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Pikeville College Course Equivalencies
Pikeville College Course

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ANT*125 INTRO ANTHRPLGY:CULT&LING 09/01/2000   SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
ART*101 INTRODUCTION TO ART 09/01/1991   ART*263 Art History I
ART*102 SURVEY ART:PREHIS--14TH C 09/01/2000   ART*264 Art History II
ART*103 SURVEY ART:14TH CENT-PRES 09/01/2000   ART*265 Art History III
ART*121 BASIC DRAWING 09/01/1991   ART*204 Drawing I
ART*132 TWO-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN 09/01/1991   ART*101 Two-Dimensional Found
ART*241 PAINTING I 09/01/1991   ART*214 Painting Techniques I
ART*281 PHOTOGRAPHY I 09/01/1991   ART*373 Basic Black & White Photo
ART*331 ADV DRAWING 09/01/1991   ART*304 Drawing II
ART*341 PAINTING II 09/01/1991   ART*314 Painting Techniques II
ART*370 THREE-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN 09/01/1993   ART*102 Three-Dimensional Found
ART*371 SCULPTURE I 09/01/1991   ART*294 Sculpture I
ART*471 SCULPTURE II 09/01/1991   ART*394 Sculpture II
ART*499 DIRECTED STUDY 09/01/1993   ART*476 Individual Art Problems
BIO*100 INTRODUCTION TO BIOLOGY 09/01/1991   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIO*250 HUMAN ANATOMY 09/01/1991   BIOL*331 Human Anatomy (now Biol 231)
BIO*251 HUMAN PHYSIOLOGY 09/01/1991   BIOL*332 Human Physiology (now Biol 232
BIO*320 GENETICS 09/01/1991   BIOL*304 Genetics
BIO*330 COMP ANATOMY OF VERTEBRAT 09/01/1991   BIOL*337 Comparative Anatomy
BIO*402 GENERAL PARASITOLOGY 09/01/1991   BIOL*540U Gen Parasitology
BIO*404 MICROBIOLOGY 09/01/1991   BIOL*317 Pr of Microbiology
BIO*430 IMMUNOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*517U Immunology
BUS*100 PERS MONEY MGMT 09/01/2000   FIN*264 Personal Finance
BUS*101 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 09/01/1991   MNGT*160 Business and Society
BUS*111 INTERMED TYPEWRITING/KEYB 09/01/1993   BIS*114 Keyboarding/Formatting
BUS*231 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNTIN I 09/01/1993   ACCT*281 Prin Financial Accounting
BUS*232 PRINCIPLES OF ACCOUNT II 09/01/1993   ACCT*282 Prin Managerial Account
BUS*298 INTERNSHIP IN OFFICE ADMI 09/01/1993   BIS*398 Pract Information Systems
BUS*323 LEGAL ENVN BUS 09/01/1993   MNGT*261 Leg Envir of Business Org
BUS*324 BUSINESS LAW II 09/01/1993   MNGT*362 Leg Envir & Business Prac
BUS*325 PRINCIPLES OF MANAGEMENT 09/01/1991   MNGT*301 Prin of Management
BUS*327 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 09/01/1993   BIS*321 Business Communications
BUS*328 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING 09/01/1991   MKT*304 Marketing
BUS*330 BEHAVIOR IN ORGANIZATIONS 09/01/1991   MNGT*565U Organizational Behavior
BUS*331 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1993   ACCT*384 Inter Accounting I
BUS*332 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTIN II 09/01/1993   ACCT*385 Inter Accounting II
BUS*335 RETAIL MANAGEMENT 09/01/1991   MKT*451 Retail Marketing
BUS*342 CORPORATE TAXATION 09/01/1996   ACCT*387 Income Tax
BUS*345 COST ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1993   ACCT*390 Cost Accounting I
BUS*350 COST ACCOUNTING II 09/01/1996   ACCT*490 Cost Accounting II
