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Spring 2012 Residence Hall Energy Competition!!

Fall 2011 Residence Hall Energy Competition!!



MSU's office of Facilities Management initiated its Energy Conservation Program in 1994. The mission of the program is to effectively monitor, control, and reduce the level of energy-consumption necessary for the day-to-day operation of buildings and facilities at Morehead State University.

Since its inception, program initiatives have included:

  • MSU has used building automation to monitor and control HVAC systems since 1980. In 2000, Siemens Building Technologies upgraded the system, installing APOGEE control panels and software in several campus buildings. Siemens also installed an InSight Energy Management System (EMS) software server in the Rice Maintenance Building.
  • Lighting Upgrades - In 2004, MSU entered into a performance contracting agreement in which older 40-watt fluorescent tubes were replaced with high-efficiency T8 tubes which typically use 32-watts.
  • Recent upgrades to the EMS during the early part of 2009, included new field panels in the Academic Athletic Center and the Claypool-Young art facility.
  • Current proposed projects include the monitoring of individual building electrical-usage, and an HVAC-Equipment preventive maintenance program.
  • Building Renovations - Nunn Hall, Alumni Tower, Mignon Tower, and East Mignon building renovations include panels and controls for integration with the existing EMS.
  • New Construction - MSU's Space Science Center was the university's first facility to have both HVAC and lighting controls. The new Center for Health, Education & Research (C.H.E.R.), built to LEED standards, features integration with the EMS as well as lighting controls. The newly completed Student Recreation Center (LEED-Gold Certified) is also on the system, with lighting controls and a Greenscreen.
  • Electric Vehicles - In 2008, the office of Facilities Management purchased several Chrysler GEM electric trucks to replace older gasoline-powered vehicles in the service fleet.







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