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ADUC 09  

Sherman-Carter-Barnhart, PPC were selected to provide design consultation for the renovation and expansion of the Adron Doran University Center. Plans for this project include the acquisition of adjacent property, renovation of the 93,000 square feet existing facility, construction of 45,000 square feet of additional space, and provision for a 500 space parking structure. In addition to keeping the existing functions, such as food service, book store, and recreation, this project will hopefully permit the University to consolidate various other student functions into a single location. It will also provide additional meeting space. In addition to considering changing the exterior appearance of this facility back to the brick and stone classic gothic design, there will be consideration given to changing vehicular and pedestrian traffic patterns in the central area of the campus. This $20,000,000 project is being funded in two phases by the Commonwealth. We have received $10,000,000 for Phase I.  D. W. Wilburn, Inc. is the contractor for Phase I with a bid of $7,360,000, Alt #1 $163,000.  Phase I is currently complete.  Phase II is still on the books with no dates released yet.