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Northern Kentucky University Course Equivalencies
Northern Kentucky University Course

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ACC*102E INTRO TO ACCOUNTING II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ACCT*281 Prin Financial Accounting
ACC*103E INTRO TO ACCOUTING III 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ACCT*282 Prin Managerial Account
ACC*201 PRIN OF ACCT II-MANAGERIA 09/01/1993   ACCT*282 Prin Managerial Account
ACC*300 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1993   ACCT*384 Inter Accounting I
ACC*301 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTIN II 09/01/1993   ACCT*385 Inter Accounting II
ACC*320 INDIV FEDERAL INCOME TAX 09/01/1993   ACCT*387 Income Tax
ACC*330 ACCT NON-PROFIT INSTITUTI 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ACCT*428 Governmental Accounting
ACC*350 MNGT COST ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1993   ACCT*390 Cost Accounting I
ACC*400 AUDITING 09/01/1993   ACCT*483 Auditing
ACC*403 ADVANCED ACCOUNTING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ACCT*482 Advanced Accounting
ACC*420 TOPICS IN FEDERAL TAXATIO 09/01/1996   ACCT*487 Adv Tax Accounting II
ACC*450 MNGT COST ACCOUNTING II 09/01/1996   ACCT*490 Cost Accounting II
ACC*497 IND STUDY IN ACCOUNTING 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ACCT*476 Special Problems Acct
ANT*100 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY 09/01/2000   SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
ART*100 ART APPRECIATION 09/01/1996   FNA*160 Understand Visual Arts
ART*101 SURVEY OF WESTERN ART I 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*263 Art History I
ART*102 SURVEY OF WESTERN ART II 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*264 Art History II
ART*121 TWO-DEMENSIONAL VIS STD 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*101 Two-Dimensional Found
ART*122 DESIGN: 3D VISUAL STD 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*102 Three-Dimensional Found
ART*210 DRAWING I 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*204 Drawing I
ART*225 INTRO TO GRAPHIC DESIGN 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*205 Graphic Design I
ART*230 PAINTING I 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*214 Painting Techniques I
ART*232 PAINTING: WATERCOLOR 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*316 Watercolor I
ART*240 CERAMICS I 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*245 Ceramics I
ART*280 PUBLIC SCHOOL ART 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*221 School Art 11
ART*290 BASIC PHOTOGRAPHY 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*373 Basic Black & White Photo
ART*310 INTERMEDIATE DRAWING 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*304 Drawing II
ART*320 GENERATIVE IMAGE MAKING 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*109 Digital Foundations
ART*322 INTRO COMP GRAPH FOR DES 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*305 Graphic Design II
ART*323 INTERMED COMP GRAPH DES 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ART*405 Graphic Design III
ARTC*240 CERAMICS I 09/01/2005   ART*245 Ceramics I
ARTD*210 DRAWING I 09/01/2005   ART*204 Drawing I
ARTG*225 INTRO TO GRAPHIC DESIGN 09/01/2005   ART*205 Graphic Design I
ARTH*101 SURVEY OF WESTERN ART I 09/01/2005   ART*263 Art History I
ARTH*102 SURVEY OF WESTERN ART II 09/01/2005   ART*264 Art History II
ARTP*230 PAINTING I 09/01/2005   ART*214 Painting Techniques I
ARTP*232 PAINTING: WATERCOLOR 09/01/2005   ART*316 Watercolor I
AST*110 THE SOLAR SYSTEM 09/01/2001 08/31/2002 PHYS*110 Concepts in Astronomy
AST*110 SOLAR SYSTEMS ASTRO W/LAB 09/01/2002   ASTR*111 Astronomy I
AST*115 STARS,GALAXIES,&COSMOLOGY 09/01/2000 08/31/2001 ASTR*112 Concepts in Astronomy II
AST*115 STARS,GALAXIES,COSM W/LAB 09/01/2001 08/31/2002 PHYS*110 Concepts in Astronomy
AST*115 STARS,GALAXIES&COSM W/LAB 09/01/2002   ASTR*112 Concepts in Astronomy II
BAD*100 INTRO TO BUSINESS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MNGT*160 Business and Society
BAD*313 OPERATION MNGT IN BUSINES 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MNGT*306 Production Management
BAD*490 BUSINESS POLICY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MNGT*499C Strategic Management
BIO*120 GENERAL BIOLOGY AND LAB 09/01/1993   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIO*121 SYSTEMS BIOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIO*122 HEREDITY & HUMAN AFFAIRS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*350 Heredity & Soc
BIO*123 HUMAN ECOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*155 Intro Environmental Sci
BIO*125 BIOL PERSPECTIVE WELLNESS 09/01/1993   BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIO*126 HUMAN NUTRITION 09/01/2000   HS*101 Nutrition and Well Being
BIO*150 INTRO TO BIOLOGY I 09/01/1993   BIOL*171 Principles of Biology
BIO*202 MICROBIOLOGY FOR HLTH PRO 09/01/1993   BIOL*217 Elem Med Microbiol
BIO*208 HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIOL I 09/01/1993   BIOL*231 Human Anatomy
BIO*209 HUMAN ANATOMY & PHYSIO II 09/01/1993   BIOL*232 Human Physiology
BIO*211 GENERAL BOTANY 09/01/1993   BIOL*215 General Botany
