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University of Kentucky Course Equivalencies
University of Kentucky Course

MSU Equivalency





A-E*270 INTRO TO ART EDUCATION 09/01/1991   ART*121 School Art I
A-E*577 ART IN SECONDARY SCHS 09/01/1991   ART*321 Mat & Meth Sec Art
A-H*105 ANCIENT THRU MEDIEVAL ART 09/01/2004   ART*264 Art History II
A-H*106 RENAISSANCE THRU MOD ART 09/01/2004   ART*265 Art History III
A-H*340 EUROPEAN 1840-1900 09/01/1991   ART*461 18th &19th Cen Eur & U.S.
A-H*341 TWENTIETH CENT ART 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 ART*462 20th Century Art
A-H*342 STUDIES IN AMERICAN ART 09/01/1991   ART*463 Arts of the US
A-S*102 VISUAL EXPLORATION I 09/01/1991   ART*101 Two-Dimensional Found
A-S*103 VISUAL EXPLORATION II 09/01/1991   ART*102 Three-Dimensional Found
A-S*202 FIGURE DRAWING 09/01/1991   ART*204 Drawing I
A-S*310 PAINTING I 09/01/1991   ART*214 Painting Techniques I
A-S*311 PAINTING II 09/01/1991   ART*314 Painting Techniques II
A-S*320 PRINTMAKING I 09/01/1991   ART*351 Intaglio Printmaking
A-S*321 PRINTMAKING II 09/01/1991   ART*451 Intaglio Printmak Studio
A-S*330 INTERMEDIATE DRAWING 09/01/1991   ART*304 Drawing II
A-S*340 GRAPHIC DESIGN I 09/01/1991   ART*205 Graphic Design I
A-S*341 GRAPHIC DESIGN II 09/01/1991   ART*305 Graphic Design II
A-S*350 FIBER I 09/01/1991   ART*341 Fibers I
A-S*360 SCULPTURE I 09/01/1991   ART*294 Sculpture I
A-S*361 SCULPTURE II 09/01/1991   ART*394 Sculpture II
A-S*370 CERAMICS I 09/01/1991   ART*245 Ceramics I
A-S*371 CERAMICS II 09/01/1991   ART*345 Ceramics II
A-S*380 PHOTOGRAPHY I 09/01/1991   ART*373 Basic Black & White Photo
A-S*381 PHOTOGRAPHY II 09/01/1991   ART*386 Studio Photography
A-S*384 COLOR PHOTOGRAPHY I 09/01/1991   ART*384 Color Photography
A-S*386 NONSILVER PHOTO I 09/01/1991   ART*385 Alt Photo Print Processes
A-S*390 TOPICAL STUDIES 09/01/1991   ART*399 Selected Topics
A-S*395 INDNPT STUDY: ART STUDIO 09/01/1991   ART*476 Individual Art Problems
A-S*396 WORKSHOP 09/01/1991   ART*399 Selected Topics
A-S*510 PAINTING III 09/01/1991   ART*414 Painting Techniques III
A-S*511 PAINTING IV 09/01/1991   ART*514U Painting Techniques IV
A-S*520 PRINTMAKING III 09/01/1991   ART*352 Lithographic Printmaking
A-S*521 PRINTMAKING IV 09/01/1991   ART*452 Lithographic Printmaking
A-S*530 ADVANCED DRAWING 09/01/1991   ART*404 Drawing III
A-S*540 GRAPHIC DESIGN III 09/01/1991   ART*405 Graphic Design III
A-S*560 SCULPTURE III 09/01/1991   ART*594U Sculpture III
A-S*570 CERAMICS III 09/01/1991   ART*445 Ceramics III
A-S*620   09/01/1991   ART*651 Graduate Printmk Studio
A-S*621   09/01/1991   ART*651 Graduate Printmk Studio
A-S*767   09/01/1991   ART*699 Thesis
ACC*201 FINANCIAL ACCT I 09/01/1991   ACCT*281 Prin Financial Accounting
ACC*202 MANG USES OF ACCT INFO 09/01/1991   ACCT*282 Prin Managerial Account
ACC*301 INTERMEDIATE ACCT I 09/01/1991   ACCT*384 Inter Accounting I
ACC*302 INTERMEDIATE ACCT II 09/01/1991   ACCT*385 Inter Accounting II
ACC*324 ACCT INFORMATION SYSTEMS 09/01/1991   ACCT*506U Theory of Accounts
ACC*395 INDIVIDUAL WRK IN ACCT 09/01/1991   ACCT*476 Special Problems Acct
ACC*401G ACCOUNTING THEORY 09/01/1991   ACCT*482 Advanced Accounting
ACC*524 ADV ACCT INFO SYSTEMS 09/01/1996   ACCT*482 Advanced Accounting
AEC*101 ECO OF FOOD & AGRICUL 09/01/2000   AGR*204 World Food
AEC*302 AGRI MANAGEMENT PRINCIPLE 09/01/1993   AGR*301 Farm Management
AEC*341 AGR. CREDIT INSTTUTIONS 09/01/1993   AGR*302 Agriculture Finance
AEC*399 EXP LRN IN AG. ECONOMICS 09/01/1993   AGR*235 Superv Work Exp
AEC*422 AGRIBUSINESS MNGT 09/01/1993   AGR*385 Agribusiness Mgmt
AEC*532 AGRIC AND FOOD POLICY 09/01/1993   AGR*386 Intro Agri Policy
AEC*580 SPEC PROBS IN AG. ECON 09/01/1993   AGR*476 Special Problems
AEN*252 FARM SHOP 09/01/1993   AGR*251 Intro to Ag Mech
AEN*450 SPECIAL PROBLEMS 09/01/1993   AGR*476 Special Problems
AGR*395 SPECIAL PROB AGRONOMY 09/01/1993   AGR*476 Special Problems
AGR*399 EXPER LEARN IN AGRONOMY 09/01/1993   AGR*235 Superv Work Exp
AGR*404 INTEGRATED WEED MANAGE 09/01/1993   AGR*308 Weed Science
AGR*468G SOIL USE & MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993   AGR*311 Soil Conservation
AGR*470G FERTILIZERS & SOIL FERT 09/01/1993   AGR*312 Soil Fert & Fertiliz
AGR*510 FORAGE MNGMT & UTILIZ 09/01/1993   AGR*384 Forage Crops
AGR*515 TURF MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993   AGR*325 Turf Management
ANA*206 PRIN OF HUMAN ANATOMY 09/01/1999   BIOL*231 Human Anatomy
ANA*209 PRIN HUMAN ANATOMY 09/01/2003   BIOL*231 Human Anatomy
ANT*130 INT TO COMP RELIGION 09/01/2006   REL*221 World Religions I
ANT*220 INTRO CULTURAL ANTHROPLGY 09/01/2000   SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
ART*100 INTRODUCTION TO ART 09/01/1991   FNA*160 Understand Visual Arts
ASC*300 MEAT SCIENCE 09/01/1993   AGR*222 Livestock Evaluation
ASC*301 LIVESTOCK SELECT & EVAL 09/01/1993   AGR*338 Livestock Judging
ASC*310 EQUINE ANATOMY & CONFORM 09/01/1993   AGR*245 Horseshoeing
ASC*362 ANIMAL BREEDING 09/01/1993   AGR*330 Livestock Improvement
ASC*378 ANIMAL NUTRITION 09/01/1993 09/01/2008 AGR*515U Animal Nutrition
