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Campus Master Plan

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An approved Campus Master Plan is required by the Kentucky General Assembly and the Council on Higher Education for use in the Commonwealth's capital planning process.  The Master Plan is used in formulating the institutions' Six-Year Capital Plan and Biennial Capital Budget Request and has proven valuable in the decision-making process related to real property acquisitions.

The University has extensively relied on the Campus Master Plan to guide decisions related to the short and long-range planning and physical development of the campus.

Though the Campus Master Plan is, by design, physical in nature, the academic goal setting and resource allocation decisions that will ultimately define the institution's classroom, faculty and staff office and student housing needs will be accomplished through the Strategic Planning process.  The Campus Master Plan identifies potential building sites, but the University's academic programs and its present and future student response to that program, as well as the physical attractiveness of MSU, will impact MSU's future enrollment and related facility needs.

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