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Pre-medicine advisor in Chemistry.  

Dr. Ann Macintosh, Assoc. Professor of Chemistry.

Phone:  606-783-2926    


Location: Lappin Hall  404E

     The chemistry major for pre-medical students develops and strengthens a student's communication and thinking skills along with giving them a good background in chemistry. Additional course work in physics and mathematics helps prepare students for medical school. Most premedical students who major in chemistry also minor in biology, though other minors are possible. Recommended general education classes in social and behavioral sciences and humanities round out the student's education.

    Medical schools also consider standardized exam scores, communication skills, integrity, maturity and community involvement. Students should pursue activities which demonstrate these characteristics.

    Most students finish their degree at MSU before going to medical school, but students who gain early admission may transfer back specific courses upon completion of medical school to finish the MSU chemistry degree provided other graduation requirements have been met. Specific medical schools may have varying requirements and students should investigate the schools of their choice early in their career. Their academic advisor will work closely with the student planning their sequence of courses for their degree.