ASC*380 FEEDS AND FEEDING 09/01/1993   AGR*316 Feeds and Feeding
ASC*395 SPEC PROB ANIM SCI FOOD 09/01/1993   AGR*476 Special Problems
ASC*399 EXPER LEARN ANIM SCI FOOD 09/01/1993   AGR*325 Turf Management
ASC*404G SHEEP SCIENCE 09/01/1993   AGR*345 Sheep Production
ASC*408G SWINE SCIENCE 09/01/1993   AGR*344 Swine Production
ASC*410G HORSE SCIENCES 09/01/1993   AGR*342 Horse Production
ASC*420G DAIRY CATTLE SCIENCE 09/01/1993   AGR*336 Dairy Production
AST*191 SOLAR SYSTEM 09/01/2000   ASTR*111 Astronomy I
AST*192 STARS,GALAXIES&THE UNIVER 09/01/2000   PHYS*110 Concepts in Astronomy
BIO*102 HUMAN ECOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*155 Intro Environmental Sci
BIO*103 BASIC IDEAS OF BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIO*104 ANIMAL BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*210 General Zoology
BIO*106 PRIN PLANT BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*215 General Botany
BIO*110 INTRO HUMAN BIOL & HEALTH 09/01/1993   HLTH*150 Personal Health
Prin of Biology Lab I
09/01/2006   BIOL*171
Principles of Biology
Principles of Biology
BIO*204 THE GENETIC PERSPECITVE 09/01/1993   BIOL*350 Heredity & Soc
BIO*208 PRIN OF MICROBIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 BIOL*317 Pr of Microbiology
09/01/2006   BIOL*217
Elem Med Microbiol
Elem Med Microbiol
BIO*261 FIELD BOTANY 09/01/1993   BIOL*318 Local Flora
BIO*300 GENERAL ENTOMOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*334 Entomology
09/01/2004 08/31/2005 BIOL*317
Pr of Microbiology
Pr of Microbiology
BIO*315 INTRO CELL BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*380 Cell Biology
BIO*340 COMPARATIVE ANATOMY 09/01/1993   BIOL*337 Comparative Anatomy
BIO*350 ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*425 Animal Physiology
BIO*425 BIOLOGY SMEINAR 09/01/1993   BIOL*471 Seminar in Biol Sci
BIO*430G PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*426 Plant Physiology
BIO*494G IMMUNOBIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*517U Immunology
BIO*515 GENERAL CELL BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*380 Cell Biology
BIO*529 DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*338 Developmental Biology
BIO*542 HISTOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*520U Histology
BIO*554 MAMMALOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*535U Mammalogy
BIO*559 ORNITHOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*437 Ornithology
BIO*563 PARASITOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*540U Gen Parasitology
BIO*565 LIMNOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*510U Limnology
BIO*570 INVERTEBRATE ZOOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*505U Invertebrate Zoology
BIO*575 PLANT ANAT & MORPHOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*555U Plant Morphology
BIO*582 VIROLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*519U Virology
BIO*585 PATHOGENIC MICROBIO 09/01/1993   BIOL*518U Patho Microbiology
BUS*116 KEYBOARDING 09/01/1991   BIS*113 Keyboarding
BUS*117 TYPEWRITING 09/01/1991   BIS*114 Keyboarding/Formatting
BUS*118 ADV KEYBOARD & WORD PROC 09/01/1991   BIS*115 Advanced Document Process
BUS*204 OFFICE FINANCIAL APPLI 09/01/1991   BEOS*136 Business Calculations
BUS*519 RECORDS MANAGEMENT 09/01/1991   BIS*240 Information Resource Mngt
BUS*556 BUS REPORTS & COMMUN 09/01/1991   BIS*321 Business Communications
CHE*101 MOLECULAR SCI FOR CITIZEN 09/01/2005   CHEM*104 Chemistry Ordinary Things
CHE*104 INTRO GENERAL CHEMISTRY 09/01/1993   CHEM*101 Survey of Gen Chem
CHE*105 GEN COLLEGE CHEMISTRY I 09/01/1993   CHEM*111 Prin of Chem I
CHE*106 INTR INORG,ORG,&BIOCHEM 09/01/1993   CHEM*201 Survey of Organic Chem
CHE*226 ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY 09/01/1993   CHEM*360 Analytical Chemistry
CHE*236 SURVEY OF ORGANIC CHEM 09/01/1991 08/31/2006 CHEM*201 Survey of Organic Chem
09/01/2006   CHEM*201
Survey of Organic Chem
Survey of Organic Chem
CHE*440G PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 09/01/1991   CHEM*441 Phys Chemistry I
CHE*442G PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY 09/01/1991   CHEM*442 Phys Chemistry II
CHE*510 ADVANCED INORGANIC CHEM 09/01/1991   CHEM*450 Qual Organ Analysis
CHE*522 INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   CHEM*460 Instru Analysis
CIS*130 MICROCOMPUTER APPS 09/01/2000   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CLA*101 ELEMENTARY LATIN 09/01/1993   LAT*101 Beginning Latin I
CLA*102 ELEMENTARY LATIN 09/01/1993   LAT*102 Beginning Latin II
CLA*201 INTERMEDIATE LATIN 09/01/1993   LAT*201 Intermed Latin I
CLA*202 INTERMEDIATE LATIN 09/01/1993   LAT*202 Intermed Latin II
CLA*301 LATIN LITERATURE I 09/01/1993   LAT*401 Latin Literature I
CLA*302 LATIN LITERATURE II 09/01/1993   LAT*402 Latin Literature II
COM*181 BASIC PUBLIC SPEAKING 09/01/1996   CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
COM*252 INTRO TO INTRPRSNL COMM 09/01/1987   CMSP*230 Interpersonal Comm
COM*281 COMM IN SMALL GROUPS 09/01/2000   CMSP*383 Small Group Communication
