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On Campus

The on-campus mail service is only available for University's official activities. Examples of inappropriate mail are: greeting cards, political literature, personal notes, chain letters, Mary Kay or Avon brochures or catalogs, and other material not involving official University business. These types of on-campus mail may not be deposited at the UPO or accepted by the University staff, unless it bears sufficient postage to be accepted by the USPS. Please use the Faculty, Staff, and Student Directory for the correct campus address. Campus mail should be placed in either an Interdepartmental Delivery envelope or in a Campus only #10 envelope. Campus mail can be delivered in a timely fashion if it is addressed properly. Please place accurate dates on all out going mail to the campus community and place the mail in the out-going mail pick-up bin as soon as possible. Mail that is not dated in a timely fashion may not be accepted for delivery by the UPO. On Campus Residence Hall mail is delivered to the Housing Office in Thompson Hall and the Hall Directors distribute to the student's mail boxes.