Students in Free Enterprise (SIFE)
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Environmental Eagles is a MSU SIFE-founded, undergraduate student group committed to promoting the implementation of sustainable practices at Morehead State University and its surrounding region. Through organization, advocacy, and outreach, we strive to make Morehead State a model campus for environmental stewardship. Here you will find information about our past efforts and current campaigns, as well as different ways you can takeaction and get involved in campus initiatives! 

Environmental Eagles are committed to:
• universal access to clean air and clean water
• renewable energy and climate neutrality
• wilderness preservation and wildlife protection
• environmental, economic, and social justice
• conservative, intelligent, and efficient use of our natural resources
• grassroots organization and community-based movement
• systemic change of oppressive institutions
• healthy, local, and organic agriculture and food options
• responsible consumerism
• respect for diversity and for all forms of life.

Our mission is to support and defend the above values in our campus community and beyond. Our goal is to minimize the university’s ecological footprint on the planet through the implementation of sustainable practices on Morehead State’s campus and in the surrounding region.