COM*283 ARGUMENTATION & DEBATE 09/01/1996   CMSP*382 Argument & Debate
COM*288 ORAL INTERPRRETATION 09/01/1996   CMSP*200 Oral Interpretation
COM*482 PERSUASION 09/01/1996   CMSP*385 Persuasion
COM*525 ORGANIZATIONAL COMM 09/01/1996   COMM*567U Organizational Comm
CS*101 INTRO TO COMPUTING I 09/01/1991   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CS*215 INTRO PROGRAM DSGN,ABS/PS 09/01/2006   CIS*200 Problem Solving in IS
CS*270 FILE PROCESSING 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 CIS*415 File Process & Comm Lang. (now
CS*370 DATA STRUCTURES 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 CIS*303 Data Structures
CS*505 DATABASE MNGT SYSTEMS 09/01/1996   CIS*426 Database Manage Systems
DIS*320 MANAGEMENT INFO SYSTEMS 09/01/1996   CIS*311 Mngt Information Systems
ECO*101 CONTEMPORARY ECON ISSUES 09/01/1991   ECON*101 Introduction to Economics
ECO*201 PRINCIPLES OF ECON I 09/01/1991   ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
ECO*202 PRINCIPLES OF ECON II 09/01/1991   ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
ECO*395 INDIVIDUAL WORK IN ECON 09/01/1991   ECON*476 Special Problems Econ
ECO*400 SEMINAR IN ECONOMICS 09/01/1991   ECON*399 Special Class
ECO*465G COMPARATIVE ECON SYSTEMS 09/01/1991   ECON*305 Comp Econ Systems
ECO*471 INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 09/01/1996   ECON*447 International Economics
ECO*473G ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT 09/01/1991   ECON*455 Econ Develop & Growth
ECO*485G MONETARY ECONOMICS 09/01/1996   FIN*342 Money and Banking
ECO*487G INTERMEDIATE MACROECON 09/01/1991   ECON*351 Intermed Macroeconomics
ECO*488G INTERMED MICROECON THEORY 09/01/1991   ECON*350 Intermed Microeconomics
EDC*317 INTR TO INSTR MEDIA 09/01/1991   EDEL*301 Media Strategies
EDC*326 TCH SOCIAL STD-ELEM SCH 09/01/1991   EDEE*322 Teach Soc Stu Early Elem Grad
EDC*329 TCH READING & LANG ARTS 09/01/1991   EDEM*330 Foundations of Reading
EDC*345 TCH MATH IN MIDDLE SCH 09/01/1991   EDMG*341 Teach Math Mid Grades
EDC*346 TCH SOCIAL STD MIDDLE SCH 09/01/1991   EDMG*342 Teach Soc Stu Mid Grades
EDC*348 TCH SCI MIDDLE SCH 09/01/1991   SCI*591U Sci Mid Sch Tchr
EDC*500 CLINICAL & LAB TEACHING 09/01/1993   EDSE*499C Teacher in Todays School
EDP*202 HUMAN DEV & LEARNING 09/01/1991   EDF*211 Human Growth & Dev
EDP*203 TCHNG EXPTL LRNRS REG CLS 09/01/1993   EDSP*332 Teach the Except Student
EDP*548 EDUCATIONAL PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1993   EDF*311 Learn Theor for Tchrs
EDS*375 INTRO TO ED EXCEPT CHILD 09/01/1991   EDSP*230 Ed Except Child
EDS*528 EDUC ASSMT STUD W/MLD DIS 09/01/1991   EDSP*537U Ed Assess Except Ch
EDS*620   09/01/1991   EDSP*551U Cur Presch Ex Child
ENG*101 WRITING I 09/01/1991   ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*102 WRITING II 09/01/1991   ENG*200 Writing II
ENG*104 WRITING: ACCELERATED CRS 09/01/2004   ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*105 WRITING:ACCELERATED COURS 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 ENG*103 Composition III
ENG*161 INTRO TO LITERATURE 09/01/1991   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*204 TECHNICAL WRITING 09/01/1991   ENG*292 Technical Composition
ENG*211 INTRO TO LINGUISTICS I 09/01/1991   ENG*305 Intro to Linguistics
ENG*221 SURVEY ENG LITERATURE I 09/01/1991   ENG*331 British Lit to 1750
ENG*222 SURVEY ENG LITERATURE II 09/01/1991   ENG*332 British Lit Since 1750
ENG*230 INTRO TO LIT 09/01/2006   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*231 LITERATURE AND GENRE 09/01/2006   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*232 LITERATURE AND PLACE 09/01/2006   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*233 LIT AND IDENTITIES 09/01/2006   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*234 INTRO TO WOMEN'S LIT: 09/01/2006   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*251 SURVEY AMER LITERATURE I 09/01/1991   ENG*341 American Lit to 1865
ENG*252 SURVEY AMER LITERATURE II 09/01/1991   ENG*342 American Lit Since 1865
ENG*261 SRV WS LIT FR GRK THR REN 09/01/1991   ENG*211 Int to World Lit I
ENG*262 SURVEY WEST LIT 1660-PRES 09/01/1991   ENG*212 Int to World Lit II
ENG*270 OLD TESTAMENT AS LITERAT 09/01/1991   ENG*367 Old Testament Lit
ENG*271 NEW TESTAMENT AS LIT 09/01/1991   ENG*368 New Testament Lit
ENG*281 INTRO TO FILM 09/01/2005   HUM*170 Introduction to Film
ENG*305 ADVANCED WRITING 09/01/1991   ENG*391 Adv Expository Writing
ENG*320 INTRO TO LIT STUDY 09/01/1991   ENG*528U Literary Criticism
ENG*356 STUDIES BLACK AMER LIT 09/01/1993   ENG*348 African-American Lit
ENG*369 STUDIES SOUTHERN AM LIT 09/01/1991   ENG*365 Lit of the South
ENG*374 AMERICAN FOLKLORE 09/01/1991   ENG*544U American Folklore (was Folk Li
ENG*375 THE WOMEN WRITER 09/01/1991   ENG*320 Women Writ & Fem Perspect
ENG*380 FILM CRITICISM 09/01/1993   ENG*570U Intro to Film Lit
ENG*381 HISTORY OF FILM I 09/01/1991   ENG*570U Intro to Film Lit
ENG*382 HISTORY OF FILM II 09/01/1991   ENG*570U Intro to Film Lit
ENG*418 HIS OF ENG LANGUAGE 09/01/1991   ENG*393 Hist of Language
ENG*421G CHAUCER 09/01/1991   ENG*534U Chaucer
