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Ivy Tech State College Course Equivalencies
Ivy Tech State College Course

MSU Equivalency





AHI*235 WORLD CIVILIZATIONS I 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 HIS*210 Early World Civilization
AHI*236 WORLD CIVILIZATIONS II 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 HIS*201 Global Studies
ANH*154 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY 09/01/2006 SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
APO*201 INTRO TO POLITICAL SCIENC 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 GOVT*180 Intro to Political Theory
ARH*101 SURVEY OF ART & CULTURE I 09/01/2000 ART*264 Art History II
ARH*102 SURVEY OF ART &CULTURE II 09/01/2000 ART*265 Art History III
ARH*110 ART APPRECIATION 09/01/2006 FNA*160 Understand Visual Arts
ASO*154 CULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGY 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 SOC*305 Cultural Anthropol
ASO*252 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
ASY*101 SOLAR SYSTEM ASTRONOMY 09/01/2006 PHYS*110 Concepts in Astronomy
BIO*101 INTRO BIOLOGY 09/01/2000 BIOL*105 Intro to Biol Sci
BIO*220 ENVIRONMENTAL SCIENCE 09/01/2006 BIOL*155 Intro Environmental Sci
BUS*101 INTRODUCTION TO BUSINESS 09/01/2000 MNGT*160 Business and Society
BUS*108 PERSONAL FINANCE 09/01/2000 FIN*264 Personal Finance
CIS*101 INTRO TO MICROCOMPUTERS 09/01/2000 CIS*101 Computers for Learning
CIS*102 INFORMATION SYSTEMS FUND 09/01/2000 CIS*101 Computers for Learning
COM*101 FUND OF PUBLIC SPEAKING 09/01/2000 CMSP*108 Fund of Speech Commun
COM*202 SMALL GROUP COMMUNICATION 09/01/2006 CMSP*383 Small Group Communication
ECN*101 ECONOMIC FUNDAMENTALS 09/01/2000 ECON*101 Introduction to Economics
ECN*201 PRINCIPLES MACROECONOMICS 09/01/2000 ECON*201 Prin of Macroeconomics
ECN*202 PRINCIPLES MICROECONOMICS 09/01/2000 ECON*202 Prin of Microeconomics
ENG*111 ENGLISH COMPOSITION 09/01/2000 ENG*100 Writing I
ENG*112 EXPOSITION & PERSUASION 09/01/2000 ENG*200 Writing II
ENG*206 INTRO TO LITERATURE 09/01/2006 ENG*120 Approaches to Literature
ENG*211 TECHNICAL WRITING 09/01/2006 ENG*292 Technical Composition
ENG*220 INTRO WORLD LITERATURE I 09/01/2006 ENG*211 Int to World Lit I
ENG*221 INTRO TO WORLD LITERAT II 09/01/2006 ENG*212 Int to World Lit II
FRE*101 FRENCH LEVEL I 09/01/2006 FRN*101 Beginning French I
GEO*207 WORLD GEOGRAPHY 09/01/2006 GEO*300 World Geography
HAH*110 ART APPRECIATION 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 FNA*160 Understand Visual Arts
HEL*220 INTRO TO WORLD LIT I 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 ENG*211 Int to World Lit I
HEL*221 INTRO TO WORLD LIT II 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 ENG*212 Int to World Lit II
HHS*105 MEDICAL LAW & ETHICS 09/01/2000 NURS*300 Ethic/Legal Issues Hlth
HLS*101 SPANISH LEVEL I 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
HLS*103 SPANISH LEVEL II 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II
HOS*104 NUTRITION 09/01/2000 HS*101 Nutrition and Well Being
HPP*213 LOGIC 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 PHIL*306 Logic
HSY*102 SURVEY OF AMERICAN HIS II 09/01/2000 HIS*202 American Studies
HSY*235 WORLD CIVILIZATION I 09/01/2006 HIS*210 Early World Civilization
HSY*236 WORLD CIVILIZATION II 09/01/2006 HIS*201 Global Studies
HUM*100 THEATRE APPRECIATION 09/01/2006 THEA*110 Intro to Theatre
HUM*118 MUSIC APPRECIATION 09/01/2006 MUSH*261 Music Listening
MAT*115 STATISTICS 09/01/2000 MATH*123 Intro to Statistics
09/01/2000 08/31/2001 MATH*174
Pre-Calculus Math
Pre-Calculus Math
09/01/2001 08/31/2002 MATH*174
Pre-Calculus Math
Pre-Calculus Math
MAT*133 COLLEGE ALGEBRA W/ANA GEO 09/01/2000 MATH*152 College Algebra
MAT*134 TRIGONOMETRY 09/01/2000 MATH*141 Plane Trigonometry
MAT*136 COLLEGE ALGEBRA 09/01/2006 MATH*152 College Algebra
MAT*211 CALCULUS I 09/01/2006 MATH*175 Calculus I
MAT*218 CALC W/ANALYTICAL GEOM I 09/01/2006 MATH*175 Calculus I
MEA*102 FIRST AID & CPR 09/01/2000 HLTH*203 Safety & First Aid
PHL*101 INTRO TO PHILOSOPHY 09/01/2000 PHIL*200 Intro to Philosophy
PHL*102 INTRO TO ETHICS 09/01/2000 PHIL*203 Social Ethics
PHL*213 LOGIC 09/01/2006 PHIL*306 Logic
PHY*101 PHYSICS I 09/01/2006 PHYS*201 Elem Physics I
POL*101 INTRO AMERICAN GOVT&POLIT 09/01/2000 GOVT*141 United States Government
POL*201 INTRO TO POLITICAL SCIENC 09/01/2006 GOVT*180 Intro to Political Theory
POL*210 PERSONAL LAW 09/01/2006 PLS*226 Law for the Layperson
PSY*101 INTRO TO PSYCHOLOGY 09/01/2000 PSY*154 Intro to Psy
PSY*201 LIFESPAN DEVELOPMENT 09/01/2000 PSY*156 Life Span Dev Psy
SCI*111 PHYSICAL SCIENCE 09/01/2000 SCI*103 Intro to Phys Sci
SES*207 WORLD GEOGRAPHY 09/01/2000 08/31/2005 GEO*300 World Geography
SOC*111 INTRO TO SOCIOLOGY 09/01/2000 SOC*101 General Sociology
SOC*252 SOCIAL PROBLEMS 09/01/2006 SOC*203 Contemp Soc Probs
SPA*101 SPANISH LEVEL I 09/01/2006 SPA*101 Spanish Lang & Culture I
SPA*102 SPANISH LEVEL II 09/01/2006 SPA*102 Spanish Lang & Culture II