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The Bylaws of Theta Pi Chapter
Of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia Fraternity

Revised March 6, 2005

 This chapter has adopted the following Bylaws for the purposes of recognizing the formal structure of our organization and providing an expedient way of conducting its business.  These Bylaws are never to be regarded as an end in themselves.  They are never to be enforced merely because they are there; rather, they must be understood as a commonly accepted formality by which we are able to enjoy both order in our organizational life and in this Chapter.  They promote the common welfare, musical awareness, and Brotherhood of all.  The goal of these Bylaws is to establish a framework in which these ends can be achieved.

Written in accordance with the 2004 revision of the National Constitution and General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters.

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I.  Establishment
 II.  Parliamentary Authority
 III.  General Assembly
 IV.  Executive Council
 V.  Election/Installment of Officers
 VI.  Duties of Officers
 VII.  Committee Structure
 VIII.  Invitations and Probationary Period
 IX.  Alcohol Policy
 X.  Method of Adoption and Amendment

I. Establishment

The permanent Fraternity governing procedures shall be the National Constitution, General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters, and the Bylaws of the Theta Pi Chapter.

II. Parliamentary Authority

Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall serve as the guidelines to parliamentary authority in matters not covered by these Bylaws.  Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised may be suspended by two-thirds majority vote of those present and voting.  If not reinstated by a two-thirds majority vote, the suspension shall be for the duration of that meeting only.

III. General Assembly

A.  Theta Pi Chapter shall hold at least one meeting each week of the school year except during vacations and final exams unless otherwise passed by two-thirds majority vote.  Meetings shall be conducted in accordance with Article IX, sections 1-8 of the General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters.

B.  In cases of the absence of the President, the Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, or Warden shall conduct the meeting in that order.

C.  Attendance Policy

1.  It is the fraternal responsibility of every member to attend all mandatory functions, as specified in Article III, section E:1-9 of these Bylaws.

2.  If a member cannot attend a mandatory function or if he will be late, it is solely his responsibility to present to the Executive Council or Secretary with a written or e-mailed excuse 3hours prior to meetings, and 12 hours prior to the beginning of a function with exception to immediate illness or unforeseen emergency. These excuses shall be read to the General Assembly and must be accepted by an affirmative majority vote.

3.  Appeals to change an absence from unexcused to excused requires a two-thirds affirmative majority vote of the General Assembly. An appeal may be made only once per member per semester. They shall not take place until one week after the original appeal, and will not be considered after this one week period.  Appeals can only be approved by a two-thirds affirmative majority vote.

4.  After three unexcused absences from mandatory functions within one academic semester, the offender may be suspended, or expelled if previously suspended for lack of attendance by a three-fourths affirmative majority vote by the active members present and in good standing. This shall not take place until one week after the motion has been made.

D.  Any individual or group of individuals who wish to use the name Phi Mu Alpha, Theta Pi Chapter in any publication or advertisement, or who commit the chapter to any form of responsibility without a two-thirds affirmative majority authorization of the General Assembly, may be held personally liable for all consequences resulting from their actions.  The chapter hereby specifically refuses any responsibility for any unauthorized commitments.  Failure to comply with these guidelines shall be grounds for suspension of voting rights for one academic semester.

E.  The following shall be considered mandatory functions provided there be at least forty-eight hours notice:

1.  Meetings of the General Assembly

2.  Ritual

3.  Presentations

4.  Pinning

5.  Mills Music Missions

6.  Recitals

7.  Responsibilities    (e.g. Committee Meetings)

8.  ALL Probationary Activities designated by the Fraternal Education Officer that are approved by a two-thirds affirmative majority vote, and;

9.  any other activity so designated by two-thirds affirmative majority vote of the General Assembly

IV. Executive Council

A.  The Executive Council consists of the President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Warden, Historian, Alumni Secretary, Fraternal Education Officer, and Faculty Advisor (s).

B.  The Executive Council shall meet a minimum of  once every two weeks.  All new business to be discussed must be presented in  written or typed form at this time, and will be discussed and may be approved and placed on the agenda. The minutes of the Executive Council shall be emailed to all Executive Council Members, and shall be read along with the Chapter minutes.