ENG*422G ENG RENAISSANCE 1500-1600 09/01/1991   ENG*436 The Eng Renaissance
ENG*423G ENG RENAISSANCE 1600-1660 09/01/1991   ENG*545U 17th Cent British Lit
ENG*425G SHAKESPEARE SURVEY 09/01/1991   ENG*435 Shakespeare
ENG*428G MILTON 09/01/1991   ENG*539U Milton
ENG*430G RESTORATION 1660-1730 09/01/1991   ENG*441 Rest & 18th Cent Brit Lit
ENG*435G ROMANTIC MOVMNT 1780-1815 09/01/1991   ENG*442 Romantic Writers
ENG*436G ROMANTIC MOVMNT 1815-1830 09/01/1991   ENG*442 Romantic Writers
ENG*438G VICTORIAN 1830-1860 09/01/1991   ENG*443 Victorian Writers
ENG*439G VICTORIAN: 1860-1900 09/01/1991   ENG*443 Victorian Writers
ENG*466G MODERN DRAMA 09/01/1991   ENG*552U Early Dramatic Lit
ENG*509 COMPOSITION FOR TEACHERS 09/01/1991   ENG*503U Teaching Writing
ENG*512 MODERN ENGLISH GRAMMAR 09/01/1991   ENG*505U Linguistics: Grammar
ENG*572 STUDIES IN ENG FOR TCHRS 09/01/1991   ENG*500U Stud in Eng for Tch
ENT*300 GENERAL ENTOMOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*334 Entomology
EPE*301 EDUC IN AMERICAN CULTURE 09/01/1991   EDF*207 Foundations of Education
FAM*252 INTRO TO FAMILY SCIENCE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*205 The Family
FAM*252 INTRO TO FAMILY SCIENCE 09/01/2006   SOC*335 The Family
FAM*253 HUM SEX: DEV, BEHAV, ATT 09/01/1993   SOC*350 Human Ex Sex & Gender
FAM*354 FAM CROSS-CULTURAL PERSP 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*205 The Family
FAM*354 FAM CROSS-CULTURAL PERSP 09/01/2006   SOC*335 The Family
FAM*390 INTRO RESEARCH FAM STUDIE 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*205 The Family
FAM*390 INTRO RESEARCH FAM STUDIE 09/01/2006   SOC*335 The Family
FAM*509 US FAM HISTORICAL PROSPEC 09/01/1993   SOC*515U Family Dynamics
FIN*300 CORPORATION FINANCE 09/01/1996   FIN*360 Business Finance
FIN*350 FUNDAMENTALS OF INVEST 09/01/1996   FIN*373 Investments
FIN*395 INDIV WORK IN FINANCE 09/01/1996   FIN*476 Special Problems Fin
FIN*423 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE 09/01/1996   FIN*485 International Finance
FIN*445 CAP INVST & FIN DECISIONS 09/01/1996   FIN*472 Portfolio Analysis
FIN*480 MONEY AND CAPITAL MKTS 09/01/1996   FIN*342 Money and Banking
FIN*585 BANK MNGT 09/01/1996   FIN*325 Bank Management
FR*101 ELEMENTARY FRENCH 09/01/1991   FRN*101 Beginning French I
FR*102 ELEMENTARY FRENCH 09/01/1991   FRN*102 Beginning French II
FR*201 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH 09/01/1991   FRN*201 Intermed French
FR*202 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH 09/01/1991   FRN*202 Conversation & Comp
FR*304 INTRO TO FR LIT I 09/01/1993   FRN*303 Survey French Lit I
FR*305 INT TO FR LIT II 09/01/1993   FRN*304 Survey French Lit II
FR*306 INTERMED FR. COMP 09/01/1991   FRN*301 Advanced Grammar & Comp
FR*312 FRENCH CONVERSATION I 09/01/1991   FRN*302 Adv Phonetics & Conver
FR*501 FR LIT MIDDLE AGES 09/01/1991   FRN*321 Lit Mid Ages & Ren
FR*553 TEACHING OF FRENCH 09/01/1991   FRN*405 Linguist & Lang Tch
GEO*130 EARTH'S PHYSICAL ENVIR 09/01/1993   GEO*101 Physical Geography
GEO*152 REGIONAL GEO OF WORLD 09/01/1991   GEO*300 World Geography
GEO*160 LANDS & PEO NON-WEST WLD 09/01/2000   GEO*300 World Geography
GEO*172 HUMAN GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*100 Fund of Geography
GEO*251 WEATHER & CLIMATE 09/01/1993   GEO*390 Weather & Climate
GEO*305 ELEMENTS OF CART 09/01/1993   GEO*349 Intro to GIS/Cartography
GEO*320 GEOG US & CANADA 09/01/1993   GEO*241 United States & Canada
GEO*321 LAND,PEOPLE,DEV IN APPALA 09/01/1993   GEO*341 Appalachia
GEO*322 GEOGRAPHY OF KY 09/01/1993   GEO*344 Kentucky
GEO*324 GEO CNT & STH AM & CARIB 09/01/1993   GEO*320 Latin America
GEO*326 GEOGRAPHY OF EUROPE 09/01/1993   GEO*331 Europe
GEO*329 GEOG THE SOVIET UNION 09/01/1993   GEO*500U Soviet Union
GEO*330 GEOGRAPHY OF SOUTH ASIA 09/01/1993   GEO*383 Asia
GEO*332 GEOGRAPHY SOUTHEAST ASIA 09/01/1993   GEO*383 Asia
GEO*336 GEO SUB-SARARAN AFRICA 09/01/1993   GEO*328 Africa
GEO*405G CARTOGRAPHIC PROD & DESIG 09/01/1993   GEO*350 Cartography II
GEO*420G URBAN & REGIONAL PLANNING 09/01/1993   GEO*510U Urban Geography
GEO*506 INTRO COMPUTER CARTOGRAPH 09/01/1993   GEO*349 Intro to GIS/Cartography
GEO*542 POLITICAL GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*366 Political Geography
GEO*550 SUST RES DEV & ENV MNGMT 09/01/1993   GEO*505U Cons of Nat Resourc
GEO*560 INDEPEND WORK GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*476 Special Problems
GEO*565 TOPICS GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*399 Special Topics
GER*101 BASIC GERMAN 09/01/1991   GER*101 Beginning German I
GER*102 BASIC GERMAN 09/01/1991   GER*102 Beginning German II
GER*201 INTERMEDIATE GERMAN 09/01/1991   GER*201 Intermed German I
GER*202 INTERMEDIATE GERMAN 09/01/1991   GER*202 Intermed German II
GLY*101 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY 09/01/1991 08/31/2003 GEOS*107 Intro to Geoscience
GLY*101 PHYSICAL GEOLOGY 09/01/2003   GEOS*106 Introduction to Geology
GLY*102 HISTORICAL GEOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 GEOS*201 Historical Geology
09/01/2006   GEOS*201
Historical Geology
