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Southern WV Community & Technical College Course Equivalencies
Southern WV Community & Technical College Course

MSU Equivalency





AC*111 PRIN OF ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1991   ACCT*281 Prin Financial Accounting
AC*112 PRIN OF ACCOUNTING II 09/01/1991   ACCT*282 Prin Managerial Account
AC*211 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 ACCT*384 Inter Accounting I
AC*248 INCOME TAX ACCOUNTING 09/01/1991 08/31/2006 ACCT*387 Income Tax
AC*249 MANAGERIAL ACCOUNTING 09/01/1991 08/31/2004 ACCT*300 Managerial Acct
AH*210 NUTRITION 09/01/2000   HS*101 Nutrition and Well Being
AR*101 DRAWING I 09/01/1991   ART*204 Drawing I
AR*102   09/01/1991   ART*304 Drawing II
AR*103 TWO DIMENSIONAL DESIGN 09/01/1991   ART*101 Two-Dimensional Found
AR*104 THREE DIMENSIONAL DESIGN 09/01/1991   ART*102 Three-Dimensional Found
AR*112 ART APPRECIATION 09/01/1991   FNA*160 Understand Visual Arts
AR*113 DRAWING & PAINTING/ELEM 09/01/1991   ART*300 Elem Mat & Meth
AR*150 CERAMICS I 09/01/1991   ART*245 Ceramics I
AR*151 CERAMICS II 09/01/1991   ART*345 Ceramics II
AR*200 PAINTING W/OILS&ACRYLIC I 09/01/1991   ART*214 Painting Techniques I
AR*201 PAINTING W/OIL&ACRYLIC II 09/01/1991   ART*314 Painting Techniques II
AR*204 WATERCOLORS 09/01/1991   ART*316 Watercolor I
AR*217 DRAWING I 09/01/2003   ART*204 Drawing I
AR*218 DRAWING II 09/01/2003   ART*304 Drawing II
BN*102 PRINCIPLES OF BANKING 09/01/1991   FIN*325 Bank Management
BS*101 GENERAL BIOLOGY I 09/01/1991   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BS*115 HUMAN BIOLOGY 09/01/2000   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BS*130 ENVIRONMENTAL BIOLOGY 09/01/2000   BIOL*155 Intro Environmental Sci
BS*216 MICROBIOLOGY 09/01/1991   BIOL*317 Pr of Microbiology
BU*100 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 09/01/1991   MNGT*160 Business and Society
BU*115 BUSINESS CALCULATIONS 09/01/1991   BEOS*136 Business Calculations
BU*205 COMMUNICATIONS IN BUS 09/01/1991   BIS*321 Business Communications
BU*230 BUSINESS STATISTICS 09/01/1991   MATH*354 Business Statistics
BU*231 BUSINESS FINANCE 09/01/1991   FIN*360 Business Finance
CH*101 PRINCIPLES OF CHEMISTRY I 09/01/1991   CHEM*101 Survey of Gen Chem
CJ*217 JUVENILE JUSTICE&DELINQUE 09/01/1994   CRIM*306 Juvenile Deliquency
CJ*223 CRIMINOLOGY 09/01/1994   CRIM*401 Criminology
CS*102 COMPUTER LITERACY 09/01/2006   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CS*108 COMPUTER FUNDAMENTALS 09/01/2000   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
DP*101 INTRO DATA PROC W/ BASIC 09/01/1991   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
DP*103 ADVANCED MICROCOMP APPLIC 09/01/1991   CIS*211 Spreadsheet and Database Apps
DP*138   09/01/1991   CIS*202 Intro Prog - Visual Basic
DP*236   09/01/1991   CIS*215 Intro Programming - Cobol
DP*237   09/01/1991   CIS*315 Advanced Program - Cobol
DP*246   09/01/1991   CIS*260 Structured Fortran Prog.I
DP*268   09/01/1991   CIS*425 Anal & Design Com Bus Sys
DR*103 ARCHITECTURAL GRAPHICS 09/01/1991   ITCD*404 Comm Architectural Design
DR*204 COMPUTER AIDED DES&DRAF I 09/01/1991   ITCD*215 Intro to 3D Design & Mod
EC*241 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS I 09/01/1991   ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
EC*242 PRIN OF ECONOMICS II 09/01/2000   ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