BIO*272 MEDICAL & BIOL TERMINOLOG 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 BIOL*206 Biol Etymology
BIO*272 MEDICAL & BIOL TERMINOLOG 09/01/2004   NURS*202 Medical Terminology
BIO*300 COMPARATIVE VERTEBR ANATO 09/01/1993   BIOL*337 Comparative Anatomy
BIO*304 GENERAL ECOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*461 Ecology
BIO*305 VERTEBRATE EMBRYOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*338 Developmental Biology
BIO*310 PLANT MORPHOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*555U Plant Morphology
BIO*312 DENDROLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*318 Local Flora
BIO*320 ENTOMOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*334 Entomology
BIO*352 GENETICS 09/01/1993   BIOL*304 Genetics
BIO*360 BIOLOGY OF THE CELL 09/01/1993   BIOL*380 Cell Biology
BIO*382 BIOCHEMISTRY I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*301 Fundamentals Biochemistry
BIO*404 HERPETOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*531U Herpetology
BIO*406 ICHTHYOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*530U Ichthyology
BIO*407 ORNITHOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*437 Ornithology
BIO*410 SEMINAR 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 BIOL*471 Seminar in Biol Sci
BIO*420 DEVELOPMENTAL BIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*338 Developmental Biology
BIO*421 MAMMALOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*535U Mammalogy
BIO*422 LIMNOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*510U Limnology
BIO*430 IMMUNOLOGY 09/01/1993   BIOL*517U Immunology
BIO*445 ANATOMY OF VASCULAR PLANT 09/01/1993   BIOL*550U Plant Anatomy
BIO*451 HISTOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*520U Histology
BIO*466 ANIMAL PHYSIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*425 Animal Physiology
BIO*490 PLANT PHYSIOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*426 Plant Physiology
BIO*494 VIROLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIOL*519U Virology
BUS*101 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 09/01/2006   MNGT*160 Business and Society
BUS*230 LEGAL ENVIRONMENT 09/01/1993   MNGT*261 Leg Envir of Business Org
CHE*100 CHEMISTRY AND SOCIETY 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
CHE*102 INTRODUCTION TO CHEMISTRY 09/01/2006   SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
CHE*105 DISCOVERY CHEMISTRY W/LAB 09/01/2000   SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
CHE*110 INTRO TO CHEMISTRY 09/01/2000 08/31/2006 SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
CHE*112 CHEMISTRY AND SOCIETY 09/01/2006   CHEM*104 Chemistry Ordinary Things
09/01/2001 08/31/2002 CHEM*111
Prin of Chem I
Prin of Chem I
09/01/2002 08/31/2003 CHEM*112
Prin of Chem II
Prin of Chem II
CIT*140 INTRO TO CPTR INFO TECHNL 09/01/2006   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CMST*101 Prin of Speech Communication 09/01/2008   CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
COB*101 INTRO TO BUSINESS 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 MNGT*160 Business and Society
CSC*130 INTRO TO COMPUTER APPS 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CSC*150 COMPUTER CONCEPTS & APPS 09/01/2006   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CSC*160 PROGRAMMING IN BASIC 09/01/1993   CIS*202 Intro Prog - Visual Basic
CSC*262 DATA STRUCT & ALGORITHM I 09/01/1993   CIS*303 Data Structures
CSC*275 STRUCTURED COBOL PROGRAMM 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 CIS*215 Intro Programming - Cobol
CSC*333 C AND SYSTEMS PROGRAMMING 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 CIS*205 Intro Programming - C++
CSC*450 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTE 09/01/1993 08/31/2004 CIS*426 Database Manage Systems
ECO*200 PRIN OF MACROECONOMICS 09/01/1993   ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
ECO*201 PRIN OF MICROECONOMICS 09/01/1993   ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
ECO*300 INTERMED MACROECONOMICS 09/01/1993   ECON*351 Intermed Macroeconomics
ECO*301 INTERM MICROECONOMICS 09/01/1993   ECON*350 Intermed Microeconomics
ECO*303 HISTORY OF ECONOM THOUGHT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ECON*410 History Econ Thought
ECO*305 COMPARATIVE ECONOMIC SYST 09/01/1993   ECON*305 Comp Econ Systems
ECO*331 MONEY AND BANKING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*342 Money and Banking
ECO*332 PUBLIC FINANCE 09/01/1993   ECON*341 Public Finance
ECO*340 INTERNATIONAL ECONOMICS 09/01/1993   ECON*447 International Economics
ECO*382 LABOR ECONOMICS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ECON*302 Labor Economics
ECO*394 REGIONAL ECONOMICS 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ECON*403 Urban and Regional Econ
ECO*497 INDEP STUDY IN ECONOMICS 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 ECON*476 Special Problems Econ
EDU*301 YOUNG CHILD IN SCHOOL 09/01/1993   EDEE*305 Learn Theo & Prac Ea Ele
EDU*302 TEACHING OF READING 09/01/1993   EDEM*330 Foundations of Reading
EDU*304 TEACH READING IN MIDD GRA 09/01/1993   EDMG*332 Tchg Read Mid Grades Cont Area
EDU*306 TEACH ELEM SCHOOL MATHEMA 09/01/1993   EDEE*321 Teach Math Early Elem Gr
EDU*310 TEACH LANG ART EARLY GRAD 09/01/1993   EDEE*323 Lang Arts Early Elem
