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On Campus Fleet Manager - Joe Mitchell - Commonwealth Technology, Inc.

Document Services is responsible for providing and maintaining the Canon multifunction copiers and Kyocera printers on each Morehead State University campus. To keep service calls easy, we ask that all key operators utilize the existing technology support line, 606-783-HELP (4357), formally 606-783-5000, to request service, replenish toner, staples, paper and to schedule user training.

Departmental Assessments

It is recommended each department on campus have a document management assessment conducted within each of their areas.  The assessments will be conducted by Commonwealth Technologies and will first inventory all printers, MFD's, fax machines, and scanners within each unit.  Second, CT will develop a more efficient and cost effective fleet solution that will not only give each department updated units, but also show depts how to produce needed printed material in a more cost effective way.  This document management solution will also include information on what types of jobs should be submitted to the Document Center for production.  (It is common for depts to surplus some existing equipment to effectively participate within the fleet solution on campus)  To schedule an assessment please contact or .

Copy Codes

Old codes were transferred to the new units with the initial implementation of the new Canon units.  These codes need to be used asap due to the upcoming plan to convert ALL depts to the new coding system.  The new codes are directly based on the each depts datatel convenience copier accounts XX-XXXXXXXX-5105800.  They will be monthly open billing codes, not pre paid.  For more information please contact Doug Snedegar at 606-783-2701.


Multifunction copiers that accept EagleCard BeakerBUCKs are available on the 2nd floor of the Adron Doran University Center, and the 1st, 2nd and 5th floors of Camden-Carroll Library.  Other locations are being considered.

If you need assistance using the multifunction copiers or Kyocera printers or if you experience difficulty with any machine, please notify Document Services via the IT Technology Service Center at 3-HELP(4357), formally 3-5000.