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Midway College Course Equivalencies
Midway College Course

MSU Equivalency





ART*220 ART IN WESTERN WORLD I 09/01/2000 ART*264 Art History II
ART*221 ART IN WESTERN WORLD II 09/01/2000 ART*265 Art History III
BA*200 BUSINESS COMMUNICATIONS 09/01/1993 BIS*321 Business Communications
BA*220 PRIN. ECON. I MACRO 09/01/2000 ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
BA*221 PRIN ECON II (MICRO) 09/01/2000 ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
BA*365 CONSUMER BEHAVIOR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MKT*354 Consumer Behavior
BA*370 INTERMEDIATE ACCOUNTING 1 09/01/1993 ACCT*384 Inter Accounting I
BA*371 INTERMEDIATE ACCT II 09/01/1993 ACCT*385 Inter Accounting II
BA*375 MARKETING RESEARCH 09/01/1993 MKT*452 Marketing Research & Anal
BA*380 COST ACCOUNTING I 09/01/1993 ACCT*390 Cost Accounting I
BA*381 COST ACCOUNTING II 09/01/1996 ACCT*490 Cost Accounting II
BA*400 ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MNGT*565U Organizational Behavior
BA*408 FEDERAL TAX I 09/01/1993 ACCT*387 Income Tax
BA*409 FEDERAL TAX II 09/01/1996 ACCT*487 Adv Tax Accounting II
BA*410 ENTREPRENEURSHIP 09/01/1993 MNGT*310 Small Business Org
BA*426 AUD: THEORY & PRACTICE II 09/01/1993 ACCT*483 Auditing
BA*428 FIN INT & BANK MANAGEMENT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FIN*325 Bank Management
BA*430 BUSINESS POLICY 09/01/1993 MNGT*499C Strategic Management
BA*440 HEMAN RESOURCE MNGT 09/01/1993 MNGT*311 Human Resource Management
BA*445 ADVANCED ACCOUNTING II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ACCT*482 Advanced Accounting
BA*448 MRKT STRATEGY & PLANNING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MKT*453 Marketing Plan & Strat
BA*455 MARKETING PROMOTION 09/01/1993 MKT*454 Integrated Market Commun
BA*460 RETAILING 09/01/1993 MKT*451 Retail Marketing
BA*465 PERSONAL FINANCE 09/01/1993 FIN*264 Personal Finance
BA*480 INVESTMENT THEORY 09/01/1993 FIN*373 Investments
BA*485 PROD & OPERATIONS MNGT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MNGT*306 Production Management
BIO*101 GEN BIOLOGY I AND LAB 09/01/2000 BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIO*155 PRINCIPLES OF BIOLOGY 09/01/2000 BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
09/01/2005 08/31/2006 CHEM*101
Survey of Gen Chem
Survey of Gen Chem
09/01/2005 08/31/2006 CHEM*111
Prin of Chem I
Prin of Chem I
COM*205 ORAL COMMUNICATION 09/01/1996 CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
COM*305 ORGANIZATIONAL COMM 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 COMM*567U Organizational Comm
COM*320 WOMEN'S THEATRE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CMSP*305 Readers' Theatre
COM*325 INTERPERSONAL COMM 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CMSP*230 Interpersonal Comm
COM*412 ARGUMENT & PERSUASION 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CMSP*385 Persuasion
COM*415 COMMUNICATION THEORY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 COMM*220 Intro to Comm Theory
CS*140 INTRO TO COMPUTER USAGE 09/01/1993 CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CS*201 COMP IN THE EDUCATION SET 09/01/2005 EDUC*222 Computing Tools for Educ
ECE*250 TEACHING THE YOUNG CHILD 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDEE*305 Learn Theo & Prac Ea Ele
EDU*201 TECH EDUC SETT 09/01/1993 EDUC*222 Computing Tools for Educ
EDU*240 CHILDRENS LIT & RELAT MAT 09/01/1993 EDEE*327 Lit & Mat Young Readers
EDU*315 THE EXCEPTIONAL CHILD 09/01/1993 EDSP*230 Ed Except Child
EDU*325 TEACH LANG ART IN ELEM SC 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDEE*323 Lang Arts Early Elem
EDU*327 THE MIDDLE SCHOOL 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDMG*306 Dev & Learn Mid Grades
EDU*335 TEACH SCIENCE IN MID SCHO 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SCI*490 Sci for the Elem Tchr
EDU*345 TEACH SOC STUD IN MID SCH 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDMG*342 Teach Soc Stu Mid Grades
EDU*377 TEACH SOC STUD IN MID SCH 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 EDMG*342 Teach Soc Stu Mid Grades
ENG*101 ENGLISH COMP I 09/01/2000 08/31/2001 ENG*101 Composition I
ENG*101 ENGLISH COMP I 09/01/2001 ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*101 ENGLISH COMP I 09/01/2005 ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*102 ENGLISH COMP II 09/01/2000 08/31/2001 ENG*102 Composition II
ENG*102 ENGLISH COMP II 09/01/2001 ENG*200 Writing II
ENG*104 HONORS ENGLISH COMPOSITIO 09/01/2000 ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*210 INTRO TO LIT 09/01/2000 ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
FA*101 INTRO TO FINE ARTS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FNA*160 Understand Visual Arts
FA*105 DRAWING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*101 Two-Dimensional Found