BUS*355 QUANT MTHDS BUS 09/01/1993   MNGT*306 Production Management
BUS*360 PRINCIPLES OF SELLING 09/01/1991   MKT*351 Sales Management
BUS*380 CORPORATE FINANCE 09/01/1993   FIN*360 Business Finance
BUS*431 ADVANCED ACCOUNTING 09/01/1993   ACCT*482 Advanced Accounting
BUS*440 AUDITING 09/01/1993   ACCT*483 Auditing
BUS*490 SPECIAL TOPICS 09/01/1996   ACCT*499 Special Class
CHE*100 INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY 09/01/1991   CHEM*101 Survey of Gen Chem
CHE*113 GENERAL CHEMISTRY I 09/01/1991   CHEM*111 Prin of Chem I
CHE*114 GENERAL CHEMISTRY II 09/01/1991   CHEM*112 Prin of Chem II
CHE*313 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY I 09/01/1991   CHEM*326 Organic Chem I
CHE*314 ORGANIC CHEMISTRY II 09/01/1991   CHEM*327 Organic Chem II
CHE*321 QUANTITATIVE ANALYSIS 09/01/1991   CHEM*360 Analytical Chemistry
CHE*322 INSTRUMENTAL ANALYSIS 09/01/1991   CHEM*460 Instru Analysis
CHE*400 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY I 09/01/1991   CHEM*441 Phys Chemistry I
CHE*401 PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY II 09/01/1991   CHEM*442 Phys Chemistry II
CHE*425 BIOCHEMISTRY 09/01/1991   CHEM*301 Fundamentals Biochemistry
COM*105 INTRO TO COM 09/01/2000   CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
COM*201 FUNDAMENTALS OF THEATRE 09/01/2000   THEA*110 Intro to Theatre
COM*305 MASS MEDIA IN SOCIETY 09/01/2005   CMEM*210 Media Literacy
CS*101 INTRO COMPUTERS 09/01/1991   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CS*112 BASIC 09/01/1991   CIS*202 Intro Prog - Visual Basic
CS*310 FILE PROCESSING 09/01/1993   CIS*317 File Process & Comm Lang
CS*325 ASSEMBLY LANGUAGE 09/01/1993   CIS*210 Dig.Concept Prog Assemb I
CS*350 DATA STRUCTURES 09/01/1993   CIS*303 Data Structures
CS*360 DATA BASE ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   CIS*426 Database Manage Systems
ECN*201 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS I 09/01/1991   ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
ECN*202 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMIC II 09/01/1991   ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
ECN*301 INTERMEDIATE MACROECONOMI 09/01/1993   ECON*351 Intermed Macroeconomics
ECN*302 INTERMEDIATE MICROECONOMI 09/01/1993   ECON*350 Intermed Microeconomics
ECN*322 LABOR RELATIONS 09/01/1993   ECON*302 Labor Economics
ECN*331 MONEY AND BANKING 09/01/1991   FIN*342 Money and Banking
ECN*499 INDEPENDENT STUDY IN ECON 09/01/1993   ECON*476 Special Problems Econ
EDR*324 ART IN EARLY ELEM SCHOOL 09/01/1993   ART*121 School Art I
EDR*325 SECONDARY SCHOOL ART 09/01/1993   ART*221 School Art 11
EDU*200 INTRODUCTION TO EDUCATION 09/01/1991   EDF*207 Foundations of Education
EDU*310 SURVEY OF EXCEPT CHILDREN 09/01/1991   EDSP*230 Ed Except Child
EDU*315 EARLY CHILDHD PROG EXC CH 09/01/1991   EDSP*551U Cur Presch Ex Child
EDU*330 ASSESS OF EXC CHILD-LBD 09/01/1991   EDSP*537U Ed Assess Except Ch
EDU*340 PRESCRIPTIVE TEACHING-LBD 09/01/1991   EDSP*558U Learn Dis Methodol
EDU*380 PRIN/PRAC ELEM CLASSRM MN 09/01/1991   EDUC*482 Classroom Mngt & Assess
EDU*412 METH & MAT EARLY CHILD ED 09/01/1991   EDEC*528U Act & Mat 3-5 Yr Olds
ENG*111 COMPOSITION I 09/01/1991   ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*112 COMPOSITION II 09/01/1991   ENG*200 Writing II