Historical Geology
GLY*111 LAB FOR PHYSICAL GEOLOGY 09/01/1991   GEOS*100 Physical Geology
GLY*140 GENERAL PHYSICAL GEOLOGY 09/01/1991   GEOS*107 Intro to Geoscience
GLY*142 GEN HISTORICAL GEOLOGY 09/01/1991   GEOS*201 Historical Geology
GLY*202 DINOSAURS & DISASTERS 09/01/1993   GEOS*299 Special Class
GLY*210 FIN/EARTH:INTR ENVIR GEO 09/01/1993   GEOS*376 Environ Geology
GLY*220 PRIN OF PHYSICAL GEOLOGY 09/01/2000   GEOS*108 Physical Geology
GLY*225 FIELD METHODS GEOLOGY 09/01/1993   GEOS*276 Geologic Methods
GLY*242 ENDANGERED PLANET/INTRO 09/01/1991   GEOS*376 Environ Geology
GLY*260 MINERALOGY 09/01/1991   GEOS*262 Mineralogy
GLY*395 SPEC PROBS GEOLOGY 09/01/1991   GEOS*476 Special Problems
GLY*420G STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY 09/01/1991   GEOS*325 Structural Geology
GLY*450G STRATIGRAPHY & SEDIMENTAT 09/01/1991   GEOS*315 Strat & Sediment
GLY*461 IGNEOUS/METAMORPH PETROL 09/01/1993   GEOS*300 Petrology
HIS*104 WORLD HISTORY 09/01/1993   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HIS*105 HIS EUR MID 17 CENT-PRES 09/01/1993   HIS*201 Global Studies
HIS*108 HIST OF U.S. THRU 1865 09/01/1993   HIS*220 Early American History
HIS*109 HIST OF U.S. SINCE 1865 09/01/1993   HIS*202 American Studies
HIS*202 BRIT PEOPLE RESTORATION 09/01/1993   HIS*351 England to 1688
HIS*203 BRIT SINCE RESTORATION 09/01/1993   HIS*352 England Since 1688
HIS*206 HIS COL LAT AM 1492-1810 09/01/1993   HIS*450 Teaching Social Studies
HIS*229 ANCIENT NEAR E & GREECE 09/01/1993   HIS*376 Ancient History
HIS*240 HIS OF KENTUCKY 09/01/1993   HIS*323 History of Kentucky
HIS*247 ISLM&MID E PPL 500-1250AD 09/01/1993   HIS*374 The Middle East
HIS*254 HIS SUB-SAHARAN AFRICA 09/01/1993   HIS*370 African Hist
HIS*260 AFRO-AM HIS TO 1865 09/01/1993   HIS*310 African American History
HIS*261 AFRO-AM HIS 1865-PRESENT 09/01/1993   HIS*310 African American History
HIS*265 HIS OF WOMEN IN AMERICA 09/01/1993   HIS*312 Women in American History
HIS*270 EARLY MIDDLE AGES 09/01/1993   HIS*356 Medieval Europe
HIS*285 HIS OF RUSSIA TO 1825 09/01/1993   HIS*353 Russia to 1917
HIS*295 EAST ASIA TO 1800 09/01/1993   HIS*371E Traditional China
HIS*390 TECHNOLOGY & CULTURE 09/01/1993   HIS*385 Technol & America
HIS*460 COLONIAL AMERICA TO 1763 09/01/1993   HIS*300 Colonial America
HIS*461 AM REVOLUTION 1763-1789 09/01/1993   HIS*301 Amer Rev & Fed Pd
HIS*463 EXPAN & CONFLICT1820-1860 09/01/1993   HIS*302 The Age of Jackson
HIS*464 US CIVIL WAR 09/01/1993   HIS*303 The Civil War & Reconst
HIS*465 EMERGENCE MOD AM1877-1917 09/01/1993   HIS*304 US 1876-1900
HIS*467 US SINCE 1941 09/01/1993   HIS*306 US 1939 to Present
HIS*500 PRECLASS & CLASS GREECE 09/01/1993   HIS*376 Ancient History
HIS*510 MEDIEVAL CIVILIZATION I 09/01/1993   HIS*356 Medieval Europe
HIS*519 ERA OF RENAISSANCE 09/01/1993   HIS*357 The Renaissance & Reform
HIS*534 RUSSIA IN 20TH CENTURY I 09/01/1993   HIS*353 Russia to 1917
HIS*535 RUSSIA IN 20TH CENTURY II 09/01/1993   HIS*354 Russia Since 1917
HIS*554 BRITISH HIS 1815-1901 09/01/1993   HIS*352 England Since 1688
HIS*555 BRITISH HIS SINCE 1901 09/01/1993   HIS*352 England Since 1688
HIS*578 OLD SOUTH 09/01/1993   HIS*325 The Old South
HIS*579 HIS OF THE NEW SOUTH 09/01/1993   HIS*325 The Old South
HIS*580 HIS OF APPALACHIA 09/01/1993   HIS*322 History of Appalachia
HIS*583 SCIENCE IN AM SOCIETY 09/01/1993   HIS*385 Technol & America
HOR*203 HOME HORTICULTURE 09/01/1993   AGR*215 Horticultural Science
HOR*330 HERBACEOUS PLANTS I 09/01/1993   AGR*328 Floral Crop Production
HOR*352 NURSERY PRODUCTION 09/01/1993   AGR*326 Nursery Management
HOR*402 FRUIT CROP PRODUCTION 09/01/1993   AGR*315 Fruit Production
HOR*450 PLANT PROPAGATION 09/01/1993   AGR*215 Horticultural Science
HOR*451 LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE 09/01/1993   AGR*318 Landscape Maintenance
HOR*510 VEGETABLE CROP MNGMT 09/01/1993   AGR*320 Prin Vegetable Prod
HOR*515 TURF MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993   AGR*325 Turf Management
IMD*105 INTRO INFORMATION SYSTEMS 09/01/2000   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
KHP*114 RACQUETBALL 09/01/1996   PHED*127 Racquetball
MA*0108 Intermediate Algebra 09/01/1987   MATH*093 Intermed Algebra
MA*108R INTERMEDIATE ALGEBRA 09/01/1993   MATH*093 Intermed Algebra
MA*109 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 09/01/1991   MATH*152 College Algebra
MA*110 ANALY GEO & TRIG 09/01/1993   MATH*174 Pre-Calculus Math
MA*111 INTRO CONTEMPORARY MATH 09/01/2002   MATH*131 Gen Math Prob Solving
MA*112 TRIGONOMETRY 09/01/1991   MATH*141 Plane Trigonometry
MA*113 CALCULUS I 09/01/1991   MATH*175 Calculus I
MA*114 CALCULUS II 09/01/1991   MATH*275 Calculus II
MA*123 ELEM CALC & ITS APPLICS 09/01/1991   MATH*160 Math for Bus & Econ
MA*201 MATH FOR ELEMEN TEACHER 09/01/1991   MATH*231 Math Elem Tch I
MA*202 MATH PROBS FOR ELEM TCHR 09/01/1991   MATH*232 Math Elem Tch II
MA*213 CALCULUS III 09/01/1991   MATH*276 Calculus III
MA*214 CALCULUS IV 09/01/1991   MATH*363 Different Equations
MA*320 INTRO TO PROBABILITY 09/01/1991   MATH*419 Probability
