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WebAdvisor Payroll Advice Instructions

Online with Datatel WebAdvisor Effective January 2007

Pay advices are available online for all employees.   

  1. Double click on the “Internet Explorer” icon
  2. Type in the URL for the University’s homepage –
  3. Type WebAdvisor in the URL, (overtop the
  4. Click on the bar for “Employees”
  5. Click “Log In”
  6. Enter your User ID.  This is your MSU ID as shown on your ID card.  You must enter the letter m before your 7-digit MSU ID number (Example:  m1234567)
  7. Enter your Password.  This is the same as your email password.
  8. Click “Submit”
  9. Click the link for “Pay Advices”
  10. Select the pay release you need to view or print


It is important to protect your personal information by clicking the red X in the top right corner of the advice form, or the close window button.  You must also “Log Out”.  Select “OK” to close the browser and “Yes” to close the window.