ENG*115 HONORS COMPOSITION II 09/01/2000   ENG*200 Writing II
ENG*200 INTRODUCTION TO LITERATUR 09/01/1991 08/31/2000 ENG*202 Intro to Literature
ENG*200 INTRODUCTION TO LITERATUR 09/01/2000   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*215 TECHNICAL WRITING 09/01/1991   ENG*292 Technical Composition
ENG*220 INTRO TO JOURNALISM 09/01/1991   CMJN*110 Int to Mass Commun
ENG*311 ADVANCED COMPOSITION 09/01/1991   ENG*103 Composition III
ENG*315 LINGUISTICS 09/01/1993   ENG*305 Intro to Linguistics
ENG*325 CREATIVE WRITING 09/01/1991   ENG*396 Fiction Writing
ENG*340 SURVEY OF BRITISH LITER I 09/01/1993   ENG*331 British Lit to 1750
ENG*341 SURVEY OF BRITISH LIT II 09/01/1993   ENG*332 British Lit Since 1750
ENG*342 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LIT I 09/01/1993   ENG*341 American Lit to 1865
ENG*343 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LIT II 09/01/1993   ENG*342 American Lit Since 1865
ENG*360 SHAKESPEARE 09/01/1991   ENG*435 Shakespeare
ENG*370 APPALACHIAN LITERATURE 09/01/1991   ENG*360 Appalachian Literature
ES*107 INTRO TO EARTH SCIENCE 09/01/2000   GEOS*106 Introduction to Geology
GER*111 ELEMENTARY GERMAN I 09/01/1991   GER*101 Beginning German I
GER*112 ELEMENTARY GERMAN II 09/01/1991   GER*102 Beginning German II
GER*221 INTERMEDIATE GERMAN I 09/01/1991   GER*201 Intermed German I
GER*222 INTERMEDIATE GERMAN II 09/01/1991   GER*202 Intermed German II
HEA*216 PERSONAL & COMMUNITY HLTH 09/01/1991   HLTH*150 Personal Health
HIS*221 WORLD CIVILIZATION I 09/01/1991   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HIS*222 WORLD CIVILIZATION II 09/01/1991   HIS*201 Global Studies
HIS*225 AMERICAN HISTORY I 09/01/1991   HIS*220 Early American History
HIS*226 AMERICAN HISTORY II 09/01/1991   HIS*202 American Studies
HIS*312 RUSSIA & SOV UN SINC 1917 09/01/1991   HIS*354 Russia Since 1917
HIS*314 BRITISH HISTORY SINC 1815 09/01/1991   HIS*352 England Since 1688
HIS*324 EUROPE, 1815-1920 09/01/1993   HIS*359 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIS*330 HISTORY OF KENTUCKY 09/01/1991   HIS*323 History of Kentucky
HIS*401 RELIGION IN AMERICA 09/01/1993   HIS*313 Religion in American Hist
HIS*426 AMER REVOLUTION 09/01/1991   HIS*301 Amer Rev & Fed Pd
HIS*431 UNITED STATES 1900-1939 09/01/1991   HIS*305 US 1900-1939
HIS*432 UNITED STATES 1939-PRESEN 09/01/1993   HIS*306 US 1939 to Present
HIS*463 AM FOR REL,1776-PRESENT 09/01/1991   HIS*317 US Foreign Relat
MTH*0111 ALGEBRA FOR COLLEGE STUDEN 09/01/2010   MATH*093 Intermediate Algebra
MTH*113 PRECAL ALGEBRA 09/01/1998   MATH*152 College Algebra
MTH*114 TRIGONOMETRY 09/01/1998   MATH*141 Plane Trigonometry
MTH*121 CALCULUS I 09/01/1998   MATH*175 Calculus I
MTH*200 ELEM. PROBABILITY & STATS 09/01/1991   MATH*353 Statistics
MTH*251 DISCRETE MATHEMATICS 09/01/1991   MATH*308 Discrete Mathematics
MTH*322 DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 09/01/1991   MATH*363 Different Equations
MUS*115 APPREC OF MUSIC 09/01/1991   MUSH*261 Music Listening
PED*161 SOFTBALL-VOLLEYBALL 09/01/1991   PHED*118 Volleyball
PED*163 CONDITIONING-WEIGHT TRAIN 09/01/1991   PHED*105 Conditioning
PED*171 BASKETBALL-ARCHERY 09/01/1991   PHED*125 Basketball Skills
PED*182 TENNIS-BADMINTON 09/01/1991   PHED*101 Tennis
PED*184 BASIC RHYTHMS 09/01/1991   PHED*120 Basic Rhythms