EDU*312 TEACH SOC STUD EARLY GRAD 09/01/1993   EDEE*322 Teach Soc Stu Early Elem Grad
EDU*322 EXCEP STUD REG SEC CLASS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDSP*332 Teach the Except Student
EDU*344 FUND OF MIDDLE-GRADES EDU 09/01/1993   EDMG*306 Dev & Learn Mid Grades
EDU*345 TEACH LANG ARTS MIDDLE GR 09/01/1993   EDMG*343 Teaching Lang Arts Mid Grades
EDU*347 TEACH MATH IN MIDDLE GRAD 09/01/1993   EDMG*341 Teach Math Mid Grades
EDU*348 TEACH SOC STUD MIDDLE GRA 09/01/1993   EDMG*342 Teach Soc Stu Mid Grades
EDU*360 EXCEPT CHILD IN REG CLASS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDSP*230 Ed Except Child
EDU*364 CHAR LEARN & BEHAV DISORD 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDSP*360 Char Indiv With Ld & Bd
EDU*530 READING IN JR & SR HIGH S 09/01/1993   EDUC*576U Reading in Sec. School
EDU*551 CLASSRM ACT EARLY CHIL ED 09/01/1993   EDEC*528U Act & Mat 3-5 Yr Olds
EDU*562 EARLY CHILD SPEC ED PROG 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDSP*551U Cur Presch Ex Child
ENG*090 WRITING WORKSHOP 09/01/1993   ENG*099 Basic Writing Skill
ENG*101 COLLEGE WRITING 09/01/1993   ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*151 HONORS FRESHMAN COMPOSIT 09/01/1993   ENG*103 Composition III
ENG*200 INTRO TO LITERATURE 09/01/1993   ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*202 SURVEY OF BRITISH LIT I 09/01/1993   ENG*331 British Lit to 1750
ENG*203 SURVEY OF BRITISH LIT II 09/01/1993   ENG*332 British Lit Since 1750
ENG*206 WESTERN WORLD LITERATUR I 09/01/1993   ENG*211 Int to World Lit I
ENG*207 WESTERN WORLD LITERAT II 09/01/1993   ENG*212 Int to World Lit II
ENG*208 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LIT I 09/01/1993   ENG*341 American Lit to 1865
ENG*209 SURVEY OF AMERICAN LIT II 09/01/1993   ENG*342 American Lit Since 1865
ENG*211 SURVEY OF WOMEN'S LIT I 09/01/1993   ENG*320 Women Writ & Fem Perspect
ENG*291 ADVANCED WRITING 09/01/2000   ENG*200 Writing II
ENG*308 SHAKESPEARE I 09/01/1993   ENG*435 Shakespeare
ENG*315 THE BIBLE AS LITERATURE 09/01/1993   ENG*367 Old Testament Lit
ENG*318 THE SHORT STORY 09/01/1993   ENG*344 Short Story & Novel
ENG*347 TECHNICAL WRITING 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 ENG*591U Technical Writing I
ENG*347 TECHNICAL WRITING 09/01/2006   ENG*292 Technical Composition
ENG*350 LITERARY CRITICISM 09/01/1993   ENG*528U Literary Criticism
ENG*354 SOUTHERN WOMEN WRITERS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*365 Lit of the South
ENG*365 AMERICAN FOLKLORE 09/01/1993   ENG*544U American Folklore (was Folk Li
ENG*381 INTRO TO LINGUISTICS 09/01/1993   ENG*305 Intro to Linguistics
ENG*382 HISTORY OF ENGLISH LANG 09/01/1993   ENG*393 Hist of Language
ENG*387 TEACHING OF ENGLISH II 09/01/1993   ENG*500U Stud in Eng for Tch
ENG*392 FICTION WRITING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*396 Fiction Writing
ENG*394 POETRY WRITING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*395 Poetry Writing
ENG*396 TOPICS IN REGION AMER LIT 09/01/1993   ENG*360 Appalachian Literature
ENG*401 CHAUCER 09/01/1993   ENG*534U Chaucer
ENG*412 SEVENTEENTH CENTURY LIT 09/01/1993   ENG*545U 17th Cent British Lit
ENG*416 STUDIES IN RENAISSANC LIT 09/01/1993   ENG*436 The Eng Renaissance
ENG*421 RESTOR & EIGHTEEN CEN LIT 09/01/1993   ENG*441 Rest & 18th Cent Brit Lit
ENG*451 ROMANTIC LITERATURE 09/01/1993   ENG*442 Romantic Writers
ENG*452 VICTORIAN LITERATURE 09/01/1993   ENG*443 Victorian Writers
ENG*470 TWENTIETH CENT BRIT NOVEL 09/01/1993   ENG*533U The English Novel
ENG*498 IND STUDY OF AMERICAN LIT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*561U American Lit Periods
ENV*110 INTRO ENVIRONMENTAL SCI 09/01/2005   BIOL*155 Intro Environmental Sci
FIN*205 PERSONAL FINANCIAL MNGT 09/01/2000   FIN*264 Personal Finance
FIN*301 FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*360 Business Finance
FIN*310 INVESTMENT & SECURIT ANAL 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*373 Investments
FIN*340 PRINCIPLES OF INSURANCE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*407 Principles of Insurance
FIN*350 CAPITAL BUDGETING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*472 Portfolio Analysis
FIN*370 INTERNATIONAL FINANCE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*485 International Finance
FIN*450 COMMERCIAL BANK MANAGEMEN 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*325 Bank Management
FRE*101 ELEMENTARY FRENCH I 09/01/1993   FRN*101 Beginning French I
FRE*102 ELEMENTARY FRENCH II 09/01/1993   FRN*102 Beginning French II
FRE*201 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH I 09/01/1993   FRN*201 Intermed French
FRE*202 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH II 09/01/1993   FRN*202 Conversation & Comp
FRE*304 FRENCH COMP & CONVERSATIO 09/01/1993   FRN*302 Adv Phonetics & Conver
FRE*320 SURVEY OF FRENCH LITERATU 09/01/1993   FRN*303 Survey French Lit I
FRE*350 METHODS OF TEACHING FRENC 09/01/1993   FRN*405 Linguist & Lang Tch
FRE*520 READINGS IN FRENCH 09/01/1993   FRN*550U Reading French I
GEO*100 ELEMENTS OF GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*100 Fund of Geography
GEO*101 WORLD REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*300 World Geography