FA*106 PAINTING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*214 Painting Techniques I
FA*110 CERAMICS I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*245 Ceramics I
FA*111 CERAMICS II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*345 Ceramics II
FA*115 BASIC DESIGN 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*103 Color Foundation
FA*118 ART IN CHILD'S WORLD 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*121 School Art I
FA*120 ART IN WEST WORLD:ANC/MED 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*263 Art History I
FA*121 ART IN WEST WORLD:REN-MED 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ART*264 Art History II
FA*131 FUNDAMENTALS OF MUSIC 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUST*100 Rudiments of Music
FA*133 MUSIC IN ELEMENTARY GRADE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSE*221 Mus for Elem Tchr
FA*140 PIANO CLASS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSG*123 Class Piano I
FA*150 VOICE CLASS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSG*239 Class Voice
FA*161 COLLEGE CHORALE 09/01/1993 MUSM*191 University Chorus
FA*267 MUSIC IN WEST WORLD I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSH*261 Music Listening
FA*268 MUSIC IN WEST WORLD II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 MUSH*261 Music Listening
FREN*151 ELEMENTARY FRENCH I 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 FRN*101 Beginning French I
HIS*140 HISTORY OF US TO 1865 09/01/1993 HIS*220 Early American History
HIS*141 US HISTORY 09/01/1993 HIS*202 American Studies
HIS*160 EUROPEAN HISTORY TO 1815 09/01/1993 HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HIS*161 EUROPEAN HIST SINCE 1815 09/01/1993 HIS*201 Global Studies
HIS*201 KENTUCKY STUDIES 09/01/1993 HIS*323 History of Kentucky
HUM*201 THE ANCIENT WORLD 09/01/2000 HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HUM*202 THE MODERN WORLD 09/01/2000 HIS*201 Global Studies
HUM*320 WOMEN'S THEATRE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CMSP*305 Readers' Theatre
HUM*407 FOLKLORE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*544U American Folklore (was Folk Li
HUM*412 ARGUMENTATION & PERSUASIO 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CMSP*385 Persuasion
LL*099 FUN OF GRAMMAR & COMPOSIT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*099 Basic Writing Skill
LL*101 ENGLISH COMPOSITION I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*100 Writing I
LL*102 ENGLISH COMPOSITION II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*200 Writing II
LL*151 ELEMENTARY FRENCH I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FRN*101 Beginning French I
LL*152 ELEMENTARY FRENCH II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FRN*102 Beginning French II
LL*155 ELEMENTARY SPANISH I 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
LL*156 ELEMENTARY SPANISH II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
LL*210 INTRODUCTION TO LITERATUR 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*202 Intro to Literature
LL*251 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH III 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FRN*201 Intermed French
LL*252 INTERMEDIATE FRENCH IV 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 FRN*202 Conversation & Comp
LL*255 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH III 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
LL*256 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH IV 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II
LL*275 INTRO TO LINGUISTICS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*305 Intro to Linguistics
LL*301 WOMEN'S LITERATURE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*320 Women Writ & Fem Perspect
LL*305 WORLD LITERATURE 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*211 Int to World Lit I
LL*312 ADVANCED WRITING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*391 Adv Expository Writing
LL*315 BRIT LIT BEFORE 1700/SHAK 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*435 Shakespeare
LL*320 VICTORIAN POETRY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*443 Victorian Writers
LL*415 BRIT LIT BEFORE 1700/CHAU 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ENG*534U Chaucer
MA*137 GEN.COLLEGE MA 09/01/2002 MATH*131 Gen Math Prob Solving
MA*137 GENERAL COLLEGE MATH 09/01/2004 MATH*131 Gen Math Prob Solving
MA*140 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 09/01/2000 MATH*152 College Algebra
MA*140 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 09/01/2005 MATH*152 College Algebra
MA*180 CALCULUS I 09/01/2003 MATH*175 Calculus I
MUS*167 MUSIC APPRECIATION 09/01/2006 MUSH*261 Music Listening
MUS*268 MUSIC WSTRN WRLD FRM 1750 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 MUSH*362 History of Music II
