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Upcoming Events
 November 14, 2008
        8 pm
        Crager Room
Blue and Gold Ball
   (Sponsored by SGA and Sigma Gamma Rho)
 November 18, 2008
        Main Street
RHA volunteer day for Hometown Holiday
November 19, 2008
        7:30 pm
        Breckenridge 002
Movie Premiere of "The Love Guru"  (FREE!!)
November 20, 2008
        6 - 8 pm
        Button Drill Room
 Thanksgiving Dinner  (FREE!!)

Executive Board

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Random Acts of Kindness Week

September 11th Memorial Service 

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Thanksgiving Dinner



Who are we?

The Residence Hall Association is a group of students that, through Residence Hall elections and inter-organizational elections, have been chosen to represent Morehead State University students who live on-campus. Each Residence Hall has their own set of officers as well as officers over the entire campus.

What is RHC?

The Residence Hall Council is the group of officers elected to represent the students of a particular residence hall. These officers include a President, an Executive Vice President, a Vice President of Administration, a Vice President of Publicity, a Vice President of Intramurals, an Advisor, and Floor Representatives. They keep their residence hall active in intramurals, have programs and fund raisers to benefit their halls, and address concerns of the students. The President and Vice President of each hall's RHC are also on the Congress of RHA, so they can contribute to the entire MSU association. RHC serves mainly their residence hall while RHA serves the entire Morehead State University Campus.

When do we meet?

The RHA Executive Board members and Congress members meet on Thursdays at 4:30pm in Room 301 of the Adron Doran University Center. RHA meetings are open to all students and staff, and we welcome everyone to join us.

What are the benefits of joining RHA or RHC?

Being in either RHA or RHC has many benefits. First, you get to take a leadership role in deciding events that could affect all of campus. You are responsible for the people living in your residence hall. Leadership of this caliber helps you in both personal and career settings. You get solid leadership training and experience with the RHA and RHC. Another benefit of joining is the friends you make. RHA and RHC have members from all walks of life and of high diversity. They are a truly fun group of people, work very well together and are known for having a good time.


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