GEO*108 INTRO TO PHYSICAL GEOGRAP 09/01/1993   GEO*101 Physical Geography
GEO*212 REGIONAL GEOGRAPHY OF KY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GEO*344 Kentucky
GEO*301 URBAN GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*510U Urban Geography
GEO*303 ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*211 Economic Geography
GEO*306 ENVIRONMENT RESOURCE MNGT 09/01/1993   GEO*505U Cons of Nat Resourc
GEO*308 CLIMATOLOGY 09/01/1993   GEO*390 Weather & Climate
GEO*315 CARTOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*349 Intro to GIS/Cartography
GEO*316 COMPUTER CARTOGRAPHY 09/01/1993   GEO*350 Cartography II
GEO*402 GEOGRAPHY OF EUROPE 09/01/1993   GEO*331 Europe
GEO*403 GEOGRAPHY OF AFRICA 09/01/1993   GEO*328 Africa
GEO*406 GEOGRAPHY OF LATIN AMERIC 09/01/1993   GEO*320 Latin America
GEO*409 GEOGRAPHY OF NORTH AMERIC 09/01/1993   GEO*241 United States & Canada
GEO*498 DIRECTED READINGS IN GEOG 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GEO*476 Special Problems
GEO*499 DIRECTED RESEARCH IN GEOG 09/01/1993   GEO*476 Special Problems
GEO*502 GEOGRAPHY OF KENTUCKY 09/01/1993   GEO*344 Kentucky
GEO*520 ENVIRON RESOURCES TEACHER 09/01/1993   GEO*550U Geog for Tchrs
GEO*599 GEOGRAPHY SEMINAR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GEO*599 Special Class
GER*101 ELEMENTARY GERMAN I 09/01/1993   GER*101 Beginning German I
GER*102 ELEMENTARY GERMAN II 09/01/1993   GER*102 Beginning German II
GER*201 INTERMEDIATE GERMAN I 09/01/1993   GER*201 Intermed German I
GER*202 INTERMEDIATE GERMAN II 09/01/1993   GER*202 Intermed German II
GER*304 GERMAN COMPOSITION & CONV 09/01/1993   GER*302 Comp & Conversation
GER*313 PRACTICE IN READING 09/01/1993   GER*203 Expository German
GER*320 SURVEY OF GERMAN LITERATU 09/01/1993   GER*311 Literature to 1880
GER*322 GERMAN DRAMA 09/01/1993   GER*420 Ger Dram of 19th C
GER*350 METHODS OF TEACHING GERMA 09/01/1993   GER*405 Linguist & Lang Tch
GLY*105 THE EARTH EXPLORED 09/01/2000   GEOS*106 Introduction to Geology
GLY*110 FACE OF THE EARTH W/LAB 09/01/2000   GEOS*108 Physical Geology
HEA*135 SAFETY AND FIRST AID 09/01/2000   HLTH*203 Safety & First Aid
HEA*160 PERSONAL HEALTH 09/01/2000   HLTH*151 Wellness: Theor to Action
HIS*100 HISTORY OF EUROPE TO 1713 09/01/1993   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HIS*101 HIST OF EUROPE 1713-PRESE 09/01/1993   HIS*201 Global Studies
HIS*102 HIS OF US THROUGH 1877 09/01/1993   HIS*220 Early American History
HIS*103 HIST OF US SINCE 1877 09/01/1993   HIS*202 American Studies
HIS*104 HONORS SEMINAR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 HIS*389 Honors Seminar
HIS*108 WORLD HISTORY TO 1500 09/01/2005   HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HIS*109 WORLD HISTORY SINCE 1500 09/01/2005   HIS*201 Global Studies
HIS*300 ANC NEAR EA&GREEC MAC CON 09/01/1993   HIS*376 Ancient History
HIS*303 EUROPE IN THE MIDDLE AGES 09/01/1993   HIS*356 Medieval Europe
HIS*304 RENAISSANCE EUROPE 09/01/1993   HIS*357 The Renaissance & Reform
HIS*308 MODERN EUROPE,1870-1920 09/01/1993   HIS*359 Nineteenth Century Europe
HIS*309 MODERN EUROPE SINCE 1920 09/01/1993   HIS*361 Twentieth Century Europe
HIS*310 COLONIAL AMERICA TO 1763 09/01/1993   HIS*300 Colonial America
HIS*311 WAR FOR IND&CONST,1763-89 09/01/1993   HIS*301 Amer Rev & Fed Pd
HIS*313 EXPANS & CONFL,1828-1861 09/01/1993   HIS*302 The Age of Jackson
HIS*315 MODERN US HIST,1900-1939 09/01/1993   HIS*305 US 1900-1939
HIS*316 MODERN US HIS SINCE 1939 09/01/1993   HIS*306 US 1939 to Present
HIS*323 UNITED ST MILITARY HISTOR 09/01/1993   HIS*318 American Military History
HIS*325 EARLY LATIN AMERICAN HIST 09/01/1993   HIS*379 Latin American Hist
HIS*329 HISTORY OF MIDDLE EAST 09/01/1993   HIS*374 The Middle East
HIS*331 HISTROY OF JAPAN 09/01/1993   HIS*373 Japanese Civilization
HIS*336 HIS SUB-SAH AFR SIN 1870 09/01/1993   HIS*370 African Hist
HIS*354 HIS BRIT PEOPLE TO RESTOR 09/01/1993   HIS*351 England to 1688
HIS*355 HIS BRIT PEOPLE SIN RESTO 09/01/1993   HIS*352 England Since 1688
HIS*377 MODERN RUSSIA SINCE 1855 09/01/1993   HIS*354 Russia Since 1917
HIS*380 BRITISH EMPIRE IN INDIA 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 HIS*352 England Since 1688
HIS*396 HISTROY OF KENTUCKY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 HIS*323 History of Kentucky
HIS*409 THE FRENCH REVOLUTION 09/01/1993   HIS*358 Revolutionary Europe
HIS*415 HIST OF AMERICAN FRONTIER 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 HIS*321 The American Frontier
HIS*416 PLAINS INDIANS 09/01/1993   HIS*311 Native American History
HIS*417 CIV WAR&RECONST 1860-1877 09/01/1993   HIS*303 The Civil War & Reconst
HIS*421 CULT & INT HIS US TO 1875 09/01/1993   HIS*319 Am Life & Thought
HIS*423 DIPLOM & FOR POL OF US 09/01/1993   HIS*317 US Foreign Relat
HIS*428 HISTORY OF WOMEN 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 HIS*312 Women in American History
HIS*431 HIS OF MINORITIES IN US 09/01/1993   HIS*310 African American History
HIS*436 HISTORY OF THE SOUTH 09/01/1993   HIS*325 The Old South
HIS*475 THE FIRST WORLD WAR 09/01/1993   HIS*360 The World 1914-1939 (was His 5
HIS*476 THE SECOND WORLD WAR 09/01/1993   HIS*361 Twentieth Century Europe
HIS*480 TECHNOLOGIC REV MOD TIME 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 HIS*385 Technol & America
