 Nonverbal Comm
COMM*327 MASS MEDIA PROC & EFFECTS 09/01/2006   CMEM*210 Media Literacy
COMM*330 RADIO PROD & PROGRAMMING 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CMEM*250 Audio Prod & Direction
COMM*331 TELEVISION PRODUCTION 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CMEM*340 Video Production & Direct
COMM*347 PUBLIC RELATIONS 09/01/1996   CMAP*382 Pr of Public Relat
COMM*350 COMMUNICATION THEORY 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 COMM*220 Intro to Comm Theory
COMM*428 PHOTOJOURNALISM 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CMJN*285 Intro to Photo Jour
COMM*440 INTERCULTURAL COMMUNICATI 09/01/2006   CMSP*350 Comm, Culture & Diversity
ECON*101 PERSONAL FINANCIAL ECON 09/01/2000   ECON*101 Introduction to Economics
ECON*201 PRIN OF MICROECONOMICS 09/01/1996   ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
ECON*202 PRIN OF MACROECONOMICS 09/01/1996   ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
ECON*301 INTERM MICROECON THEORY 09/01/1996   ECON*350 Intermed Microeconomics
ECON*302 INTERM MACROECON THEORY 09/01/1996   ECON*351 Intermed Macroeconomics
ECON*312 URBAN ECONOMICS 09/01/1996   ECON*403 Urban and Regional Econ
ECON*321 MONEY AND BANKING 09/01/1996   FIN*342 Money and Banking
ECON*331 LABOR ECONOMICS 09/01/1996   ECON*302 Labor Economics
ECON*341 PUBLIC FINANCE 09/01/1996   ECON*341 Public Finance
ECON*401 MATHEMATICAL ECONOMICS 09/01/1996   ECON*300 Quant Methods in B & E
ECON*421 DEVELOP OF ECON THOUGHT 09/01/1996   ECON*410 History Econ Thought
ECON*431 INTERNATIONAL ECONOMY 09/01/1996   ECON*447 International Economics
ECON*433 FIN MKTS/INSTITUTIONS 09/01/1996   FIN*342 Money and Banking
ECON*499 INDEP STDY ECONOMICS 09/01/1996   ECON*476 Special Problems Econ
EDAD*501 IND STUDY IN EDUCAT ADMIN 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 EDIL*685 Research Problems
ENGL*098 FUND OF WRITING 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 ENG*090 Developmental Writing
ENGL*099 BASIC WRITING 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 ENG*099 Basic Writing Skill
ENGL*101 INTRO COLLEGE WRITING 09/01/1993   ENG*100 Writing I
ENGL*102 INTERMEDIATE COLLEGE WRIT 09/01/1993   ENG*200 Writing II
ENGL*105 ADV COMP FRESHMEN-WC 09/01/1993   ENG*200 Writing II
ENGL*202 INTRO TO CREATIVE WRITING 09/01/2000   ENG*293 Creat Writing I
ENGL*250 INTRO TO LITERATURE 09/01/2000   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENGL*301 BRITISH LITERATURE I 09/01/1993   ENG*331 British Lit to 1750
ENGL*302 BRITISH LITERATURE II 09/01/1993   ENG*332 British Lit Since 1750
ENGL*303 SCI AND TECH WRITING 09/01/1993   ENG*591U Technical Writing I
ENGL*309 ADV ACADEMIC WRITING-WR 09/01/1993   ENG*391 Adv Expository Writing
ENGL*311 MAJOR AMERICAN WRITIERS I 09/01/1993   ENG*341 American Lit to 1865
ENGL*312 AMERICAN LITERATURE II 09/01/1993   ENG*342 American Lit Since 1865
ENGL*325 INTRO TO LINGUISTICS 09/01/1993   ENG*305 Intro to Linguistics
ENGL*333 SHAKESPEARE 09/01/1993   ENG*435 Shakespeare
ENGL*334 SHAKESPEARE 09/01/1993   ENG*435 Shakespeare
ENGL*373 WOMEN IN LITERATURE 09/01/1993   ENG*320 Women Writ & Fem Perspect
ENGL*503 ADV CREATIVE WRIT I 09/01/1993   ENG*583U Advance Poetry Writing
ENGL*504 ADV CREATIVE WRITING II 09/01/1993   ENG*583U Advance Poetry Writing
ENGL*505 ADV TECHNICAL WRITING 09/01/1993   ENG*591U Technical Writing I
ENGL*523 HIS OF ENGLISH LANGUAGE 09/01/1993   ENG*393 Hist of Language
ENGL*542 TUDOR ELIZABETHAN LITERA 09/01/1993   ENG*436 The Eng Renaissance
ENGL*544 RESTOR 18TH CENT ENG LIT 09/01/1993   ENG*441 Rest & 18th Cent Brit Lit
ENGL*545 ENG LIT ROMANTIC PERIOD 09/01/1993   ENG*442 Romantic Writers
ENGL*546 ENG LIT VICTORIAN PERIOD 09/01/1993   ENG*443 Victorian Writers
ENGL*561 CHAUCER 09/01/1993   ENG*534U Chaucer
ENGL*562 SHAKESPEARE 09/01/1993   ENG*435 Shakespeare