MA*321 INTRO TO NUMERICAL MTHDS 09/01/1991   MATH*312 Numerical Methods
MA*322 MATRIX ALG & APPLICATIONS 09/01/1991   MATH*301 Elem Linear Alg
MA*340 DISCRETE STRUC IN COMP SC 09/01/1993   MATH*308 Discrete Mathematics
MA*341 TOPICS IN GEOMETRY 09/01/1991   MATH*370 College Geometry I
MA*361 ELEM MOD ALGEBRA I 09/01/1993   MATH*350 Intro to Higher Alg
MA*416G PRIN OF OPERATIONS RES 09/01/1993   MATH*355 Prin of Optimization
MA*422 NUMERICAL SOLU OF EQUATNS 09/01/1993   MATH*312 Numerical Methods
MA*433G INTRO COMPLEX VARIABLES 09/01/1993   MATH*586U Complex Variables
MA*471G ADVANCED CALCULUS I 09/01/1993   MATH*410 Intro Real Analysis
MA*551 TOPOLOGY I 09/01/1993   MATH*504U Topology
MGT*301 BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996   MNGT*301 Prin of Management
MGT*341 BUSINESS LAW I 09/01/1996   MNGT*261 Leg Envir of Business Org
MGT*410 ANALYSIS OF ORG BEHAVIOR 09/01/1996   MNGT*465 Organizational Behavior
MGT*441 BUSINESS LAW II 09/01/1996   MNGT*362 Leg Envir & Business Prac
MGT*499 STRATEGIC MGT 09/01/1996   MNGT*499C Strategic Management
MKT*300 MKT MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996   MKT*304 Marketing
MKT*320 RETAIL/DIST MGT 09/01/1996   MKT*451 Retail Marketing
MKT*340 INTR MKT RESEARCH 09/01/1996   MKT*452 Marketing Research & Anal
MKT*400 PROMOTION MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996   MKT*454 Integrated Market Commun
MKT*410 PERSONAL SELLING/SALES 09/01/1996   MKT*350 Personal Selling
MUC*150 CLASS INSTRUCTION PIANO 09/01/1993   MUSG*123 Class Piano I
MUC*151 CLASS INSTRUC IN PIANO 09/01/1993   MUSG*124 Class Piano II
MUC*152 CLASS INSTRUCTION PIANO 09/01/1993   MUSG*223 Class Piano III
MUC*153 CLASS INSTRUCTION PIANO 09/01/1993   MUSG*224 Class Piano IV
MUC*155 VOICE NON-MUSIC MAJORS 09/01/1993   MUSG*239 Class Voice
MUC*157 CLASS INSTRUC PERCU INST 09/01/1993   MUSG*217 Class Percussion I
MUC*158 INSTRUC WOODWIND INSTRU 09/01/1993   MUSG*211 Class Woodwinds
MUC*161 INSTRUC STRING INSTRUMENT 09/01/1993   MUSG*226 Class Strings
MUC*163 INSTRU BRASS INSTRUMENTS 09/01/1993   MUSG*213 Class Brasswinds
MUC*170 STRING ENSEMBLE 09/01/1993   MUSM*178 String Ensemble
MUC*171 BRASS ENSEMBLE 09/01/1993   MUSM*167 Brass Choir
MUC*173 PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE 09/01/1993   MUSM*169 Percussion Ensemble
MUC*174 UNIVERSITY CHORALE 09/01/1993   MUSM*191 University Chorus
MUC*175 JAZZ ENSEMBLE 09/01/1993   MUSM*181 Jazz Ensemble
MUS*100 INTRO TO MUSIC 09/01/2000   MUSH*261 Music Listening
MUS*201 MUS WEST CULTURE TO 1700 09/01/2000   MUSH*361 History of Music I
MUS*202 MUS WEST CULTURE 1700 PRE 09/01/2000   MUSH*362 History of Music II
NFS*101 HUMAN NUT & WELLNESS 09/01/2000   HS*101 Nutrition and Well Being
NFS*204 PRIN FOOD PREPARATION 09/01/1993   HS*130 Elementary Food Science
NFS*212 INTRO NUTRITION 09/01/1993   HS*201 Principles of Nutrition
NFS*304 EXPERIMENTAL FOODS 09/01/1993   HS*438 Experimental Foods
NFS*312 NUTRITION IN LIFE CYCLE 09/01/1993   HS*328 Nutrition in Life Cycle
NFS*340 INSTITUTIONAL PURCHASING 09/01/1993   HS*330 Quantity Food Purchasing
NFS*342 QUANTITY FOOD PRODUCTION 09/01/1993   HS*334 Quant Food Prep
NFS*503 COMMUNITY NUTRITION 09/01/1993   HS*443 Community Dietetics
NFS*510 ADVANCED NUTRITION 09/01/1993   HS*437 Advanced Nutrition
NFS*516 MATERNAL & CHILD NUTRITI 09/01/1993   HS*327 Maternal, Inf & Chld Nutri
NFS*542 FOOD SER EQUIP & LAYOUT 09/01/1993   HS*335 Equip & Facilities Plan
NFS*546 INST ORGANIZATION & MNGT 09/01/1993   HS*336 Inst Organization & Mngt
OR*524 PROBABILITY 09/01/1993   MATH*419 Probability
PHI*100 INTRO PHIL:KNOWL & REALIT 09/01/1991   PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PHI*120 INTRODUCTORY LOGIC 09/01/1991   PHIL*306 Logic
PHI*130 INTRO PHIL:MORALITY & SOC 09/01/1991   PHIL*203 Social Ethics
PHI*260 HIS PHI I:GRK BEG-MID AGE 09/01/1991   PHIL*505U Hist of Phil I (now Phil 405)
PHI*270 HIS PHIL II:REN-PRES ERA 09/01/1991   PHIL*506U Hist of Phil II (now Phil 406)
PHI*317 EXISTENT THOUGHT & LITERA 09/01/1991   PHIL*309 Existentialism
PHI*320 SYMBOLIC LOGIC I 09/01/1991   PHIL*312 Symbolic Logic
PHI*343 ASIAN PHILOSOPHY 09/01/1993   PHIL*399 Special Class
PHI*514 AMERICAN PHILOSOPHY 09/01/1991   PHIL*313 American Philosophy
PHI*545 PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION 09/01/1991   PHIL*307 Phil of Religion
PHY*140 MUSIC ACOUSTICS 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 PHYS*320 Science of Music
PHY*151 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICS 09/01/2006   SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
PHY*152 INTRODUCTION TO PHYSICS 09/01/2006   SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
PHY*201 GENERAL PHYSICS 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 PHYS*201 Elem Physics I
PHY*203 GENERAL PHYSICS 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 PHYS*202 Elem Physics II
PHY*211 GENERAL PHYSICS 09/01/2003   PHYS*201 Elem Physics I
PHY*213 GENERAL PHYSICS 09/01/2003   PHYS*202 Elem Physics II
PHY*231 GENERAL UNIVERSITY PHYSIC 09/01/1991   PHYS*231 Engineering Phys I
PHY*232 GENERAL UNIVERSITY PHYSIC 09/01/1991   PHYS*232 Engineering Phys II
