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Summer 2011 - -Eagle Lake Trail Improvements and Development
Tremendous Eagle Lake trail work was accomplishedby volunteer community and Environmental Eagle members (and all fall semesterresidence advisors on Sunday, August 14) throughout the summer. Progress wasmade in the improvement and expansion of existing trails while maintainingtheir natural environment. This included the re-completion of the Eagle LakeLoop Trail (around the entire lake). Environmental Eagles continue to meet at 4:30PMevery Thursday.

Summer 2011 - -Cave Run Canoe Cleanup
Over 500 lbs (3 filled canoes) of trash wascollected on Sunday, August 7th, around the Paragon Boat Ramp.

Fall 2011 -- CRE Grant Multi-Material Grant
A multi-material recycle bin was added to each floor of all MSU academicbuildings now.

Fall 2011 -- Eco-Olympics
Eco-Olympics volunteer efforts were successfulin several Morehead State projects. This includes the collection of over $200for the Sustainable Morehead springtime tree planting, leading the world's firstCardboard Bale Race, and conducting a Morehead State Residence hallwaste-recycle auditwith the support of Facilities Management and the Community Recycle Center. Aswell, MSU Athletics supported the trailblazing of over a mile of expansion onthe MSU trail system for which both a trail head, map, tree signs have beenposted. MSU Cross Country, Track, and Field teams still include trail work aspart of their weekly practice. The Eco-Olympics saw 350 hours of MSU student volunteerwork and approximately $4,000 in prize donations.