ENGL*563 MILTON 09/01/1993   ENG*539U Milton
ENGL*581 RENAISSANCE DRAMA 09/01/1993   ENG*552U Early Dramatic Lit
ENGL*591 HISTORY OF CRITICISM 09/01/1993   ENG*528U Literary Criticism
EQIN*101 EQUINE MNGT 09/01/1993   AGR*380 Equine Management
FIN*201 MONEY MGMT & PERSONAL FIN 09/01/2006   FIN*264 Personal Finance
FIN*301 CORPORATE FINANCE 09/01/1996   FIN*360 Business Finance
FIN*321 MONEY AND BANKING 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 FIN*342 Money and Banking
FIN*330 BANKING FINANCIAL ADMIN 09/01/1996   FIN*325 Bank Management
FIN*341 PUBLIC FINANCE 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 ECON*341 Public Finance
FIN*350 RISK AND INSURANCE 09/01/1996   FIN*407 Principles of Insurance
FIN*370 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE 09/01/1996   FIN*485 International Finance
FIN*401 INVESTMENTS 09/01/1996   FIN*373 Investments
FIN*402 SEC ANAL PORTIFOLIO MNGT 09/01/1996   FIN*472 Portfolio Analysis
FIN*433 FIN MARKETS INSTITUTIONS 09/01/1996   FIN*342 Money and Banking
FIN*499 INDEP STDY IN FINANCE 09/01/1996   FIN*476 Special Problems Fin
FREN*121 BASIC FRENCH I 09/01/1993   FRN*101 Beginning French I
FREN*122 BASIC FRENCH II 09/01/1993   FRN*102 Beginning French II
FREN*201 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH I 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 FRN*201 Intermed French
FREN*202 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH II 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 FRN*202 Conversation & Comp
FREN*321 FRENCH CONVERSATION 09/01/1993   FRN*302 Adv Phonetics & Conver
FREN*322 FRENCH COMPOSITION 09/01/1993   FRN*301 Advanced Grammar & Comp
FREN*513 LIT OF THE RENAISSANCE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 FRN*303 Survey French Lit I
FREN*514 LITERATURE OF CLASSICISM 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 FRN*303 Survey French Lit I
FREN*515 THE AGE OF ENLIGHTENMENT 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 FRN*303 Survey French Lit I
FREN*516 FRENCH LITERATURE 1800-50 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 FRN*304 Survey French Lit II
FREN*517 FRN LIT 1850-1900 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 FRN*304 Survey French Lit II
FREN*523 ADV COMP AND CONVERSATION 09/01/1993   FRN*402 Advanced French Conversat
GEN*101 A&S ORIENTATION 09/01/1997   MSU*101 Discovering Univ. Life
GEOG*201 WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEO*300 World Geography
GEOG*202 PHYSICAL GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEO*101 Physical Geography
GEOG*220 BASIC METEOROLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEO*390 Weather & Climate
GEOG*301 GEOG OF KENTUCKY 09/01/1993   GEO*344 Kentucky
GEOG*307 GEO OF THE US AND CANADA 09/01/1993   GEO*241 United States & Canada
GEOG*316 GEO OF SOUTH ASIA 09/01/1993   GEO*383 Asia
GEOG*317 GEO OF RUSSIA 09/01/1993   GEO*500U Soviet Union
GEOG*318 GEO OF EASTERN EUROPE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEO*331 Europe
GEOG*319 GEO OF WESTERN EUROPE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEO*331 Europe
GEOG*327 ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*211 Economic Geography
GEOG*328 URBAN GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*510U Urban Geography
GEOG*329 POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*366 Political Geography
GEOG*350 CARTOGRAPHIC DRAFTING 09/01/1993   GEO*349 Intro to GIS/Cartography
GEOG*359 COMPUTER MAPPING 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEO*350 Cartography II
GEOG*390 SPECIAL TOPICS 09/01/1993   GEO*399 Special Topics
GEOG*391 INDEPENDENT STUDY 09/01/1993   GEO*476 Special Problems
GEOG*528 ADV URBAN GEO AND PLAN 09/01/1993   GEO*510U Urban Geography
GEOG*535 LOCATIONAL ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   GEO*540U World Manufacturing
