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Document Services at Morehead State University will make deliveries of printed material throughout the day Monday-Friday. Deliveries will be made to the addressee or their administrative assistant. There will be no fee assessed for delivery of completed orders on the Morehead campus. Orders to be shipped to outlying areas or other campuses may be assessed a shipping charge for using a private shipper. Departments may also arrange for pick up during regular office hours. Any customer concerns regarding the delivery of their completed job should be directed to Document Services at 606-783-2032.

Paper Deliveries

For on campus fleet units.

White paper is included with the lease on the new fleet units, both Canon copiers and the Kyocera printers.  You may order paper for delivery at 3-5000.  Departments have the option to pick up their paper order.

Departments wishing to furnish their own paper for fleet units for a reduced per click rate may do so.  Please contact Doug Snedegar at 606-783-2701 or to find out more...

Regional Campus locations may contact Document Services to coordinate paper pick up to coincide with main campus visits.