HIS*533 EXPANSION AND CONFLICT 09/01/1993   HIS*304 US 1876-1900
HIS*535 CIVIL WAR AND RECONSTRUCT 09/01/1993   HIS*303 The Civil War & Reconst
HIS*538 MODERN US HIS 1900-1939 09/01/1993   HIS*305 US 1900-1939
HIS*539 MODERN US HIS SINCE 1939 09/01/1993   HIS*306 US 1939 to Present
HIS*541 HISTORY OF KENTUCKY 09/01/1993   HIS*323 History of Kentucky
HIS*543 HISTORY OF AMER FRONTIER 09/01/1993   HIS*321 The American Frontier
HIS*552 HISTORY OF THE OLD SOUTH 09/01/1993   HIS*450 Teaching Social Studies
HIS*553 HISTROY OF THE NEW SOUTH 09/01/1993   HIS*325 The Old South
HIS*557 HIS OF INDIANS OF UNIT ST 09/01/1993   HIS*311 Native American History
HIS*565 THE VIETNAM WAR 09/01/1993   HIS*307 Vietnam and Watergate
HIS*590 SELECTED TOPICS IN HISTOR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 HIS*599U Special Class
IFS*100 INTRO TO COMPUTER INFO SY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CIS*101 Computers for Learning
IFS*105 INTRO BUSINESS COMPUTING 09/01/2000   CIS*101 Computers for Learning
IFS*210 COBOL PROGRAMMING I 09/01/1993   CIS*215 Intro Programming - Cobol
IFS*211 COBOL PROGRAMMING II 09/01/1993   CIS*315 Advanced Program - Cobol
IFS*300 MANAGEMENT INFORM SYSTEMS 09/01/1993   CIS*311 Mngt Information Systems
IFS*310 INFORMATION SYSTEMS ANALY 09/01/1993   CIS*325 Analys & Design Info Syst
IFS*320 DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTE 09/01/1993   CIS*426 Database Manage Systems
IFS*405 DATA COMMUNICATIONS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CIS*340 Telecomm & Networking
JOU*130 NEWSWRITING I 09/01/1996   CMJN*201 News Writ & Report
JOU*375 PRIN OF PUBLIC RELATIONS 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMAP*382 Pr of Public Relat
JOU*385 LAW OF MASS COMMUNICATION 09/01/1996   CMJN*492 Law & Ethics of Press
JOU*390 PHOTO-JOURNALISM I 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMJN*285 Intro to Photo Jour
JOU*480 REVIEWING 09/01/1996   CMJN*560U Reviews and Criticism
JOU*498 INDEPENDENT STUDY 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMJN*476 Special Problems
JOU*510 ADVISING HIGH SCHOOL PUBL 09/01/1996   CMJN*504U School Publications
LAT*101 ELEMENTARY LATIN I 09/01/1993   LAT*101 Beginning Latin I
LAT*102 ELEMENTARY LATIN II 09/01/1995   LAT*102 Beginning Latin II
LAT*201 INTERMEDIATE LATIN I 09/01/1993   LAT*201 Intermed Latin I
LAT*202 INTERMEDIATE II 09/01/1995   LAT*202 Intermed Latin II
LAT*290 TOPICS IN LATIN LANG& LIT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 LAT*401 Latin Literature I
MAT*110 INTRODUCTORY PROBABILITY 09/01/2000   MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
MAT*112 CALCULUS FOR BUS APPLICAT 09/01/1993   MATH*160 Math for Bus & Econ
MAT*113 INTRO TO PROB/STATISTICS 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
MAT*115 MATH FOR LIBERAL ARTS 09/01/1993   MATH*131 Gen Math Prob Solving
MAT*118 TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS 09/01/2000   MATH*135 Math Tech Students
MAT*119 PRE-CALCULUS MATHEMATICS 09/01/1993   MATH*174 Pre-Calculus Math
MAT*120 CALCULUS I 09/01/1993   MATH*175 Calculus I
MAT*140 MATH ELEM & MID GR TEAC I 09/01/1993   MATH*231 Math Elem Tch I
MAT*141 MATH ELEM & MID GR TEA II 09/01/1993   MATH*232 Math Elem Tch II
MAT*205 INTRO TO STAT METHODS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MATH*353 Statistics
MAT*212 STATISTICS FOR BUS APPLIC 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MATH*354 Business Statistics
MAT*220 CALCULUS II 09/01/1993   MATH*275 Calculus II
MAT*224 INTRO TO HIGHER MATHEMATI 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MATH*300 Intro to Math Proof
MAT*225 LINEAR ALGEBRA 09/01/1993   MATH*301 Elem Linear Alg
MAT*300 INTRO TO GEOMETRY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MATH*370 College Geometry I
MAT*320 MULTIVARIABLE CALCULUS 09/01/1993   MATH*276 Calculus III
MAT*325 DIFFERENTIAL EQUATIONS 09/01/1993   MATH*363 Different Equations
MAT*350 PROBABILITY & STATISTIC I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MATH*419 Probability
MAT*351 PROBABILITY & STATIST II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MATH*420 Math Statistics
MAT*360 NUMERICAL ANALYSIS 09/01/1993   MATH*312 Numerical Methods
MAT*380 COMBINATORICS & GRAPH THE 09/01/1993   MATH*308 Discrete Mathematics
MAT*410 ABSTRACT ALGEBRA I 09/01/1993   MATH*350 Intro to Higher Alg
MAT*420 REAL VARIABLES I 09/01/1993   MATH*410 Intro Real Analysis
MAT*421 REAL VARIABLES II 09/01/1993   MATH*510U Real Variables
MAT*430 COMPLEX VARIABLES 09/01/1993   MATH*586U Complex Variables
MAT*500 PROBABILITY & STATISTICS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MATH*553U Concepts in Design of Exp (was
MGT*100 BUSINESS OF MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996   MNGT*160 Business and Society
MGT*300 BEHAV N ORG:UNDST ORG LIF 09/01/1993   MNGT*301 Prin of Management
MGT*333 VENTURE MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MNGT*310 Small Business Org
MGT*340 HUMAN RESOURCES ADMINIST 09/01/1993   MNGT*311 Human Resource Management
MGT*470 BUSINESS IN CHANGING SOCI 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MNGT*463 Law & Ethics in Business
MKT*300 PRINCIPLES OF MARKETING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MKT*304 Marketing
