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Anonymous Tip Line

Welcome to the Morehead State University Police Department's online crime report form. If this is an EMERGENCY or the crime you wish to report is in progress call the MSU Police Department at 606-783-2035 or dial 911. If you want to advise the Police Department of criminal activity in your residence hall, building, or work area you have reached the right place. All you have to do is fill out the form below and it will be sent directly to the Police Department.


  1. This form is for individuals of the Morehead State University Community who wish to report a crime, but do not want to be identified.
  2. Use this form to report crimes, concerns, or questionable activity on property owned, rented, or leased by Morehead State University.
  3. Please provide as much detail as you can in response to categories and questions. The amount of information provided will determine the ability to investigate these allegations. 
  4. Personal information is optional (* Indicates optional information). It will greatly aid University personnel in the investigation of your tip if we are able to contact you with follow-up questions.



*Campus address:


*Home address:


*Phone number:

 Home:  Cell:
 *Email address:  

Type of activity:

Location of activity:  
 When incident occurred:  

In the following field, give a detailed description of what happened/is happening. The more information, the better:


In the following field, give a complete description of the suspect. Name, race, age, height, weight, work address, 

home address, and any other information you can provide:


If a vehicle was/is used in this activity, please give a full description: license number, license state, vehicle make and model, 

type, year, color, and any other identifying marks:

May we contact you in regard to this report?

If you wish to be contacted, please provide an email address where we may reach you:

 Email Address:               


This form is under constant evaluation. If you would like to make a suggestion or comments please e-mail

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