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Standard Pricing

Document Center - Powered by Lynn Imaging

Prices subject to change due to paper costs and job request changes.

ALSO NEW - We now have full color wide format printing available within the doc ctr at affordable prices.  Currently printing on standard bond paper for $3.50 per sq. ft.  Maximum width is 44 inches.  Please contact the Doc Ctr or the Office of Communications and Marketing for file specifications and MSU brand/logo policies...  Check price sheet above for more info and more services offered by the Document Center and Lynn Imaging...  We are "Much More Than Copies..."

To request a price quote please contact Document Services at 606-783-2032 or email request to .

Fleet Copiers

Standard per click pricing for all Canon and Kyocera fleet units is .04 cents/sheet for B/W 8.5 x 11.  This includes toner, white paper, and support from the on site fleet manager.  For more information on how to be set up for a fleet unit or to have your departments document management assessment conducted please contact or .

Pay-For-Copy/Print (BeakerBUCKs)

Pricing for these devices are as follows:
Standard B/W 8.5x11
            .07 cents/sheet
Color 8.5x11
            .60 cents/sheet
Color 11x17
            $1.20 /sheet