PE*103 AEROBIC FITNESS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHED*140 Aerobics
PE*105 FITNESS & CONDITIONING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHED*105 Conditioning
PE*109 BEGINNING TENNIS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHED*101 Tennis
PE*112 BADMINTON 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHED*102 Badminton
PE*113 ARCHERY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHED*103 Archery
PE*114 GOLF 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHED*100 Golf
PE*115 BEGINNING EQUITATION 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHED*109 Elementary Horsemanship
PHI*130 INTRODUCTION TO PHILOSOPH 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PHI*280 PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHIL*307 Phil of Religion
PHI*301 ETHICS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PHIL*203 Social Ethics
PHIL*120 LOGIC 09/01/2000 PHIL*306 Logic
PHIL*130 INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY 09/01/2005 PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PHIL*280 PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION 09/01/2005 PHIL*307 Phil of Religion
PHIL*301 ETHICS 09/01/2005 PHIL*203 Social Ethics
PLS*200 INTRO TO LAW & LEGAL SYST 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PLS*210 Intro to Paralegalism
PLS*220 LEGAL WRITING 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 GOVT*327 Legal Research & Writing
PLS*301 TORTS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PLS*334 Tort, Per Inj Lit, Ins Law
PLS*302 CONTRACTS & COMMERCIA LAW 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PLS*335 Contracts & Uniform Codes
PLS*315 REAL PROPERTY LAW 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PLS*332 Property Law
PLS*321 CIVIL LITIGATION II 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PLS*325 Civil Litigation Parlegal
PLS*330 FAMILY LAW 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PLS*333 Family Law Was Estate Amd Fami
PLS*370 WILLS,TRUSTS AND ESTATES 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PLS*336 Wills, Trusts, Estates
PS*201 INTRO TO POLITICAL SCIENC 09/01/1993 GOVT*141 United States Government
PS*401 CONSTITUTIONAL ISSUES 09/01/1993 GOVT*321 Constitutional Law
PSC*101 EARTH SCIENCE 09/01/2000 GEOS*106 Introduction to Geology
09/01/2000 08/31/2001 CHEM*101
Survey of Gen Chem
Survey of Gen Chem
09/01/2000 08/31/2001 CHEM*111
Prin of Chem I
Prin of Chem I
PSY*150 INTRO PSYCHOLOGY W/ LAB 09/01/2000 PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSY*180 GENERAL PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1993 PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSY*260 HUMAN GROWTH AND DEVELOP 09/01/1993 PSY*156 Life Span Dev Psy
PSY*340 PERSONALITY & ADJUSTMENT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PSY*157 Psy of Adjustment
PSY*420 ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 PSY*590U Abnormal Psychology
REL*280 PHILOSOPHY OF RELIGION 09/01/1993 PHIL*307 Phil of Religion
REL*285 WORLD RELIGIONS 09/01/1993 REL*221 World Religions I
REL*290 INTRO TO OLD TESTAMENT 09/01/1993 ENG*367 Old Testament Lit
REL*291 INTRO TO NEW TESTAMENT 09/01/1993 ENG*368 New Testament Lit
SOC*120 PRINCIPLES OF SOCIOLOGY 09/01/1993 SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*121 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SOC*220 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 09/01/2000 SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SOC*310 TOPICS IN ARTS & SCIENCES 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*476 Special Problems
SOC*320 RACE & ETHNIC RELATIONS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*374 Am Minority Relatio
SOC*420 WOMEN AND WORK 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*376 Industrial Soc
SPAN*155 ELEM SPANISH I 09/01/2000 SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SPAN*156 ELEMENTARY SPANISH II 09/01/2000 SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
SPAN*255 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH III 09/01/2005 SPA*201 Intermediate Spanish I
SPAN*256 INTERMEDIATE SPANISH IV 09/01/2005 SPA*202 Intermediate Spanish II
SPS*350 RESEARCH METHODS 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 SOC*450 Res Methodology
SS*110 PRIN OF GEOGRAPHY 09/01/1993 GEO*100 Fund of Geography
SS*201 KENTUCKY STUDIES 09/01/1993 GEO*344 Kentucky
SS*220 PRIN OF ECON I(MACROECON) 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
SS*221 PRIN ECON II(MICROECONOM) 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
SS*301 THE AMERICAN EXPERIENCE 09/01/2006 HIS*202 American Studies
SS*305 ORGANIZATIONAL COMMUNICAT 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 COMM*567U Organizational Comm
SS*325 INTERPERSONAL COMMUNICATI 09/01/1993 08/31/2005 CMSP*230 Interpersonal Comm
WS*200 INTRO TO WOMEN'S STUDIES 09/01/2006 WST*273 Intro to Women's Studies