Faculty Research and Creative Productions
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  Michael Hail
Dr. Michael Hail
Recipient of the 2013
Distinguished Researcher

Lisa Mesa-Gaido

Elizabeth Mesa-Gaido
Recipient of the 2013
Distinguished Creative Production

 Research and Creative Productions Committee

The Research and Creative Productions Committee (RCPC) exists to promote quality University research and creative productions through University-Funded Research Grants; University-Funded Creative Production Grants; and Summer Research and Creative Production Fellowships.  The RCPC is also charged with recommending to the Provost the recipient of the Distinguished Researcher Award and the Distinguished Creative Production Award.

The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) serves as the administrative office for the Research and Creative Productions Committee.  ORSP is located in 901 Ginger Hall, 606.783.2010.

Current faculty members of the RCPC:

Murray Strauss Y. Bessette, Assistant Professor of Government, 606.783.5395

Doug Chatham, Associate Professor of Mathematics, 606.783.2559

Carol Christian, Assistant Professor/Director P-16 Program, 606.783.2261

Michael Henson, Associate Vice President of Research and
  Dean of the Graduate School, 606.783.9080

Bo Shi, Assistant Professor of Finance, 606.783.2475

Paul Steele, Director, Center for Justice Studies, 606.783.2254

Sandy Sumner, Librarian II, 606.783.2200

Faculty committee members are appointed by Faculty Senate.

The RCPC Web page is maintained by Brenda DeHart, RCPC Administrative Assistant, 606.783.9399, b.dehart@moreheadstate.edu.