GEOG*541 TEACHING GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEO*550U Geog for Tchrs
GEOG*590 SPECIAL TOPICS 09/01/1993   GEO*599 Special Class
09/01/2001 08/31/2002 GEOS*106
Introduction to Geology
Introduction to Geology
GERM*121 BASIC GERMAN I 09/01/1993   GER*101 Beginning German I
GERM*122 BASIC GERMAN II 09/01/1993   GER*102 Beginning German II
GERM*221 INTERMEDIATE GERMAN 09/01/1993   GER*201 Intermed German I
GERM*321 GER CONVERSATION COMP I 09/01/1993   GER*301 Gram & Conversation
GERM*322 GER CONVERSATION COMP II 09/01/1993   GER*302 Comp & Conversation
GERM*501 SURVEY OF GER LIT I 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GER*311 Literature to 1880
GERM*502 SURVEY OF GER LIT II 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GER*312 Lit Since 1880
GERM*515 EIGHTEENTH-CENTURY LIT 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GER*320 Ger Lit 1750-1800
GERM*518 TWENTIETH-CENTURY LIT 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GER*312 Lit Since 1880
HIS*341 ANCIENT NEAR EAST 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*376 Ancient History
HIS*343 ROMAN WORLD 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*376 Ancient History
HIST*101 HISTORY OF CIV I 09/01/1993   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HIST*102 HISTORY OF CIV II 09/01/1993   HIS*201 Global Studies
HIST*105 HONORS: HIST OF CIV I 09/01/2006   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HIST*106 HONORS: HIST OF CIV II 09/01/2006   HIS*201 Global Studies
HIST*211 AMERICAN HISTORY I 09/01/1993   HIS*220 Early American History
HIST*212 AMERICAN HISTORY II 09/01/1993   HIS*202 American Studies
HIST*308 EUROPE FROM 1500 FR REVOL 09/01/1993   HIS*358 Revolutionary Europe
HIST*309 EUR FROM 1800 PRESENT 09/01/1993   HIS*359 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST*314 HIS AMER FOREIGN RELATION 09/01/1993   HIS*317 US Foreign Relat
HIST*317 AMERICAN IDEAS IDEOLOGIES 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*319 Am Life & Thought
HIST*318 US IN THE SIXTIES 09/01/1993   HIS*307 Vietnam and Watergate
HIST*319 AFRO-AMER HISTORY I 09/01/1993   HIS*310 African American History
HIST*320 AFRO-AMER HISTORY II 09/01/1993   HIS*310 African American History
HIST*322 CIV RGHT MOVE 1941-PRESEN 09/01/1993   HIS*310 African American History
HIST*323 FAMILY 1700-PRESENT 09/01/1993   HIS*329 Genealogy & Fam His
HIST*324 HIS STATUS OF WOMEN 09/01/1993   HIS*312 Women in American History
HIST*331 COLONIAL LATIN AMERICA 09/01/1993   HIS*379 Latin American Hist
HIST*332 LATIN AMER 1820-PRESENT 09/01/1993   HIS*379 Latin American Hist
HIST*339 JAPANESE BUS/CULTURE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*373 Japanese Civilization
HIST*340 ANCIENT MEDITERRANEA WRLD 09/01/1993   HIS*331 Background of Bible
HIST*350 ORIGINS OF CHRISTIANITY 09/01/1993   HIS*332 Christianity & Wld
HIST*351 MEDIEVAL EUROPE I 09/01/1993   HIS*356 Medieval Europe
HIST*352 MEDIEVAL EUROPE II 09/01/1993   HIS*356 Medieval Europe
HIST*353 EUROPE SIXTEENTH CENTURY 09/01/1993   HIS*353 Russia to 1917
HIST*354 RENAISSANCE CULTURE 09/01/1993   HIS*357 The Renaissance & Reform
HIST*356 MIDDLE EAST 600-1453 09/01/1993   HIS*374 The Middle East
HIST*357 MIDDLE EAST 1453-PRESENT 09/01/1993   HIS*374 The Middle East
HIST*364 RUSSIAN HISTORY II 09/01/1993   HIS*354 Russia Since 1917
HIST*372 EUR 17TH & 18TH CENTURY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*359 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST*381 EUR 19TH CENTURY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*359 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIST*382 EUR 20TH CENTURY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*360 The World 1914-1939 (was His 5
HIST*392 MODERN AFRICAN CULTURES 09/01/1993   HIS*370 African Hist