MKT*301 SALES MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MKT*351 Sales Management
MKT*302 RETAIL MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MKT*451 Retail Marketing
MKT*303 ADVERTISING & PROMOTION 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 MKT*455 Advertising Prin & Proc
MKT*310 PRIN OF PROFESS SELLING 09/01/1993   MKT*350 Personal Selling
MKT*320 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 09/01/1993   MKT*354 Consumer Behavior
MKT*460 MARKETING RESEARCH 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MKT*452 Marketing Research & Anal
MUS*100 MUSIC APPRECIATION 09/01/1993   MUSH*261 Music Listening
MUS*101 THE NORTHERN CHORALE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*192 Concert Choir
MUS*102 CHAMBER CHOIR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*193 Chamber Singers
MUS*103 WOMEN'S ENSEMBLE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*191 University Chorus
MUS*104 OPERA WORKSHOP 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*194 Operaworks
MUS*114 UNIVERSITY BAND 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*170 Concert Band
MUS*115 CHAMBER ORCHESTRA 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*179 Orchestra
MUS*116 SYMPHONIC WINDS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*171 Symphony Band
MUS*117 JAZZ ENSEMBLE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*181 Jazz Ensemble
MUS*118 BRASS CHOIR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*167 Brass Choir
MUS*119 PERCUSSION ENSEMBLE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUST*101 Intro Music Theory
MUS*121 INTRO TO AURAL SKILLS 09/01/1993   MUST*102 Intro Music Reading
MUS*122 THEORY I 09/01/1993   MUST*131 Music Theory I
MUS*123 THEORY II 09/01/1993   MUST*132 Music Theory II
MUS*124 AURAL SKILLS I 09/01/1993   MUST*133 Music Reading I
MUS*125 AURAL SKILLS II 09/01/1993   MUST*135 Music Reading II
MUS*140 CLASS PIANO I 09/01/1993   MUSG*123 Class Piano I
MUS*141 CLASS PIANO II 09/01/1993   MUSG*124 Class Piano II
MUS*142 CLASS PIANO III 09/01/1993   MUSG*223 Class Piano III
MUS*143 CLASS PIANO IV 09/01/1993   MUSG*224 Class Piano IV
MUS*144 LYRIC DICTION I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSG*239 Class Voice
MUS*146 GROUP VOICE 09/01/1993   MUSG*239 Class Voice
MUS*148 GROUP GUITAR 09/01/1993   MUSG*135 Class Guitar I
MUS*168 APPLIED HARP 09/01/1993   MUSP*216 Private Harp
MUS*169 APPLIED HARPSICHORD 09/01/1993   MUSP*241 Private Harpsichord
MUS*171 APPLIED MUSIC 09/01/1993   MUSP*200 Performance Class
MUS*190 RECITAL REVIEW 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSM*200 Student Recital
MUS*202 INTRO TO MUSIC TECHNOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSE*315 Microcomputers & Music
MUS*222 THEORY III 09/01/1993   MUST*236 Music Theory III
MUS*223 THEORY IV 09/01/1993   MUST*237 Music Theory IV
MUS*224 AURAL SKILLS III 09/01/1993   MUST*233 Music Reading III
MUS*228 COMPOSITION I 09/01/1993   MUSP*263 Private Conducting
MUS*229 COMPOSITION II 09/01/1993   MUSP*263 Private Conducting
MUS*230 HIS OF MUS:ANTIQ-BAROQUE 09/01/1993   MUSH*261 Music Listening
MUS*241 APPL METH & MATER:BRASS 09/01/1993   MUSG*213 Class Brasswinds
MUS*243 APPL METH & MAT:WOODWINDS 09/01/1993   MUSG*211 Class Woodwinds
MUS*245 APPL METH & MAT: STRINGS 09/01/1993   MUSG*226 Class Strings
MUS*247 APPL METH & MAT: PERCUSS 09/01/1993   MUSG*217 Class Percussion I
MUS*252 BEGINNING CONDUCTING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSC*271 Basic Conducting
MUS*260 MUS FUND & SKILL CLAS TEA 09/01/1993   MUST*100 Rudiments of Music
MUS*269 APPLIED MUSIC 09/01/1993   MUSP*200 Performance Class
MUS*310 CHAMBER MUSIC ENSEMBLES 09/01/1993   MUSM*191 University Chorus
MUS*311 PIANO ACCOMP & CHAMB MUSI 09/01/1993   MUSM*387 Accompanying
MUS*320 COUNTERPOINT I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUST*331 Counterpoint
MUS*322 FORM AND ANALYSIS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUST*465 Form Analysis
MUS*324 ORCHESTRATION I 09/01/1993   MUST*531U Arranging
MUS*328 COMPOSITION III 09/01/1993   MUSP*463 Private Conducting
MUS*340 GEN & VOC MUS IN ELEM SCH 09/01/1993   MUSE*325 M & M for Elem Grades
MUS*341 INSTRUM MUS IN PUBLIC SCH 09/01/1993   MUSE*376 Instru Mat & Meth
MUS*342 GEN & CHORAL MUS SEC SCHO 09/01/1993   MUSE*375 Vocal Mat & Methods
MUS*343 MARCHING BAND METHODS 09/01/1993   MUSE*579U Marching Band Techniques
MUS*369 APPLIED MUSIC 09/01/1993   MUSP*400 Performance Class
MUS*397 JUNIOR BAND 09/01/1993   MUSM*370 Concert Band
MUS*448 PIANO PEDAGOGY III 09/01/1993   MUSE*378 Keyboard Pedagogy
MUS*469 APPLIED HARPSICHORD 09/01/1993   MUSP*441 Private Harpsichord
MUS*489 APPLIED MUSIC 09/01/1993   MUSP*400 Performance Class
MUS*498 SENIOR RECITAL 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSP*498C Senior Recital
OST*100 KEYBOARD/INTRO WORD PROCE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIS*114 Keyboarding/Formatting
OST*111 WORD PROCESSING 09/01/1993   BEOS*220 Basic Inform Processing
OST*211 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIS*321 Business Communications
OST*215 RECORDS MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 BIS*240 Information Resource Mngt
OST*311 WRITTEN COMMUNIC SYSTEMS 09/01/2000   BIS*321 Business Communications