C.  The duties of the Executive Council are prescribed in Article XII, section 1 of the General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters. The council shall be charged with the following responsibilities:

1.  To act as a Council of Appeals in regard to fraternal affairs.

2.  To be responsible to ensure the success of all Fraternity functions.

3.  To make an Agenda for every General Assembly meeting.

D.  The Executive Council shall operate under The National Constitution, The General  Regulations for Collegiate Chapter, and The Theta Pi Bylaws.

E.   All ritual cast members shall be approved by an affirmative majority vote by the Executive Council.

F.   Each member of the Executive Council shall serve in the committee that best suites that particular office.

V. Election/Installation of Officers

A.  Nominations may be presented during designated General Assembly meetings by any Active Brother in good standing.

B.  Any and all nominations are heard, and must have a second. If seconded, the nomination shall be recorded by the secretary.

C.  Election meeting procedure:

1. Dates for elections:

a.  Elections shall be held prior to the 1st of March, to provide for a period of apprenticeship for newly elected officers that shall last no more than one month.

b. Nominations shall take place at least one week prior to the Election.

2. Elected Positions:

a.  Officers shall be voted upon in the following order:  President; Vice President; Secretary; Treasurer; Warden; Historian; Alumni Secretary; Fraternal Education Officer;

b.  Unless unopposed, nominees shall leave the room during discussion.  They shall return to vote.

c.  A speech shall be given by each candidate.  These speeches will have a   set time limit of seven minutes for each Presidential candidate, and five   minutes for all other officers.  The presiding Warden, or Secretary, shall   serve as the time keeper.  A question and answer session will follow each speech, the time limit of which shall be decided by the Executive Council.

3.  Voting procedure:

a.  Vote shall be by secret ballot.

b.  The Vice President and the Warden shall be collectively in charge of arranging materials and overseeing secret ballot voting. In the event that the Warden and/or Vice President is unable perform these duties, any two members of the Executive Council shall serve in the aforementioned capacity.

c.  The election shall be by affirmative majority vote of the Active members in good standing, present, and oting when a quorum is in attendance. In the event that no candidate in the election receives a majority of all of the votes on the first ballot, the candidate with the lowest number of votes cast shall be removed from the docket. The office shall then be voted upon until a simple affirmative majority is reached.

D.  All officers upon election are required to read the National Constitution, General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters, and The Bylaws of this Chapter.

E.  The installation of officers shall be the last order of business at the meeting following the apprenticeship period of said officers.  The Installation Ceremony prescribed by the Guide for Ceremonies shall be followed.

VI.  Duties of Officers

A.  The duties of officers shall be dictated by Article XI of the General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters, and Guide to Leadership Development.

B.  The Warden shall act as Parliamentarian in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised.

C.  The Secretary shall be responsible for taking attendance at all mandatory functions, as noted in Article III, section E:1-9 of these Bylaws.  He shall also be responsible for informing unexcused brothers of their offenses in compliance with Article III, section C of these bylaws.

D.  The Historian shall compose an annual Chapter History, maintain the Chapter Scrapbook, Bulletin Board, and keep the editor of the Red and Black informed of all significant Chapter news.

E.  The Vice President shall serve as the music director for the Theta Pi Chapter, and may appoint a song leader from the general assembly if necessary.

VII. Committee Structure

A.  The standing committees of this chapter shall be the Man Power committee, the Money Power Committee, and the Music Power Committee.

B.  The President, upon the advice and consent of the Executive Council, may appoint necessary members of all committees.

C.  Officers, Committee Chairmen, and Committee Members who repeatedly fail to perform their duties may be removes from the position by a two thirds affirmative majority vote by the General Assembly.

D.   The newly appointed members of each committee shall meet with the Chairman of that  committee, at which time he shall brief the new members of their duties.

E. The Chairperson for the committees will be as follows:

1.  The Man Power Committee shall report to the Fraternal Education Officer prior to the General Assembly Meeting in order for the Fraternal Education Officer to inform the Brotherhood of their progress. The Brotherhood is to be informed of the committee’s progress at the beginning of each General Assembly meeting.

