University Outreach Planning Task Force
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Focus Group Members

Promotion & Marketing (Facilitator: Jim Shaw, VP, University Advancement)

Jami Hornbuckle (Communications and Marketing)

April Haight (Environmental Center)

Cathy Thomas (Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies)

Weihong Sun (Enrollment Services)

Roma Prindle (Music, Theatre, and Dance)

Keith Moore (Business and Public Affairs)

Barbara Lyons (Marketing)


Fiscal Support Models/Business Plan (Facilitator: Beth Patrick, Chief of Staff and

VP, Planning and Budgets)

Melissa Dunn (Athletics)

Kelly Crawford ( University Advancement & MSU Foundation)

Clara Potter (Camden-Caroll Library)

Teresa Lindgren (Budgets)


Facilities/Space (Facilitator: Mike Walters, VP, Administration & Fiscal Services)


Academic Affairs Program & Course Delivery (Facilitator: Scott McBride, Interim Dean, CCA, Humanities and Social


Darlene Allen (Research and Sponsored Programs)

Larry Albert (Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies)

Dora Ahmadi (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics

Stephanie Welter (Biology and Chemistry)

Louise Cooper (Center for Regional Engagement)

Elsie Prichard (Camden-Carroll Library)

Teresa Petot (Early Child, Elementary, and Special Education)

Wilma Tate (Student Support Services)

John Ernst (History, Philosophy, Religion, and Legal Studies)

Brent Jones (Information Technology Instructional Services)

Jim Knoll (Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education)

Erla Mowbray (Nursing)

Clarenda Phillips (Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology)

Greg Russell (Business Administration)

Ahmad Zagari (Industrial & Engineering Technology)

Dianna Murphy (Legal Studies)

Esther Ratajeski (Earth and Space Sciences)


Technology Support & DL Delivery (Facilitator: Gary Holeman, Assistant VP, Technology)

Michele Walters (Nursing)

Bill Cole (Education/Instructional Technology)

Brent Jones (Information Technology Instructional Services)

Jeff Jordan (Information Technology)

Jeff Highley (Information Technology)

Zoltan Ori (Information Technology)

Amy Moore (Information Technology)

Chris Miller (Foundational and Graduate Studies Education)

Donna Everett (Business Education)

Calvin Lindell (Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies)

Michael Dobranski (Mathematics, Computer Science, and Physics)


Enrollment & Academic Support Services (Co-Facilitators: Dayna Seelig, Associate VPAA, Academic Programs

and Jeffrey Liles, Assistant Vice President, Enrollment Services)

Myra Mayse (Enrollment Services, Admissions)

Tammy Blackburn (CEOC, MSU-Prestonsburg)

Regina Beach (Testing)

Mike Wallace (Retention Programs)

Donna King (Financial Aid)

Julia Hawkins (Career Services)

Bob Albert (Business and Public Affairs)

Susan Maxey (Graduate Programs)

Michelle Barber (Graduate Programs)

Jen Crisp (Enrollments Services)

Lora Pace (First Year Program and Retention)

Jeanette Groeber (Sociology, Social Work and Criminology at MSU-Mt Sterling)

Kathy Lewis (Mathematics, Computer Science and Physics)

Beth Lawson (GEAR UP KY)

Loretta Lykins (Registrar)


Diversity (Facilitator: Charles Holloway, Chief Diversity Officer)

Crystal Wilkinson (English)

Jody Fernandez (Middle and Secondary Education)

Noel Earl (Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies)

William Salazar (IRAPP)

Kathryn Polmanteer (Education)


Adult Education/Adult Programs/College Access (Facilitator: Dan Connell, Assistant VPAA, University Outreach)

Brent Jones (Information Technology Instructional Services)

Annette Wilder (Talent Search)

Jill McBride (Enrollment Services)

Connie Spencer-Ackerman (Adult Education Academy)

Lee Nabb (Foundational and Graduate Studies Education)

Summer Copley (GEAR UP KY)

Clay Howard (Camden-Caroll Library)

Janet Kenney (MSU-Mt Sterling)

Latonya Hesterberg (Sociology, Social Work, and Criminology)

Keith Moore (Business and Public Affairs)

Jonell Tobin (MSU-West Liberty)

Eva Henderson (Rowan County Adult Learning Center)

Melanie Jones (Foundational and Graduate Studies Education)

Jennifer Cady (Upward Bound)

Kevin Hall (GEAR UP KY)

David Sloan (IRAPP)

Lauren Joseph (GEAR UP KY)

Shellie Hallock (Student Support Services)

Michelle Patrick (Talent Search)


Regional Engagement (Co-Facilitators: J Marshall, Executive Director, Regional Engagement

and Dale Duvall, Special Assistant to the President, P-16)

Jennifer Reis (Art and Design)

Paul Hitchcock (Morehead State Public Radio)

Susette Redwine (University Center and Conference Services)

Donna Baker (Camden-Caroll Library)

Krista Barton (21st Century Education)

Janet Ratliff (Economic Education)

Edna Schack (Early Childhood, Elementary, and Special Education)

Janet McCoy (Communication, Media, and Leadership)

Cathy Gunn (Education)

Lucy Mays (Nursing)

Sharon Williams (RSVP Program)

Betty Regan (Information Systems)

Francis Krug (MSU Honors Student)

Wendy Puckett (Frontier Housing)

Bev McCormick (Business Administration)

Christie McMichael (IRAPP-Geography)


Continuing Education (Co-Facilitators: Mike Seelig, Associate VPAA, University Outreach

and Linda McCleese, Academic Outreach Community Relations Officer)

Rocky Wallace (Foundational and Graduate Studies Education)

Emma Perkins (Art and Design)

Jennifer Little (Camden-Carroll Library)

Eric Thomas (Space Science Center Star Theatre)

Lisa Shemwell (Communication, Media, and Leadership Studies)