PHY*241 GENERAL UNIV PHYSICS LAB 09/01/1991   PHYS*231A Eng Phys I Lab
PHY*242 GENERAL UNIV PHYSICS LAB 09/01/1991   PHYS*232A Eng Phys II Lab
PHY*361 PRINC OF MODERN PHYSICS 09/01/1991   PHYS*353 Concepts of Mod Physics
PHY*404G MECHANICS 09/01/1993   PHYS*391 Dynamics
PHY*416G ELECTRICITY & MAGNETISM 09/01/1991   PHYS*332 Elect & Magnetism
PHY*472G INTERACT OF RAD W/MATTER 09/01/1991   PHYS*452 Nuclear Physics
PHY*508 OPTICS 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 PHYS*412 Lt & Phys Optics
PHY*520 INTRO QUANTUM MECHANICS 09/01/1993   PHYS*493 Quantum Mechanics
PHY*522 HEAT & THERMODYNAMICS 09/01/1993   PHYS*411 Thermodynamics
PLS*104 PLTS, SIOL & PEO: GLOB PR 09/01/2000   AGR*202 Agr Plants & Humanity
PS*101 AMERICAN GOVT 09/01/1993   GOVT*141 United States Government
PS*210 INTRO COMPARATIVE POL 09/01/1993   GOVT*330 Parliamentary Democ
PS*212 CULTURE & POLIT THIRD WOR 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PS*235 WORLD POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*362 Current World Problems
PS*240 IDEOLO,POL CHNG,&CONT SOC 09/01/1993   GOVT*316 Modern Ideologies
PS*255 STATE GOVT 09/01/1993   GOVT*242 State & Local Govt
PS*271 INTRO POLITICAL BEHAVIOR 09/01/1993   GOVT*341 Political Behavior (was Domest
PS*280 ISSUES IN PUBLIC POLICY 09/01/1993   GOVT*347 American Public Policy
PS*390 SEMINAR IN POLITICAL SCI 09/01/1993   GOVT*399 Spec Topics in Govt
PS*395 INDEPENDENT WORK 09/01/1993   GOVT*476 Special Problems
PS*399 INTERNSHIP IN GOVT 09/01/1993   GOVT*498 Loc, Stat & Nat Govt Intern
PS*411G COMPAR GOVT-PARLI DEMO I 09/01/1993   GOVT*330 Parliamentary Democ
PS*417G SURVEY SUB-SAHARAN POLIT 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PS*419G GOVTS & POLIT EASTER ASIA 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PS*420G GOVT & POLIT SOUTH ASIA 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PS*421G GOVT & POLIT S.EAST ASIA 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PS*428G LATIN AMER GOVT & POLIT 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PS*429G GVT & POL RUS & PO-SOV ST 09/01/1993   GOVT*334 Russia and Eastern Europe
PS*430G CONDUCT OF AMER FOR. REL 09/01/1993   GOVT*364 International Relations
PS*436G INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZAT 09/01/1993   GOVT*360 U N & World Organ
PS*439G CONTEMPORARY INTERN PROBL 09/01/1993   GOVT*362 Current World Problems
PS*441G EARLY POLITICAL THEORY 09/01/1993   GOVT*312 Western Political Thought
PS*442G MODERN POLITICAL THEORY 09/01/1993   GOVT*316 Modern Ideologies
PS*456G APPALACHIAN POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*345 Appalachian Politics
PS*465G CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 09/01/1993   GOVT*321 Constitutional Law
PS*470G AMERICAN POLITIC PARTIES 09/01/1993   GOVT*343 Pol Parties & Elections
PS*472G POLIT CAMPAIGNS & ELECTIO 09/01/1993   GOVT*343 Pol Parties & Elections
PS*487G INTRO PUBLIC ADMINISTRAT 09/01/1993   GOVT*351 Public Administration
PS*490 HONORS IN POLITICAL SCI 09/01/1993   GOVT*398 Corporate & Commeri Law
PS*491 SPECIAL TOPIC IN POL SCI 09/01/1993   GOVT*399 Spec Topics in Govt
PS*545 AMERICAN POLITIC THOUGHT 09/01/1993   GOVT*314 Amer Political Thought
PS*557 KY GOVT & POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*344 Kentucky Government
PSY*100 INTRO TO PSY 09/01/1992   PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSY*215 EXPERIMENT PSY 09/01/2006   PSY*282 Exper Design & Analy II
PSY*216 APPLICAT STATS IN PSY 09/01/2006   PSY*281 Exper Design & Analysis I
RAE*101 ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN 09/01/1991   RUS*101 Beginning Russian I
RAE*102 ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN 09/01/1991   RUS*102 Begin Russian II
RAE*201 INTERMEDIATE RUSSIAN 09/01/1991   RUS*201 Intermed Russian I
RAE*202 INTERMEDIATE RUSSIAN 09/01/1991   RUS*202 Intermed Russian II
RS*130 INTRO COMPARATIVE RELIGIO 09/01/2006   REL*221 World Religions I
SOC*101 INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1991   SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*152 MODERN SOCIAL PROBLEMS 09/01/1991   SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SOC*220 THE COMMUNITY 09/01/1991   SOC*525U The Community
SOC*235 INEQUALITY IN SOCIETY 09/01/2006   SOC*300 Social Stratification
SOC*260 POPULATION, RES, & CHANGE 09/01/1991   SOC*302 Population Dynamics
SOC*302 SOC RESEARCH METHODS 09/01/1991   SOC*450 Res Methodology
SOC*303 SOC RESEARCH METHODS II 09/01/1991   SOC*451 Soc Sci Data Analysis
SOC*335 WOMEN & MEN IN SOCIETY 09/01/1991   SOC*350 Human Ex Sex & Gender
SOC*350 TOPICS IN SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1991   SOC*399 Special Class
SOC*354 FAM IN CROSS-CULT PERSPEC 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*205 The Family
SOC*354 FAM IN CROSS-CULT PERSPEC 09/01/2006   SOC*335 The Family
SOC*399 FIELD BASED COMMUN EDUC 09/01/1991   SOC*439 Cooperative Ed
SOC*409 THE FAMILY 09/01/1991   SOC*515U Family Dynamics
SOC*418 SOCIAL CHANGE 09/01/1991   SOC*304 Social Change