2.  The Music Power Committee shall report to the Vice President prior to the General Assembly meeting in order for the Vice President to inform the Brotherhood of their progress. The Brotherhood is to be informed of the committee’s progress at the beginning of each General Assembly meeting.

3.  The Money Power Committee shall report to the Treasurer prior to the General Assembly meeting in order for the Treasurer to inform the Brotherhood of their progress. The Brotherhood is to be informed of the committee’s progress at the beginning of every General Assembly meeting.

VIII.  Invitations and Probationary Period

A. Qualifications for Probationary Membership shall be:

1.  A candidate must not hold a collegiate cumulative GPA of less than 2.0.

B.  The Probationary Period shall be conducted in accordance with Article III of the General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters.

C.  A Probationary Member recital shall be required during the Probationary Period to provide the Probationary Members with an opportunity to demonstrate a  love and passion for music.
D. Probationary Clause:

1.  Any Active Member shall not:

a.  Put a Probationary Member in a compromising position,

b.  Compromise his beliefs, or

c.  Be vulgar, or offensive in nature

2.  If for any reason, the probationary member feels he cannot or should not be required to undertake an event, activity, query, etc. from a brother, he is able to request a different option. If the situation is not directly resolved, the Probationary Member should report the situation to the Fraternal Education Officer, who then shall report the situation to the President.  The President will then inform the Active Brotherhood of the situation and the appropriate action will be taken.

E. The Probationary Pin:

1.  The Probationary Membership Pin shall be worn at a point approximately two inches inside of the tip of the left breast and one inch up.

2.  The pin should be worn between 8 am and 8 p.m., unless the Probationary Member is participating in athletic events, or sleeping.  If not worn it should  remain on the person at all designated times.  See Probationary Guide for  more details.

3. If the Probationary Member is found without his pin in place or on the     person, the FRATERNAL EDUCATION OFFICER. and big brother should  be notified.

F. The Probationary Pad:

1. Guidelines for the Probationary Pad will be established at the beginning of each probationary period by the Fraternal Education Officer, and must be ratified by the General Assembly.

2. The Probationary Pad should be in the Probationary Member’s possession between the hours of 8 am and 8 p.m. on the days of Monday through Friday, and at all functions as noted in Section III, E:1-9 in these bylaws as applicable to the Probationary Period. If the Probationary Member is caught without his  Probationary Pad, the Fraternal Education Officer and big brother should be notified.

G. Testing Requirements:

1.  Each member will be pre-tested by the Fraternal Education Officer on all fraternal knowledge given prior to the National Exam test date.

2.  Each Probationary Member must pass the National Exam with 100% accuracy in accordance with Article III Section VII of the General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters.

3.  Each Probationary Member will have read and understood Themes for Brotherhood, These Bylaws, and the official Alcohol Policy. After Initiation, the Probationary Member shall also be responsible for reading the National Constitution and the General Regulations for Collegiate Chapters.

IX. Alcohol Policy

Possession of or being under the influence of alcohol and/or illegal drugs is strictly forbidden during any chapter event, including but not limited to chapter meetings, rituals, ceremonies, socials, fund-raisers, and probationary member activities. Furthermore, collegiate members are prohibited from consuming alcohol or using any illegal drug with probationary members at any time, regardless of age, location, time of day, or any other circumstance.

X. Method of Adoption and Amendment

A.  Proposed Chapter Bylaws and Amendments to said Bylaws shall be read and distributed via email one meeting prior to the vote of the General Assembly.  Discussion of the proposal shall be permitted at the second meeting only.  Final adoption shall be by a three-fourths affirmative majority vote of those Brothers present, in good standing, and voting. 

B.  Bylaws shall be effective immediately upon adoption, but shall not be retroactive.

C.  The Executive Council shall review these bylaws once annually, to be ratified by a three-fourths affirmative majority vote by the general assembly.

"Once a Sinfoinian, Always a Sinfonian"