HIST*393 ANCIENT AFRICAN CIVIL 09/01/1993   HIS*370 African Hist
HIST*394 FORMATION MODERN AFRICA 09/01/1993   HIS*370 African Hist
HIST*395 CONTEMPORARY AFRICA 09/01/1993   HIS*370 African Hist
HIST*398 MODERN CHINA 09/01/1993   HIS*372 Modern China
HIST*399 THE VIETNAM WAR 09/01/1993   HIS*307 Vietnam and Watergate
HIST*418 US MILITARY HISTORY 09/01/1993   HIS*318 American Military History
HIST*501 INDEPENDENT STUDY 09/01/1993   HIS*576 Am Hist Directed Read
HIST*502 INDEPENDENT STUDY 09/01/1993   HIS*577 Eur Directed Read
HIST*511 HIS OF THE OLD SOUTH 09/01/1993   HIS*325 The Old South
HIST*517 THE NEW NATION 1787-1812 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*301 Amer Rev & Fed Pd
HIST*521 COLONIAL AMERICA 09/01/1993   HIS*300 Colonial America
HIST*522 AMER REV AND CONFEDERATIO 09/01/1993   HIS*301 Amer Rev & Fed Pd
HIST*523 AGE OF JACKSON 1812-1850 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*302 The Age of Jackson
HIST*524 US CIV WAR RECONSTRUCTION 09/01/1993   HIS*303 The Civil War & Reconst
HIST*525 US DUR LATE 19TH CENTURY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*304 US 1876-1900
HIST*527 RECENT AMER HIS 1900-1929 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 HIS*305 US 1900-1939
HIST*529 RECENT AMER HIS 1945-PRE 09/01/1993   HIS*306 US 1939 to Present
HPES*180 FIRST AID & SAFETY ED 09/01/2000   HLTH*203 Safety & First Aid
HPES*184 HEALTHY LIFESTYLES I 09/01/2000   HLTH*151 Wellness: Theor to Action
HSS*180 FIRST AID&SAFETY ED 09/01/2005   HLTH*203 Safety & First Aid
HSS*184 HEALTHY LIFESTYLES I 09/01/2005   HLTH*151 Wellness: Theor to Action
HUM*101 WORLD LITERATURE TO 1700 09/01/2000   ENG*211 Int to World Lit I
HUM*102 WORLD LITERATUR POST 1700 09/01/2000   ENG*212 Int to World Lit II
HUM*302 MEDIEVAL CULTURE 09/01/2006   HUM*203 Intro to Medieval Culture
HUM*324 INTRO TO FILM STUDIES 09/01/2006   HUM*170 Introduction to Film
ISDP*101 COMPUTER LITERACY I 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*101 Computers for Learning
ISDP*110 INTRO MICRO APPLIC 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*101 Computers for Learning
ISDP*170 FORTRAN PROGRAMMING 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*260 Structured Fortran Prog.I
ISDP*205 COBOL PROGRAMMING LANG 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*215 Intro Programming - Cobol
ISDP*206 ADVANCED COBOL PROGRAM 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*315 Advanced Program - Cobol
ISDP*207 IBM ASSEMBLER PROG 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*210 Dig.Concept Prog Assemb I
ISDP*210 PROG, DATA & FILE STRUCT 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*303 Data Structures
ISDP*308 PROGRAMMIN IN C 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*205 Intro Programming - C++
ISDP*501 DATABASE MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*426 Database Manage Systems
ISDP*510 ANAL & DESIGN COMP INF SY 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*325 Analys & Design Info Syst
ISDP*520 DATA COM NETWK DISTRIB PR 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CIS*340 Telecomm & Networking
ITAL*121 BASIC ITALIAN I 09/01/1993   ITL*190 Conversational Italian
ITAL*122 BASIC ITALIAN II 09/01/1993   ITL*200 Conversational Italian II
JA*303 CORRECTIONS IN THE US 09/01/1993   CRIM*201 Soc of Corrections
JA*305 CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR 09/01/1993   CRIM*401 Criminology
JA*450 INTERNSHIP 09/01/1993   CRIM*490 Pract in Criminology
JA*465 SEMINAR IN CORRECTIONS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*420 Seminar Crim Behav
JA*596 SEMINAR IN CRIM & JUSTICE 09/01/1993   SOC*420 Seminar Crim Behav
LAT*101 ELEMENTARY LATIN I 09/01/1993   LAT*101 Beginning Latin I
LAT*102 ELEMENTARY LATIN II 09/01/1993   LAT*102 Beginning Latin II