OST*316 ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE MNG 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIS*363 Admin Infor Systems
OST*317 OFFICE SYSTEMS APPLICATIO 09/01/1993   BIS*440 Plan & Implementation It
OST*400 TEACHING BUSINESS SUBJECT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 BIS*499C Teach Mthds Bus/Info Tech
OST*421 INTEGRATED OFFICE SYSTEMS 09/01/1993   BIS*440 Plan & Implementation It
PHI*150 INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPH 09/01/1993   PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PHI*155 INTRODUCTION TO ETHICS 09/01/1993   PHIL*203 Social Ethics
PHI*160 WORLD RELIGIONS 09/01/1993   REL*221 World Religions I
PHI*165 INTRODUCTION TO LOGIC 09/01/1993   PHIL*306 Logic
PHI*180 HIS OF CLASS & MEDIEV PHI 09/01/1993   PHIL*355 Ancient & Medieval Phil
PHI*190 HIS OF MODERN & CONTE PHI 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHIL*356 Modern & Contemp Phil
PHI*240 PHILOSOPHY AND THE ARTS 09/01/1993   PHIL*308 Phil of the Arts
PHI*250 EASTERN PHILOSOPHY 09/01/1993   PHIL*399 Special Class
PHI*305 EXISTENTIALISM 09/01/1993   PHIL*309 Existentialism
PHI*350 PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION 09/01/1993   PHIL*307 Phil of Religion
PHY*211 GENERAL PHYSICS I W/LAB 09/01/2000   PHYS*201 Elem Physics I
PHY*220 UNIVERSITY PHYSICS I W/LB 09/01/2000   PHYS*231 Engineering Phys I
PSC*100 AMERICAN POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*141 United States Government
PSC*101 STATE AND LOCAL POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*242 State & Local Govt
PSC*102 COMPARATIVE POLITICS 09/01/2000   GOVT*230 Intro to Comp Politics
PSC*103 INTERNATIONAL POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*364 International Relations
PSC*300 INTRO TO PUBLIC ADMINISTR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*351 Public Administration
PSC*301 CONGRESS AND THE PRESIDEN 09/01/1993   GOVT*346 Congress,pres,& Bureau
PSC*304 INTRODUCTION TO THE LAW 09/01/1993   PLS*210 Intro to Paralegalism
PSC*307 CONSTITUTIONAL LAW 09/01/1993   GOVT*321 Constitutional Law
PSC*308 CIVIL LIBERTIES 09/01/1993   GOVT*322 Courts & Civil Liberties
PSC*311 POLIT PARTIES & PRES GROU 09/01/1993   GOVT*343 Pol Parties & Elections
PSC*312 MODERN IDEOLOGIES 09/01/1993   GOVT*316 Modern Ideologies
PSC*330 POLITICS OF EUROPE 09/01/1993   GOVT*330 Parliamentary Democ
PSC*335 LATIN AMERICAN POLITICS 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PSC*338 US FOREIGN POL IN 3RD WOR 09/01/1993   GOVT*336 Politics Non-West World
PSC*340 SOVIET & EAST EUROPE POL 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*334 Russia and Eastern Europe
PSC*370 EARLY POLITICAL THEORY 09/01/1993   GOVT*312 Western Political Thought
PSC*374 CONTEMP POLITICAL THOUGHT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*316 Modern Ideologies
PSC*390 TOPICS IN AMERICA POLITIC 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*314 Amer Political Thought
PSC*403 PUBLIC POLICY 09/01/1993   GOVT*347 American Public Policy
PSC*480 INTERNATIONAL LAW & ORGAN 09/01/1993   GOVT*360 U N & World Organ
PSC*495 READING & PRACTICA FOR SR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*476 Special Problems
PSC*498 INTERN IN POLIT & PUB SER 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*498 Loc, Stat & Nat Govt Intern
PSC*595 SPECIAL PROB IN POLIT SCI 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*399 Spec Topics in Govt
PSY*100 INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/2000   PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSY*100H HONORS INTRO PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/2000   PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSY*220 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT 09/01/2000   PSY*156 Life Span Dev Psy
RES*100 REAL ESTATE PRINCIPLES 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 REAL*105 Real Estate Prin
RTF*110 INTRO TO BROADCASTING 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*210 Media Literacy
RTF*130 BROADCAST ANNOUNCING 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*155 Perform Electronic Media
RTF*150 RADIO PRODUCTION 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*250 Audio Prod & Direction
RTF*210 TV PROD I:BASIC PRODUCTIO 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*340 Video Production & Direct
RTF*220 TELEVISION PROD II:DIRECT 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*440 Video Prod & Direct II
RTF*250 CURRENT ISSUES IN BROADCA 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*341 Writing for Elect Media
RTF*360 LAW OF BROADCASTING 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*459 Elect Media Law & Regul
RTF*365 INTERVIEWING 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*435 Interview Electric Media
RTF*390 RADIO & TELEVISION INTERN 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*247 Internship
RTF*391 RADIO & TELEVISION INTERN 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*447 Internship
RTF*460 BROADCAST MANAGEMENT 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*450 Elect Media Management
RTF*490 INDEPENDENT STUDY 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMEM*476 Special Problems
