Physical Sciences
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Science Education Faculty

The Science Education faculty includes five highly qualified and motivated members.

Associate Professor of Science
Office: Lappin 405C
Phone: 606-783-2931

B.S. in Biophysics, Loma Linda University, M.S. in Physics, University of Oklahoma, Ph.D. in Science Education, University of Oklahoma. Teaches Introduction to Physical Science of the Elementary Teacher, and both science methods and advanced science methods for the elementary teacher. Research interests: Informal science education, cognitive development, misconceptions in science, curriculum development, elementary science learning, and gender equity issues in science education.

RONALD L. FIEL emeritus
Professor of Science

B.S. Fort Hays State, M.S. Emporia State, Ed.D. Indiana University. Teaches Introduction to Physical Science, Introduction of Physical Science for Elementary Teachers and elementary school science methods.

 Wilson J. Gonzalez-Espada

Associate Professor of Science

Office:  Lappin Hall 405A

Phone:  606.783.2927

Assistant Professor of Science
Office: Lappin Hall 409
Phone: 606-783-2349

B.A. Cornell College, Iowa, in Geology, M.S. Texas A&M, in Geology, Ph.D.,
University of Kentucky, in Geology.
Teaches Inquiry Earth and Space Science for Elementary Teachers, Advanced
Earth Science for Elementary Teachers, Earth Science for Middle and High
School Teachers, Science Teaching Methods, and Geology.  Research interests:
forming earth systems science conceptualizations, efficacy of science
teaching methodologies, misconceptions in earth systems science, Paleogene
palynology, organic petrography, fly ash petrography, fly ash geochemistry,
environmental education methods.

C. VICTOR RAMEY emeritus
Associate Professor of Science Education

B.S. Morehead State University, M.S. at Michigan State University, General Biology, Ed.D. Indiana University, Science Education. Teaches Introduction to Physical Science

Elizabeth Roland

Assistant Professor of Science

Office:  Lappin Hall 405C

Phone:  606.783.9550