LAT*201 INTERMEDIATE LATIN I 09/01/1993   LAT*201 Intermed Latin I
LAT*202 INTERMEDIATE LATIN II 09/01/1993   LAT*202 Intermed Latin II
LING*302 INTRO TO LINGUISTICS 09/01/1993   ENG*305 Intro to Linguistics
MATH*099 ELEMENTARY ALGEBRA 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 MATH*091 Beginning Algebra
MATH*102 INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 MATH*093 Intermed Algebra
MATH*103 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 MATH*152 College Algebra
MATH*105 CONTEMPORARY MATHEMATICS 09/01/2001   MATH*131 Gen Math Prob Solving
MATH*109 ELEMENTARY STATISTICS 09/01/1993   MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
MATH*111 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 09/01/2000   MATH*152 College Algebra
MATH*112 TRIGONOMETRY 09/01/2000   MATH*141 Plane Trigonometry
MATH*150 MATH FOR ELEM EDUC 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 MATH*231 Math Elem Tch I
MATH*151 MATH FOR ELEM EDUC 09/01/2006   MATH*231 Math Elem Tch I
MATH*152 MATH FOR ELE EDUCATION II 09/01/2000   MATH*232 Math Elem Tch II
MATH*190 PRECALCULUS 09/01/1993   MATH*174 Pre-Calculus Math
MATH*205 CALC I 09/01/1993   MATH*175 Calculus I
MATH*206 CALC II 09/01/1993   MATH*275 Calculus II
MATH*301 ANALY GEOMETRY CALC III 09/01/1993   MATH*276 Calculus III
MATH*325 INTRO TO LINEAR ALGEBRA 09/01/1993   MATH*301 Elem Linear Alg
MATH*351 PROBLEM SOLVING FOR TEACH 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 MATH*353 Statistics
MATH*387 DISCRETE MATH 09/01/1993   MATH*308 Discrete Mathematics
MATH*401 ADVANCED CALCULUS I 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 MATH*410 Intro Real Analysis
MATH*405 DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 09/01/1993   MATH*363 Different Equations
MATH*407 NUMERICAL ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   MATH*312 Numerical Methods
MATH*499 SENIOR HONORS THESIS 09/01/1993   MATH*471 Seminar
MATH*501 ANALYSIS I 09/01/1993   MATH*510U Real Variables
MATH*511 COMPLEX ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   MATH*586U Complex Variables
MATH*560 STATISTICAL DATA ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   MATH*553U Concepts in Design of Exp (was
MATH*561 PROBABILITY 09/01/1993   MATH*419 Probability
MATH*562 MATHEMATICAL STATISTICS 09/01/1993   MATH*420 Math Statistics
MATH*566 NONPARAMETRIC STAT METH 09/01/1993   MATH*555U Non Parametric Stat
MGMT*101 INTRO TO BUSINESS 09/01/1996   MNGT*261 Leg Envir of Business Org
MGMT*200 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 BIS*321 Business Communications
MGMT*201 BUSINESS STATISTICS 09/01/2000   MATH*353 Statistics
MGMT*301 MGMT & ORG BEHAVIOR 09/01/1996   MNGT*301 Prin of Management
MGMT*305 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996   MNGT*311 Human Resource Management
MGMT*321 OFFICE PROCEDURES & MNGT 09/01/1996   BIS*363 Admin Infor Systems
MGMT*331 LABOR ECONOMICS 09/01/1996   MNGT*411 Labor Relations
MGMT*401 OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996   MNGT*306 Production Management
MGMT*402 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 09/01/1996   MNGT*465 Organizational Behavior
MGMT*421 COLLECTIVE BARGAINING 09/01/1996   MNGT*411 Labor Relations
MGMT*435 BUSINESS & SOCIETY 09/01/1996   MNGT*463 Law & Ethics in Business
MGMT*441 BUSINESS STRATEGY & POLIC 09/01/1996   MNGT*499C Strategic Management
MKT*301 PRIN OF MARKETING 09/01/1996   MKT*304 Marketing
MKT*310 RETAILING 09/01/1996   MKT*451 Retail Marketing
MKT*341 MARKET PROMOTION 09/01/1996   MKT*454 Integrated Market Commun
MKT*350 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 09/01/1996   MKT*354 Consumer Behavior
MKT*360 PERSONAL SELLING 09/01/1996   MKT*350 Personal Selling
MKT*370 INTERNATIONAL MARKETING 09/01/1996   MKT*469 International Marketing