ED*114 INTRO TO EDUC FOUNDATIONS 09/01/1991   EDF*207 Foundations of Education
ED*203 CHILDREN'S LITERATURE 09/01/1991   EDEL*228 Lit & Mat for Children
ED*218 HUMAN DEVELOPMENT 09/01/1991   EDF*211 Human Growth & Dev
EM*103 EMERGENCY MED TECH--BASIC 09/01/2000   HLTH*203 Safety & First Aid
EN*101 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I 09/01/1991   ENG*100 Writing I
EN*102 ENGLISH COMPOSITION II 09/01/1991   ENG*200 Writing II
EN*121 CREATIVE WRITING 09/01/1991   ENG*396 Fiction Writing
EN*200 ENGLISH LIT BEFORE 1800 09/01/1991   ENG*331 British Lit to 1750
EN*201 AMERICAN LIT BEFORE 1865 09/01/1991   ENG*341 American Lit to 1865
FN*232 PERSONAL FINANCE 09/01/2000   FIN*264 Personal Finance
FR*101 ELEMENTARY FRENCH I 09/01/1991   FRN*101 Beginning French I
FR*102 ELEMENTARY FRENCH II 09/01/1991   FRN*102 Beginning French II
GL*110 GEOLOGY 09/01/2000   GEOS*106 Introduction to Geology
GR*101 ELEMENTARY GERMAN I 09/01/1991   GER*101 Beginning German I
GR*102 ELEMENTARY GERMAN II 09/01/1991   GER*102 Beginning German II
HE*210 NUTRITION 09/01/1991   HS*201 Principles of Nutrition
HE*211   09/01/1991   HS*333 Clinical Dietetics
HS*104 WESTERN CIVILIZATION I 09/01/2000   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HS*105 WESTERN CIVILIZATION II 09/01/2000   HIS*201 Global Studies
HS*230 AMERICAN HIST: 1492-1877 09/01/1991   HIS*220 Early American History
HS*231 AMER HISTORY SINCE 1877 09/01/1991   HIS*202 American Studies
JR*101 SURVEY OF JOURNALISM 09/01/1991   CMJN*110 Int to Mass Commun
JR*201 NEWS REPORTING I 09/01/1991   CMJN*201 News Writ & Report
JR*202 NEWS REPORTING II 09/01/1991   CMJN*301 Adv News Writing & Report
JR*245 FUNDAMENTALS OF ADVERTISN 09/01/1991   CMAP*483 Advertising Copy & Design
JR*285 INTRO TO PHOTOJOURNALISM 09/01/1991   CMJN*285 Intro to Photo Jour
ME*102 MATH FOR ELEM TEACHERS II 09/01/2000   MATH*232 Math Elem Tch II
MG*260 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT 09/01/1991   MNGT*301 Prin of Management
MG*261 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT 09/01/1991   MNGT*311 Human Resource Management
MG*262 SMALL BUSINESS MANAGEMENT 09/01/1991   MNGT*310 Small Business Org
MK*270 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING 09/01/1991   MKT*304 Marketing
MT*100 APPL MATH FOR TECH PROGS 09/01/1991   MATH*135 Math Tech Students
MT*110   09/01/1991   MATH*131 Gen Math Prob Solving
MT*121 COLLEGE MATH FOR GEN EDUC 09/01/2000   MATH*131 Gen Math Prob Solving
MT*122 PLANE TRIGONOMETRY 09/01/1991   MATH*141 Plane Trigonometry
MT*124 TECHNICAL MATH 09/01/2000   MATH*135 Math Tech Students
MT*125 TRIGONOMETRY 09/01/2000   MATH*141 Plane Trigonometry
MT*129   09/01/1991   MATH*173 Pre Calc Math I
MT*130 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 09/01/1991   MATH*152 College Algebra
MT*131   09/01/1991   MATH*175 Calculus I
MT*137 PRECALCULUS 09/01/2000   MATH*174 Pre-Calculus Math
MT*225 ELEMENTARY STATISTICS 09/01/2000   MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
MT*229 CALCULUS I 09/01/2000   MATH*175 Calculus I
MT*230 CALCULUS II 09/01/1991   MATH*275 Calculus II
MU*175 MUSIC APPRECIATION 09/01/2000   MUSH*261 Music Listening
PE*117 SLIMNASTICS 09/01/1991   PHED*104 Gymnastics
PE*120 ARCHERY AND GOLF 09/01/1991   PHED*103 Archery
PE*121 BADMINTON AND VOLLEYBALL 09/01/1991   PHED*102 Badminton
PE*122   09/01/1991   PHED*101 Tennis
