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Aluminum cans  

Place empty cans into the yellow container with a "cans only " lid. Located in hallways, vending areas, and lobby areas across campus.


Remove packaging material and flatten.  

Includes corrugated boxes, chipboard, paperboard, lunch bags, gray cartons, and brown envelopes.   

Call 3-5268 if you receive a large shipments in cardboard boxes so we can make arrangements to pick up.

Place beside paper containers or in outside cardboard containers located behind Academic-Athletic Complex, ADUC, Alumni Tower, Baird Music, Combs Bldg., Ginger Hall, Howell-McDowell, Lappin Hall, Mignon Complex, Laughlin Bldg., Lloyd Cassidy, Reed Hall, Waterfield Hall, and Wetherby Gymnasium.


Place old cartridge inside the packaging (plastic and box) of the new cartridge you replaced the used cartridge with.  Please reduce the amount of light exposure. Place cartridges beside the paper containers located in hallways.  DO NOT place outside with cardboard.

Ceiling Tile

Various types of ceiling tile from in-house construction projects can be recycled.  Call recycling at 3-5263 to make collection  arrangements.


Food Scraps, leaves, branches, and grass clippings. Leaves are mulched and left on the ground.   

Contact the University Farm for information on the farm composting efforts.  

The campus greenhouse house also supports an in house composting effort.

Glass Containers

Remove lids and excess food.  No windows panes and/or kitchenware.  Containers for glass are located in front of ADUC, behind Lappin Hall, Alumni Tower, and outside of computer lab in the basement of library computer lab.

* Inside Residence Halls:  Fields Hall, Nunn Hall, Normal Hall, Mays Hall, and Thompson Hall. 

*Outdoor containers located at Cartmell Hall, Mignon Tower, and Mignon Hall.

Fluorescent Lamps and High Intensity Discharge Lamps


* Appliance

* Steel cans

* Appliances are collected from Support Services Complex after they have been surplused.  

* See map for location of recycling stations.


Place all paper grades into either the red, blue, or white containers designated for paper.

Paper recycling includes ...

Ledger Paper: Personal computer paper, copier machine paper, typewriter paper, white ledger pads, and adding machine paper. Paper clips and stables are acceptable.

Folders:  Manila, colored, and coated.

Mail:  Letters, brochures, and advertisements without plastic covers.

Correspondence:  legal pad paper, colored paper & message sheets, self-adhesive notes, index cards, and fax paper.

Envelopes:  with windows, with labels, colored and coated.

Newspapers: glossy inserts ok.

Books: phone, soft, and hard back


Paper containers are located in the hallways of classrooms, lobby areas of the residence halls, copy rooms, and other areas of high use.

The paper grades are sorted at the community recycling center.  The amount of sorting depends on present market situations.

Currently Not Acceptable Paper:  Contaminated  paper plates, facial tissue, napkins, cups, paper towels, and food wrappers.


*  Plastic containers:  #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.  See number inside recycling symbol on the bottom of the container for type of plastic.

*  Plastic 6 Pack rings


*   #1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7  plastic containers, such as pop bottles can be recycled at ADUC Food Service, Mays Hall, Thompson Hall, Normal Hall, Fields Hall , Mignon Complex, between Lappin Hall and Combs, and in front of ADUC and library computer lab.  Remove lids and remove excess liquid and food.

Look on the bottom of the plastic container for number.

*   The 6 Pack rings are collected from vendors.

Other Items

*  Pallets

*  Packaging peanuts

*  Re-usable Office Supply

  Packaging  peanuts are collected and re-used at the Kentucky Folk Art Center.

*   Contact the recycling office at 3-5263 if you need once used file folders and/or three ring binders.  To recycle three ring binders place beside the paper containers and label recycle.