University Post Office
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Campus Mail Services

UPO Box Rentals

$5.00 per semester per student - Fall, Spring, and Summer. Free for faculty and staff. 

Campus Mail Distribution and Pick-Up Guidelines

The campus postal operation picks up and delivers mail to designated campus points daily, Monday through Friday. Mail should be separated into four categories before UPO personnel arrive for pick-up:

Business Reply

Specially printed business reply cards and envelopes should be used by departments needing a prepaid reply from an addressee. When using the business reply, the University is required to pay postage only if the card or envelope is returned by the correspondent. Do not use envelopes with the permit imprint for a prepaid return envelope. Only business reply envelopes can be used for this purpose.

Residence Hall Mail Delivery

Delivery of the mail to the University residence halls is the responsibility of the Morehead Post Office. The Director of Housing will provide a secure location in each hall and provide all necessary keys to the Morehead Post Office for the daily delivery of mail.