PE*123 TUMBLING AND TRAMPOLINE 09/01/1991   PHED*117 Stunts & Tumbling
PE*124 BASKETBALL AND SOFTBALL 09/01/1991   PHED*125 Basketball Skills
PE*188 CONDITIONING 09/01/1991   PHED*105 Conditioning
PE*222 FIRST AID 09/01/1991   HLTH*203 Safety & First Aid
PH*200 INTRODUCTORY PHYSICS 09/01/1991   PHYS*123 Concepts & Exper in Energy
PH*210 COLLEGE PHYSICS I 09/01/2003   PHYS*201 Elem Physics I
PH*212 COLLEGE PHYSICS II 09/01/2003   PHYS*202 Elem Physics II
PH*220 PHYSICS FOR SCI&ENGNRS I 09/01/2003   PHYS*231 Engineering Phys I
PH*222 PHYSICS FOR SCI&ENGNRS II 09/01/2003   PHYS*232 Engineering Phys II
PL*201 INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY 09/01/1991   PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PS*201 AMERICAN GOVT & POLITICS 09/01/1991   GOVT*141 United States Government
PS*202 STATE & LOCAL GOVERNMENT 09/01/1991   GOVT*242 State & Local Govt
PY*201 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1991   PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PY*218 LIFE-SPAN DEVELOP PSYCH 09/01/1991   PSY*156 Life Span Dev Psy
RT*230 INTRO TO TELECOMMUNICATIO 09/01/1991   CMJN*110 Int to Mass Commun
RT*232 AUDIO TECHNIQUES 09/01/1991   CMEM*250 Audio Prod & Direction
RT*240 INTRO TO BROADCASTING 09/01/1991   CMEM*151 Intro Broadcasting Tech
SC*109 GENERAL PHYSICAL SCI I 09/01/2000   SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
SC*110 GENERAL PHYSICAL SCI II 09/01/2000   SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
SE*103 BEG TYPEWRITING/KEYBOARDI 09/01/1991   BIS*114 Keyboarding/Formatting
SE*104 INTERM TYPEWRITING/KEYBRD 09/01/1991   BIS*115 Advanced Document Process
SE*131 RECORDS MANAGEMENT 09/01/1991   BIS*240 Information Resource Mngt
SE*140 INTRO TO WORD PROCESSING 09/01/1991   BEOS*220 Basic Inform Processing
SN*101 ELEMENTARY SPANISH I 09/01/1991   SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SN*102 ELEMENTARY SPANISH II 09/01/1991   SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
SO*200 INTRODUCTION TO SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1991   SOC*101 General Sociology
SO*201 SOCIAL PROBLEMS I 09/01/2000   SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SO*211   09/01/1991   SOC*310 Soc of Deviance
SO*217   09/01/1991   SOC*306 Juvenile Delinquen
SO*223   09/01/1994   SOC*401 Criminology
SP*103 SPEECH FUNDAMENTALS 09/01/2000   CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
SP*202 INTRO TO PUBLIC SPEAKIN 09/01/1991   CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
SP*207 BUSINESS & PROF SPEECH 09/01/1991   SPCH*370 Bus & Prof Speech
SP*240 VOICE AND DICTION 09/01/1991   SPCH*301 Voice & Articul II
SP*245 LISTENING 09/01/1991   CMSP*210 Listening
SS*104 WESTERN CIVILIZATION I 09/01/1991   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
SS*105 WESTERN CIVILIZATION II 09/01/1991   HIS*201 Global Studies
TH*112 THEATRE APPRECIATION 09/01/2000   THEA*110 Intro to Theatre
TH*209 INTRODUCTION TO THEATRE 09/01/1991   THEA*110 Intro to Theatre
TH*210 INTRODUCTION TO ACTING 09/01/1991   THEA*284 Acting Techniques
TH*255 STAGE MAKEUP 09/01/1991   THEA*315 Stage Makeup
TH*260 SCENE DESIGN 09/01/1991   THEA*322 Scene Design
TH*265 LIGHTING DESIGN 09/01/1991   THEA*321 Stage Lighting
WL*100 OXYACETYLENE WELDING 09/01/1991   WEL*101 Oxyacety Weld
WL*103   09/01/1991   WEL*204 Weld Codes & Bprint Read
WL*104 ARC WELDING 09/01/1991   WEL*102 Arc Welding
WL*201   09/01/1991   WEL*201 Inert Gas Welding