RTV*210 TV PROD I:BASIC PRODUCTIO 09/01/2005   CMEM*340 Video Production & Direct
RTV*365 INTERVIEWING 09/01/2005   CMEM*435 Interview Electric Media
RTV*430 BROADCAST MANAGEMENT 09/01/2005   CMEM*450 Elect Media Management
RTV*460 BROADCAST MANAGEMENT 09/01/2005   CMEM*450 Elect Media Management
RUS*102 ELEMENTARY RUSSIAN II 09/01/1993   RUS*102 Begin Russian II
SOC*100 INTRODUCTORY SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993   SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*202 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY 09/01/1993   CRIM*306 Juvenile Deliquency
SOC*203 SOCIOLOGY OF CORRECTIONS 09/01/1993   CRIM*201 Soc of Corrections
SOC*205 CURRENT SOCIAL ISSUES 09/01/1993   SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SOC*216 SOCIOLOGY OF SPORT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*312 Sociology of Sports
SOC*250 WOMEN IN SOCIETY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*350 Human Ex Sex & Gender
SOC*300 RACE & ETHNIC RELATIONS 09/01/1993   SOC*374 Am Minority Relatio
SOC*301 WORLD PATT OF RACE & ETHN 09/01/1993   SOC*374 Am Minority Relatio
SOC*303 SOCIAL PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1993   SOC*354 The Indiv & Society
SOC*305 CRIMINOLOGY 09/01/1993   CRIM*401 Criminology
SOC*310 SOCIAL CHANGE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*302 Population Dynamics
SOC*315 MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY 09/01/1993 08/31/2006 SOC*205 The Family
SOC*315 MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY 09/01/2006   SOC*335 The Family
SOC*330 SOCIOLOGICAL THEORY 09/01/1993   SOC*405 Sociological Theory
SOC*340 POPULATION 09/01/1993   SOC*302 Population Dynamics
SOC*380 DEVIANCE AND SOCIAL CONTR 09/01/1993   SOC*210 Soc of Deviance
SOC*400 URBAN SOCIETY 09/01/1993   SOC*323 Urban Sociology
SOC*450 MEDICAL SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993   SOC*330 Applied Medical Sociology
SPE*101 PRIN OF SPEECH COMMUNICAT 09/01/1994   CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
SPE*103 BUSINESS SPEECH 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 SPCH*370 Bus & Prof Speech
SPE*201 PRINC OF EFFECTIVE LISTEN 09/01/1996   CMSP*210 Listening
SPE*210 ARGUMENTATION & DEBATE 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 CMSP*382 Argument & Debate
SPE*220 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICAT 09/01/1996   CMSP*230 Interpersonal Comm
SPE*230 GROUP DISCUSSION 09/01/1996   CMSP*383 Small Group Communication
SPE*340 STRATEGIES OF PERSUASION 09/01/1996   CMSP*385 Persuasion
SPE*355 CROSS-CULTURAL COMMUNICAT 09/01/2000   CMSP*350 Comm, Culture & Diversity
SPI*101 ELEMENTARY SPANISH I 09/01/1993   SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SPI*102 ELEMENTARY SPANISH II 09/01/1993   SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
SPI*201 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH I 09/01/1993   SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPI*202 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH II 09/01/1993   SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPI*304 SPANISH COMPOS & CONVERS 09/01/1993   SPA*300 Grammar and Composition
SPI*320 SURVEY PENINSULAR SPA LIT 09/01/1993   SPA*301 Surv Peninsular Span Lit
SPI*321 SURV OF SPAN-AMERICAN LIT 09/01/1993   SPA*302 Spanish Amer Lit
SPI*322 HISPANIC DRAMA 09/01/1993   SPA*401 Masterpieces Spanish Lit
SPI*350 METHODS OF TEACHING SPAN 09/01/1993   SPA*405 Linguist & Lang Tch
SPI*499 INDEPENDENT STUDY OF SPAN 09/01/1993   SPA*476 Directed Study
STA*113 INTRO TO PROB/STATISTICS 09/01/2005   MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
STA*205 INTRO TO STAT METHODS 09/01/2005   MATH*353 Statistics
STA*212 STATS FOR BUS APPL I 09/01/2005   MATH*354 Business Statistics
SWK*105 COMM EXPER IN SOCIAL SERV 09/01/1993   SWK*310 Field Exp in Soc Wk
SWK*203 SOCIAL WELFARE CONT SOCIE 09/01/1993   SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SWK*303 PROFESS INTERACTION SKILL 09/01/1993   SWK*333 Beg Help Sk Hum Ser Pro
SWK*304 HUMAN EXPER I:THEOR PERSP 09/01/1993   SWK*322 Human Behav Soc Environ
SWK*305 SOCIAL WORK PRACTICE I 09/01/1993   SWK*325 Soc Work Generalist Persp
SWK*306 FIELD INSTRUCTION I 09/01/1993   SWK*497 Practicum in Social Work
SWK*307 HUMAN EXP II:LITERARY PER 09/01/1993   SWK*322 Human Behav Soc Environ
SWK*308 SOCIAL WORK RESEARCH 09/01/1993   SWK*324 Social Work Research Mths
SWK*405 SWK PRACTICE: COMMUN ORG 09/01/1993   SWK*498 Social Work Macro Pract
SWK*407 SOCIAL WELFARE POLICY 09/01/1993   SWK*430 Social Policy & Planning
SWK*411 SOCIAL WORK AND THE LAW 09/01/1993   SWK*345 Law and Social Work
SWK*510 CHILD ABUSE 09/01/1993   SWK*315 Child Welfare Serv
SWK*520 SERVICES TO WOMEN 09/01/1993   SWK*350 Human Ex Sex & Gender
SWK*525 SUBSTANCE USE AND ABUSE 09/01/1993   SWK*370 Sub Abuse Counseling
TAR*100 THEATRE APPRECIATION 09/01/1996   THEA*110 Intro to Theatre
TAR*101 ESSENTIALS OF THEATRE 09/01/1996   THEA*100 Fund of the Theatre
TAR*110 ACTING I 09/01/1996   THEA*284 Acting Techniques
TAR*116 STAGE MAKEUP I 09/01/1996 08/31/2005 THEA*315 Stage Makeup
TAR*370 DIRECTING I 09/01/1996   THEA*380 Play Directing
TAR*380 PLAYWRITING 09/01/1996   THEA*512U Playwriting
WMS*150 INTRO TO WOMEN'S STUDIES 09/01/2000   WST*273 Intro to Women's Studies