Academic Probation
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A student on probation who completes another semester, and does not earn a GPA high enough for good academic standing, will be suspended from MSU.  GPA requirements for good academic standing are:

Required GPA Standards:

    • 1.8 MSU cumulative grade-point average if 24 or fewer semester hours have been attempted
    • 1.9 MSU cumulative grade-point average if 25-36 semester hours have been attempted
    • 2.0 MSU cumulative grade-point average if 37 or more semester hours have been attempted
    • "Hours attempted" includes transfer hours, however, only MSU course grades are included in the cumulative GPA.

      UAR 123.06 Scholastic Standing

During a suspension period, a student will not be eligible to enroll for any credits at Morehead State University. Suspended students will be notified of their status by the Office of the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs.



If you can document extraordinary circumstances that prevented you from achieving an acceptable grade point average this past semester and you wish to attend the Fall 2014 semester, you may appeal the suspension by completing an “Appeal for Readmission Form” as described in the Suspension Appeal Guidelines.

Students at Morehead State University must achieve a specific minimum grade point average each semester.  Students failing to meet the minimum standards are placed on academic probation for two semesters. If a student fails to meet scholastic standards after two probation semesters then students are subject to suspension for the following semester.