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Qualifying to Win Gift Card

To qualify for one chance to win a $50 gift card to University Bookstore share the status on Facebook.

To qualify for two chances to win a $50 gift card to University Bookstore answer the following questions in a comment below the status on MSU's Facebook page:
    1.) Did you already know this, 
    2.) Will this help you in life, and 
    3.) How will you change your current financial practices as a result?


Winners will be announced every so often, via the Morehead State University Facebook page. We will have an awards ceremony Friday, April 6th at 3pm (TENTATIVE DATE) where you can collect your prize. We appreciate everyone who has been involved and hope to see you at the awards ceremony!

Financial Tips

To complete the TIAA-CREF General Knowledge quiz posted on Feb 28, click here.
To see our tip dealing with DOUBLING YOUR MONEY posted on March 7, click here.
To see out tip based on EARNING AN INCOME posted on March 9, click here.
To see our BUDGETING tip posted on March 14, click here.
To see our CREDIT tip posted on March 16, click here.
To see our BANKING tip posted on March 20, click here
To see our SAVINGS tip posted on March 22, click here.
To see our INVESTING tip posted on March 26, click here.
To see our SPENDING WISELY tip posted on March 29, click here.
To see our IDENTITY THEFT tip posted on March 30, click here.
To see our TRANSPORTATION tip posted on April 2, click here.
To see our ASSET PROTECTION tip posted on April 5, click here.