MKT*401 SALES MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996   MKT*351 Sales Management
MKT*441 MARKETING RESEARCH 09/01/1996   MKT*452 Marketing Research & Anal
MKT*455 STRATEGIC MARKET PLANNING 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 MKT*453 Marketing Plan & Strat
MUH*204 MUSIC IN WESTERN CIVL 09/01/2000   MUSH*261 Music Listening
MUH*205 MUSIC IN WORLD CULTURES 09/01/2006   MUSH*261 Music Listening
MUH*310 HISTORY OF JAZZ 09/01/1998   MUSH*365 Jazz Hist & Lit
MUH*312 HIS OF ROCK & ROLL 09/01/1998   MUSH*261 Music Listening
MUS*100 INTRO TO MUSIC STUDY 09/01/1993   MUST*101 Intro Music Theory
MUS*131 PIANO CLASS 09/01/1993   MUSG*123 Class Piano I
MUS*132 PIANO CLASS 09/01/1993   MUSG*124 Class Piano II
MUS*135 BRASS METHODS & TECH I 09/01/1993   MUSG*213 Class Brasswinds
MUS*136 BRASS METHODS & TECH II 09/01/1993   MUSG*214 Adv Brasswinds Tech
MUS*137 PERCUSS METH & TECH 09/01/1993   MUSG*217 Class Percussion I
MUS*141 THEORY I 09/01/1993   MUST*131 Music Theory I
MUS*142 THEORY II 09/01/1993   MUST*132 Music Theory II
MUS*201 MAJOR OR PRIN INSTR 09/01/1993   MUSP*200 Performance Class
MUS*227 VOICE CLASS 09/01/1993   MUSG*239 Class Voice
MUS*228 ELEM SCH MUSIC METHODS 09/01/1993   MUSE*221 Mus for Elem Tchr
MUS*231 PIANO CLASS 09/01/1993   MUSG*223 Class Piano III
MUS*232 PIANO CLASS 09/01/1993   MUSG*224 Class Piano IV
MUS*235 WOODWIND METH & TECH I 09/01/1993   MUSG*211 Class Woodwinds
MUS*236 WOODWIND METH & TECH II 09/01/1993   MUSG*212 Adv Woodwinds Tech
MUS*241 THEORY III 09/01/1993   MUST*236 Music Theory III
MUS*242 THEORY IV 09/01/1993   MUST*237 Music Theory IV
MUS*243 COMPOSITION 09/01/1993   MUSP*263 Private Conducting
MUS*337 MARCHING BAND TECH 09/01/1993   MUSE*579U Marching Band Techniques
MUS*347 ANALYSIS I 09/01/1993   MUST*465 Form Analysis
MUS*359 CONDUCTING I 09/01/1993   MUSC*472 Instru Conducting
MUS*360 CONDUCTING II 09/01/1993   MUSC*471 Choral Conducting
MUS*371 PIANO PEDAGOGY I 09/01/1993   MUSE*378 Keyboard Pedagogy
MUS*397 JUNIOR RECITAL 09/01/1993   MUSP*360 Junior Recital
MUS*401 MAJOR OR PRIN INSTR 09/01/1993   MUSP*400 Performance Class
MUS*497 SENIOR RECITAL 09/01/1993   MUSP*498C Senior Recital
MUS*555 INSTRUMENT REPAIR 09/01/1993   MUSE*377 Inst Repair & Maint
09/01/2000 08/31/2001 GEOS*108
Physical Geology
Physical Geology
PARA*101 LEGAL SYS & PARALEGAL 09/01/1993   PLS*210 Intro to Paralegalism
PARA*103 ADV LEGAL RESEARCH & WRIT 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GOVT*327 Legal Research & Writing
PARA*305 DOMESTIC RELATIONS 09/01/1993   PLS*333 Family Law Was Estate Amd Fami
PARA*310 TORTS FOR PARALEGALS 09/01/1993   PLS*334 Tort, Per Inj Lit, Ins Law
PARA*325 LITIGATION 09/01/1993   PLS*325 Civil Litigation Parlegal
PARA*326 CRIMINAL LITIGATION 09/01/1993   PLS*340 Criminal Law & Procedure
PARA*340 BUS ASSOC & TRANSACTIONS 09/01/1993   PLS*335 Contracts & Uniform Codes
PARA*350 WILLS ESTATES & TRUSTS 09/01/1993   PLS*336 Wills, Trusts, Estates
PARA*370 REAL ESTATE LAW PARALEGAL 09/01/1993   PLS*332 Property Law
PARA*390 PARALEGAL INTERNSHIP 09/01/1993   PLS*490 Paralegal Internship
PARA*391 TOPICS PARALEGAL STUDIES 09/01/1993   PLS*360 Paralegal Specialty
PARA*399 PROF ETHICS PARALEGALS 09/01/1993   PLS*499C Sr Paralegal Pract Sem
PHIL*205 INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY 09/01/1993   PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL*222 CONTEMP ETHICAL PROBLEMS 09/01/2000   PHIL*203 Social Ethics
PHIL*311 INTRO TO LOGIC 09/01/1993   PHIL*306 Logic
PHIL*315 ORIENTAL PHILOSOPHY 09/01/1993   PHIL*399 Special Class
PHIL*321 ETHICS 09/01/1993   PHIL*203 Social Ethics
PHIL*328 ENVIRONMENTAL ETHICS 09/01/2005   PHIL*333 Environmental Ethics
PHIL*345 PHIL OF RELIGION 09/01/1993   PHIL*307 Phil of Religion
PHIL*385 INTRO TO EXISTENTIALISM 09/01/1993   PHIL*309 Existentialism