PED*187 BEGINNING SWIMMING 09/01/1991   PHED*130 Beginning Swimming
PHI*211 INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPH 09/01/1991   PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PHI*212 LOGIC 09/01/1991   PHIL*306 Logic
PHY*105 INTRO ASTRONOMY & ASTROPH 09/01/2000   PHYS*110 Concepts in Astronomy
PHY*223 GENERAL PHYSICS I 09/01/1991   PHYS*201 Elem Physics I
PHY*224 GENERAL PHYSICS II 09/01/1991   PHYS*202 Elem Physics II
PLS*223 UNITED STATES GOVT & POLI 09/01/1991   GOVT*141 United States Government
PLS*224 STATE & LOCAL GOVT & POLI 09/01/1991   GOVT*242 State & Local Govt
PLS*323 COMPARATIVE GOVERNMENT 09/01/2000   GOVT*230 Intro to Comp Politics
PLS*423 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 09/01/1993   GOVT*364 International Relations
PSY*110 GEN PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1991   PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSY*215 LIFESPAN DEVLMT 09/01/1993   PSY*156 Life Span Dev Psy
PSY*285 STATS FOR SOCIAL SCIENCES 09/01/2000   MATH*353 Statistics
PSY*300 EXPERIMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY I 09/01/1991   PSY*381 Experimental Psy I
PSY*310 PSY OF LEARNING 09/01/1991   PSY*589U Psy of Learning
PSY*315 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1991   PSY*354 Intro to Soc Psy
PSY*320 PSYCHO-SOCIAL ADJUSTMENT 09/01/1991   PSY*157 Psy of Adjustment
PSY*330 PSYCHOLOGY OF PERSONALITY 09/01/1991   PSY*390 Psy of Personality
PSY*410 PSYCH & EDUC TESTING & EV 09/01/1991   PSY*358 Psychological Testing
PSY*415 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1991   PSY*590U Abnormal Psychology
PSY*499 DIRECTED IND STUDY IN PSY 09/01/1993   PSY*276 Directed Study
REL*213 OLD TESTAMENT 09/01/1993   ENG*367 Old Testament Lit
REL*214 NEW TESTAMENT 09/01/1993   ENG*368 New Testament Lit
REL*230 WORLD'S GREAT LIVING RELI 09/01/1993   REL*221 World Religions I
SCI*105 INTRO ASTRONOMY & PHYSICS 09/01/1991   SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
SOC*119 INTRO SOCIOLOGY 09/01/2000   SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*125 INTRO ANTHRPLGY:CULT&LING 09/01/2000   SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
SOC*219 INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1991   SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*221 CONTEMPORARY SOCIAL PROBL 09/01/1991   SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SOC*226 INTRO ANTHROP:CULT & LING 09/01/1991   SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
SOC*329 MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SWK*205 The Family
SOC*329 MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY 09/01/2006   SWK*335 The Family
SOC*350 SOCIOLOGY OF APPAL REGION 09/01/1991   SOC*560U Appalachian Culture
SPN*111 ELEMENTARY SPANISH I 09/01/1991   SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SPN*112 ELEMENTARY SPANISH II 09/01/1991   SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
SPN*221 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH I 09/01/1991 08/31/2000 SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPN*221 INTER SPANISH I 09/01/2000   SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPN*222 INTERMED SPAN II 09/01/1991   SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II