University Post Office
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Off Campus Metered Mail

The UPO requires a Postage Charge Card with the following information when submitting mail that needs metered.

  • Departmental Authorizing Signature
  • Date
  • Department Name 
  • Phone Number 
  • Department Account Number (budget unit number)

Off-campus mail will not be picked up and metered unless a completed Postage Charge Card is attached. All mail in University envelopes, cartons or other mailing containers must reflect the return address of the sender (office) on the exterior of the mailing piece. Postage meters and postage stamps purchased with University funds may not be used for the mailing of any material which is not official University business. Illegal use of postage meters is a violation of KRS 514.060 (theft of services) and illegal taking of University property (stamps, envelopes, etc.) is a violation of KRS 514.030. Both offenses, if the value is less than $100, are Class A Misdemeanors and carry penalties of 12 months imprisonment and/or a $500 fine