PHIL*501 INDEPENDENT STUDY 09/01/1993   PHIL*476 Special Problems
PHYS*107 ELEM ASTRONOMY 09/01/2000   PHYS*110 Concepts in Astronomy
09/01/2000 08/31/2001 PHYS*201
Elem Physics I
Elem Physics I
POLS*201 FUND AMERICAN GOVERNMENT 09/01/1993   GOVT*141 United States Government
POLS*202 COMPARATIVE POLITICAL SY 09/01/2000   GOVT*230 Intro to Comp Politics
POLS*299 HONORS INTRO POLITICAL SC 09/01/2000   GOVT*180 Intro to Political Theory
POLS*306 STATE GOVERNMENT 09/01/1993   GOVT*242 State & Local Govt
POLS*311 AMERICAN PRESIDENCY 09/01/1993   GOVT*346 Congress,pres,& Bureau
POLS*312 AMER CONST LAW PWRS GOVT 09/01/1993   GOVT*321 Constitutional Law
POLS*313 AM CONST LAW CIV LIB RIGT 09/01/1993   GOVT*322 Courts & Civil Liberties
POLS*317 AMERICAN CONGRESS 09/01/1993   GOVT*346 Congress,pres,& Bureau
POLS*321 PUBLIC OPINION 09/01/1993   GOVT*341 Political Behavior (was Domest
POLS*322 AM POLITICAL PARTIES ELCT 09/01/1993   GOVT*343 Pol Parties & Elections
POLS*324 WOMEN AMERICAN POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*373 Intro Women's Studies
POLS*325 PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION 09/01/1993   GOVT*351 Public Administration
POLS*326 NATIONAL PUB POLICY ANAL 09/01/1993   GOVT*347 American Public Policy
POLS*327 POLITICS BLACK COMMUNITY 09/01/1993   GOVT*349 African-American Politics
POLS*330 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 09/01/1993   GOVT*364 International Relations
POLS*331 INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZATIO 09/01/1993   GOVT*360 U N & World Organ
POLS*340 POLITICS & GOVT WEST EUR 09/01/1993   GOVT*330 Parliamentary Democ
POLS*362 COMPARATIVE POLITICAL ECO 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
POLS*380 ELEMENTS POLITICAL THEORY 09/01/1993   GOVT*312 Western Political Thought
POLS*382 MODERN POLITICAL THOUGHT 09/01/1993   GOVT*316 Modern Ideologies
POLS*383 AMER POLITICAL THOUGHT 09/01/1993   GOVT*314 Amer Political Thought
POLS*399 SENIOR HONORS SEMINAR 09/01/1993   GOVT*389 Honors Seminar
POLS*426 ENVIRONMENTAL POLICY 09/01/1993   GOVT*324 Environmental Law & Pol
POLS*501 TOPICS AMER POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*399 Spec Topics in Govt
POLS*502 TOPICS COMPARATIVE POLITI 09/01/1993   GOVT*399 Spec Topics in Govt
POLS*504 TOPICS POLITICAL THEORY 09/01/1993   GOVT*399 Spec Topics in Govt
POLS*568 FEMINIST THEORY 09/01/1993   GOVT*373 Intro Women's Studies
PSYC*201 INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/2000   PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSYC*312 QUANTITATIVE METHODS PSY 09/01/2000   MATH*353 Statistics
PSYC*363 LIFE SPAN DEV PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/2000   PSY*156 Life Span Dev Psy
RUSS*121 BASIC RUSSIAN I 09/01/1993   RUS*101 Beginning Russian I
RUSS*122 BASIC RUSSIAN II 09/01/1993   RUS*102 Begin Russian II
RUSS*221 INTERMEDIATE RUSSIAN 09/01/1993   RUS*201 Intermed Russian I
SOC*201 INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993   SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*202 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 09/01/1993   SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SOC*203 SELF & SOCIETY 09/01/1993   SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*204 MARRIAGE/FAMILY MOD SOCIE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*205 The Family
SOC*205 INTRO SOCIAL WORK 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SWK*210 Ornt to Soc Work
SOC*209 PRINCIPLES AND CONCEPTS 09/01/2000   SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*291 INTR RESEARCH METHODS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*450 Res Methodology
SOC*292 INTR SOCIAL STATISTICS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*451 Soc Sci Data Analysis
SOC*300 SPECIAL TOPICS IN SOCIOLO 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*399 Special Class