SOC*420 COMMUNITY ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   SOC*525U The Community
SOC*436 SOC OF DEVIANT BEHAVIOR 09/01/1991   SOC*310 Soc of Deviance
SOC*437 CRIMINOLOGY 09/01/1991   SOC*401 Criminology
SOC*438 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY 09/01/1993   CRIM*306 Juvenile Deliquency
SOC*451G FOUND SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY 09/01/1991   SOC*405 Sociological Theory
SOC*452G CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL THRY 09/01/1991   SOC*405 Sociological Theory
SOC*501 POPULATION ANALYSIS 09/01/1991   SOC*302 Population Dynamics
SOC*509 US FAMILY HIST PERSPECT 09/01/1991   SOC*515U Family Dynamics
SOC*527 SOCIETY & HEALTH 09/01/1991   SOC*330 Applied Medical Sociology
SOC*533 SOCIAL ANTHROPOLOGY 09/01/1991   SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
SOC*534 SOUTH APPALACHIANS 09/01/1991   SOC*560U Appalachian Culture
SOC*620   09/01/1991   SOC*525U The Community
SOC*730   09/01/1991   SOC*670 Directed Research
SOC*735   09/01/1991   SOC*670 Directed Research
SPA*201 INTER SPAN III(SPOKEN AP) 09/01/2006   SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPA*202 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH IV 09/01/2006   SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPI*101 ELEM SPA I (SPOKEN APP) 09/01/1991   SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SPI*102 ELEM SPA II 09/01/1991   SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
SPI*141 ELEMENTARY SPI I 09/01/1991   SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SPI*142 ELEM SPA II 09/01/1991   SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
SPI*191 ELEMENTARY ITALIAN 09/01/1993   ITL*190 Conversational Italian
SPI*192 ELEMENTARY ITALIAN 09/01/1993   ITL*200 Conversational Italian II
SPI*201 INTERMEDIATE SPA III 09/01/1991   SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPI*202 INTERMEDIATE SPA IV 09/01/1991   SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPI*210 SPANISH COMPOSITION 09/01/1991   SPA*300 Grammar and Composition
SPI*211 SPANISH CONVERSATION 09/01/1991   SPA*305 Conversation
SPI*241 INTERMEDIATE SPA III 09/01/1991   SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPI*242 INTERMEDIATE SPA IV 09/01/1991   SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPI*302 BUSINESS & TECHNICAL SPA 09/01/1991   SPA*303 Span for Bus & Commerce
SPI*310 STYLISTIC STUDIES IN SPA 09/01/1991   SPA*502U Spanish Stylistics
SPI*320 LIT LIFE & THOUGHT SPAIN 09/01/1991   SPA*301 Surv Peninsular Span Lit
SPI*322 LIT LIFE THOUGHT SPA AMER 09/01/1991   SPA*302 Spanish Amer Lit
STA*200 STATS: FORCE HUMAN JDGMNT 09/01/2004   MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
STA*200 Stats: Force Human Jdgmnt 09/01/2006   MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
STA*291 STATISTICAL METHOD 09/01/2000   MATH*353 Statistics
STA*295 ART & PRACTICE OF PROB 09/01/2000   MATH*353 Statistics
SW*124 INTRO SOCIAL SERVICES 09/01/1991   SWK*210 Ornt to Soc Work
SW*222 DEVELP OF SOCIAL WELFARE 09/01/1991   SWK*230 Soc Welfare Hist & Ethics Was
SW*322 SW & SOCIAL WELFARE 09/01/1991   SWK*210 Ornt to Soc Work
SW*354 FAMILY CROSS CULT PERSPEC 09/01/1991 08/31/2006 SWK*205 The Family
SW*354 FAMILY CROSS CULT PERSPEC 09/01/2006   SWK*335 The Family
SW*400 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE II 09/01/1993   SWK*325 Soc Work Generalist Persp
SW*420 PER HUM BEHV & SOC ENVIR 09/01/1993   SWK*322 Human Behav Soc Environ
SW*421 SOC & RESOC GRP IN PRACT 09/01/1991   SWK*535U Group Dynamics
SW*430 SOC WELF POL:THEO & IMPLE 09/01/1993   SWK*430 Social Policy & Planning
SW*444 EDUCATIONAL PRACTICUM I 09/01/1993   SWK*497 Practicum in Social Work
SW*445 EDUCATIONAL PRACTICUM II 09/01/1993   SWK*497 Practicum in Social Work
SW*450 SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH 09/01/1991   SWK*324 Social Work Research Mths
SW*470 SENIOR SEMINAR 09/01/1993   SWK*499C Senior Seminar
SW*477 FIELD EXPER FOR NONMAJORS 09/01/1991   SWK*310 Field Exp in Soc Wk
SW*505 CHILD WELFARE SERVICES 09/01/1991   SWK*315 Child Welfare Serv
SW*510 MENTAL HLTH KNLG SOC PROF 09/01/1993   SWK*340 Community Mental Hlth
SW*514 ALCOHOLISM & PROB DRINKIN 09/01/1993   SWK*370 Sub Abuse Counseling
SW*523 SOC PERSP RACISM & ETHNIC 09/01/1991   SOC*374 Am Minority Relatio
SW*571 SW AND THE LAW 09/01/1993   SWK*345 Law and Social Work
TA*101 INTRO THEA PRIN & PRAC 09/01/1996   THEA*100 Fund of the Theatre
TA*150 FUND OF PRODUCTION 09/01/1996   THEA*210 Technical Productn
TA*264 MAKEUP FOR THE THEATRE 09/01/1996   THEA*315 Stage Makeup
TA*367 STAGE LIGHTING 09/01/1996   THEA*321 Stage Lighting
TA*380 HISTORY OF THE THEATRE I 09/01/1996   THEA*354 Theatre History
TA*430 THEATRE DIRECTING I 09/01/1996   THEA*380 Play Directing
TA*516 PLAYWRITING 09/01/1996   THEA*512U Playwriting
TA*530 THEATRE DIRECTING II 09/01/1996   THEA*513U Adv Play Direction
WS*200 Intro WS Social Sciences 09/01/1993   WST*273 Intro to Women's Studies
WS*200 INTRO WS IN SOCIAL SCI 09/01/2006   WST*273 Intro to Women's Studies
WS*201 INTRO WS/ARTS/HUMANITIES 09/01/2000   WST*273 Intro to Women's Studies