Sigma Phi Epsilon
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Alumni Corporation Meeting 9/17/2006



Jeff Fossitt, Gerome Stephens, Gregg Frank, Josh Gruenke, Cass Blair, Dustin Hinds


Open with prayer at 2:04 p.m.


Approval of previous minutes


Officer Reports:


Gregg Frank-


How have we mentored our counterparts?

Spoken with Dustin often, mapping out resolutions and plans for the upcoming year.


Identified right hand person-

Have not done this yet.


Top Three Priorities-

Effective communication committee

Senior Banquet to sign up new alumni

Make sure mentor process continues

Assist with balanced man scholarship program


What do you need to better accomplish your duties-


Help from more alumni.



Mentor counterparts-

All rituals are scheduled, has expressed support of the alumni bd.


Right Hand Person-

Jason Newland, does not want the position, but willing to step up



Be present

Leadership at university level for greeks

Motivation for undergraduate chapter


Accomplish your duties-

Retreat for the exec. Board

Alumni mentors, will come back and talk to seniors

Leadership of campus




Mentor Counterparts-

Doesn’t know who is counterpart is, Ben Davis


Right Hand Person-

It has been tough because of his proximity, is speaking to a brother this weekend



Meet with Ben on a regular basis

Be a part of  the new university alumni group

Be more visible as a greek alumni


Better accomplish duties-





Ben Mattox, has not had much communication


Right Hand Person-

Kent Barbour?



Better management of the house

Better Communications


Better Accomplish duties-

Figure out processes

Chapter contact





Jarrad Castle


Right Hand Person-

Not identified as of yet



Identify a right hand person

Consolidation of records

Convert record keeping to electronic means



Kicker will be attending alumni corporation meetings from here out, as the new VP for finance for the chapter


Motion to make Jarrod Castle the new VP of Finance for the Undergraduate Chapter, PASSES



Housing Issues-

Roof needs to get done

Plumbing issues

Deadbolt locks on doors, cannot happen with out approval.  K. Bourelle/E. Reynolds have gotten approval.  We must have keys.

We need to better secure the house, within 30 days

New front door will be up this week


Gerome has room inspection forms, has not given Matt Williams keys yet, has not seen/heard from him since school started. Gerome is going to have a formal meeting with the tenants to go over rules/regulations.  K. Bourelle got a $700.00 credit from the chapter because of DJ equipment that he had purchased. Money should not have been credited, Kyle needs to pay his dues then the chapter can write him a check after he has fulfilled his financial obligations. Charge D. Elam and K. Bourelle $100.00 because they have not paid at all and signed up for a one time payment, which comes with a discount, but they have not paid. Kevin Wilson has taken care of his charges, Michael Blackburn is still not in good standing.


New Business—


A lot of brothers have old addresses for their Omega bills, this needs to be fixed.

Next month we need to know what action need to be taken against people on Omega.

Gregg will remove Penfield from Omega and add Kicker and Dustin.


October 14th will be the annual alumni bd. shareholder meeting over homecoming, Gregg proposed 9am. PASSED



Checking 4843.00       Saving 1709


House Maintence Issues, will be copied on an email.

Fire Extinguishers needed upstairs

Smoke Alarms

Railing to the bathroom

Steps are not level

Wires running out of upstairs window

Shingles should not be outside, we may want to put them inside so they do not crack

Window air conditioner

Porch posts that need to be replaced


Resolution to make

Be it resolved that Jeff Fossitt, Vice President for Finance be given the authority over all accounts that are related to the Kentucky Zeta Alumni Board.  These accounts being numbered 55217212 and 56703733. 


Authorization to submit forms to be a part of a class action law suit against our insurance providers.


Need to make sure that University Post Office knows the difference between Sigma Pi and Sigma Phi Epsilon



Signed 25 bids this semester

Pi Kapp signed 14, next closest

Dustin wants to look at grades at midterms

73 man chapter, largest


Motion to close at 4:14