SOC*301 INTRO TO SOCIAL STATS 09/01/2000   MATH*353 Statistics
SOC*302 SOCIAL CHANGE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*304 Social Change
SOC*305 URBAN SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993   SOC*323 Urban Sociology
SOC*306 INTR TO DEMOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   SOC*302 Population Dynamics
SOC*307 RURAL SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993   SOC*170 Rural Sociology
SOC*308 RACE & ETHNIC RELATIONS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*374 Am Minority Relatio
SOC*315 ENVIRONMENT & URBAN LIFE 09/01/1993   SOC*323 Urban Sociology
SOC*317 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*306 Juvenile Delinquen
SOC*325 SOC OF HUMAN SEXUALITY 09/01/1993   SOC*350 Human Ex Sex & Gender
SOC*330 MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*330 Applied Medical Sociology
SOC*331 SOCIOLOG PERSPECT WOMEN 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*350 Human Ex Sex & Gender
SOC*374 INDUSTRIAL SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993   SOC*376 Industrial Soc
SOC*400 INDEPENDENT STUDY 09/01/1993   SOC*476 Special Problems
SOC*402 CRIMINOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 CRIM*401 Criminology
SOC*405 SOC MENTAL HLTH & ILLNESS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*330 Applied Medical Sociology
SOC*410 SOCIAL CONTEXT OF AGING 09/01/1993   SOC*540U Gerontology
SOC*461 URBAN SOCIETY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*323 Urban Sociology
SOC*462 POPULATION STUDIES 09/01/1993   SOC*302 Population Dynamics
SOC*463 SOCIOLOGY DEVIANT BEHAVIO 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*210 Soc of Deviance
SOC*464 ADV STUDIES RACE ETHNICIT 09/01/1993   SOC*374 Am Minority Relatio
SOC*466 ADV STUDIES IN SEX ROLES 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*350 Human Ex Sex & Gender
SOC*471 THEORY & RESEARCH SOC PSY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*354 The Indiv & Society
SOC*501 SPEC TOP URBAN ANALYSIS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*323 Urban Sociology
SOC*503 SPEC TOP POLITICAL SOC 09/01/1993   SOC*302 Population Dynamics
SOC*510 COMPUTERIZED DATA ANALYS 09/01/1993   SOC*451 Soc Sci Data Analysis
SOC*531 SURVEY METHODS 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*450 Res Methodology
SPAN*121 BASIC SPANISH I 09/01/1993   SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SPAN*122 BASIC SPANISH II 09/01/1993   SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
SPAN*221 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH 09/01/1993   SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN*321 SPANISH CONVERSATION 09/01/1993   SPA*305 Conversation
SPAN*322 SPANISH COMPOSITION 09/01/1993   SPA*300 Grammar and Composition
SPAN*323 SPANISH CAREERS & BUS 09/01/1993   SPA*303 Span for Bus & Commerce
SPAN*502 MAIN CURRENTS LAT AM LIT 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SPA*302 Spanish Amer Lit
SPAN*525 SPA FOR CLASSROOM TEACHER 09/01/1993   SPA*405 Linguist & Lang Tch
TA*207 ENJOYMENT OF THEATRE 09/01/2000   THEA*110 Intro to Theatre
TA*246 STAGE MAKEUP 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 THEA*315 Stage Makeup
TA*311 ORAL INTERPRETATION LIT 09/01/1996 08/31/2006 CMSP*200 Oral Interpretation
TA*320 ACTING I 09/01/1996   THEA*284 Acting Techniques
TA*330 DIRECTING 09/01/1996   THEA*380 Play Directing
URBA*221 INTR URBAN STUDIES 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*323 Urban Sociology
WGST*201 WOMEN IN AMER CULTURE 09/01/2006   WST*273 Intro to Women's Studies
WGST*325 WOMEN IN LITERATURE 09/01/2006   WST*120 Approaches to Literature
WMST*201 WOMEN IN AMER CULTURE 09/01/2006   WST*273 Intro to Women's Studies
WMST*325 WOMEN IN LITERATURE 09/01/2006   WST*120 Approaches to Literature