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Direct Deposit Information

The payroll office must receive written notification that you want to enroll in direct deposit. The prenote date represents the transfer of a $0.00 deposit electronically.  On this date you will receive an official check, however, it is very important that you verify with your bank that a $0.00 transaction has been deposited into your account.  This allows you time to alert us that there is a problem with the system before any actual funds are transferred electronically. On the effective date, your funds will be transferred electronically.  

  • Simple
  • Safe
  • Convenient
  • Reliable

Contact the Payroll Office at 783-2145 for information on signing up today!

*The online direct deposit is for Accounting and Financial Services (refunds or check requests). Payroll requires a printed form to be delivered to our office, either through mail, fax, or hand.

*If you close or switch accounts, please make sure to let Payroll know to ensure your money isn't being sent to an old account. This has to be done by the 5th for the 15th release or 20th for the 30th release.