Minority Leadership Caucus
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  Constitution of the Minority Leadership Caucus

Morehead State University


We, the Minority Students at Morehead State University, in order to promote mutual understanding and friendship among ourselves; in order to provide ourselves with a common voice on campus and in the community; and in order to encourage the solidarity and upliftment of our various people,


Do hereby organize and ordain


The Minority Leadership Caucus at Morehead State University.



A.    To develop “Leadership Skills”, and equip students with necessary professional and social etiquette.

B.      To act as a means of public relations for Morehead State University, and to function as an outlet for those students who are participating.

C.     To promote/ facilitate interaction amongst students and/ or faculty/ staff for the purposes of sharing common goals, objectives, and issues related to minority student development.

D.    Accommodate and facilitate the needs of the members socially, academically, and to enhance the individual.

E.     Build group morale and unity.

F.      Increase interaction and education with MSU community.


ARTICLE III: Affiliation

Section 1     This organization shall operate according to the most current regulations and policies of Morehead State University and in compliance with all Board of Regents’ policies, local, state, and federal laws regardless of contradictory material that may be in this document.


ARTICLE IV: Nondiscrimination

This organization shall not discriminate on the basis of:

·      Race

·      Color

·      Disability

·      Religion

·      Sex

·      Sexual orientation

·      Age

·      National origin

·      Marital or familial status

·      Vietnam era, recently separated, or other protected veterans


ARTICLE V: Membership

Section 1   Active membership in this organization is limited to enrolled MSU students.

Section 2   Only students with a minimum 2.00 GPA may vote and hold office. 

Section 3   Officers must be full-time students in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of 2.30 or above.  Employees of the University are not eligible for officer positions in student organizations. 

Section 4   Students who are below the 2.00 GPA will still be members and may come to meetings join committees, and help with all events, but may not hold office, or vote.

Section 5   All members will be required to attend 80% of all scheduled events, activities, and meetings; students not in compliance will be subject to losing voting rights and officer status (if applicable).

Section 6   This organization is required to have a minimum of five (5) active members in its second year and beyond.  In its initial year of recognition it is required to have a minimum of ten (10) active members.


ARTICLE VI: Attendance Requirements

Section 1   MLC attendance will be regulated as follows; a maximum of 4 absences total will be permitted per semester that is 3 excused absences and 1 unexcused absence. This will include attendance to general meetings, committee meetings, sponsored and co-sponsored events.

Section 2   The Executive Board will notify MLC members individually after their second absence. After the fourth excused absence, or second unexcused absence the Executive Board will notify the member in question to allow them to resign or appeal their absences. The final decision will be presented and voted upon by the MLC members to retain the individual member or have them removed.


ARTICLE VII: Reprimand or Removal of Members

Section 1   If member is not in good academic standing (below 2.00 GPA), bi-weekly progress reports will be used to track members’ academic performance. Member will be required to attend weekly study tables. Member must meet with the MLC advisor or co-advisor bi-weekly to discuss progress.

Section 2   Grounds for removal: Any member not fulfilling the requirements as outlined in this Constitution Article V and VI of this organization to the satisfaction of the voting membership or violating Morehead State University policy or the Student Code of Conduct may be removed from membership. A simple majority vote of the total voting membership shall be required for removal of any member.

Section 3   Notice of charges: The motion to remove a member from this organization must be presented in writing to the Executive Board at least 1 week before the meeting at which the removal will be voted on by members.

Section 4   Right to a fair hearing: The member subject to removal shall have the right to present his/her case to the membership at the meeting in which the voting for removal is to take place.

Section 5   Form of vote: All voting under this Article shall be done by secret ballot.


Section 1   Quorum: To conduct business a simple majority of the total voting membership must be present at the meeting. A simple majority of the total voting membership must be present for all elections.

Section 2   Voting percentages: Motions dealing with amendments and the removal of officers or members will require a two-thirds majority vote of the total voting membership. All other motions will require a simple majority vote of the quorum to pass.

Section 3   Frequency of meetings: This organization shall meet at least 8 times each semester. The President may call emergency meetings. Written and /or verbal notice of organizational meetings shall be given to all members at least 5 days prior to such meetings. Written and /or verbal notice of special or emergency meetings shall be given to all members 3 days in advance.

Section 4   Order of meetings:

1.      Readings and approval of secretary minutes

2.      Reports of officers, boards, and standing committees

3.      Reports of special committees

4.      Reports of Advisors

5.      Special orders

6.      Unfinished business and general orders

7.      New Business

Section 5   Parliamentary authority: The Constitution of this organization shall be the supreme authority in parliamentary procedure at all meetings. The Bylaws of this organization, if and when they exist, shall be the next highest authority. Robert’s Rules of Order shall be the procedure used to conduct meetings except where it conflicts with the Constitution or with the Bylaws.


ARTICLE IX: Elections

Section 1   Types of elections: General elections will be held to replace officers whose terms are due to expire. Special elections shall be held when an office is vacated in midterm.

Section 2   Nomination of candidates: A candidate for office must be nominated by a voting member during the last meeting date in March in the case of general elections or during the meeting immediately prior to special elections.

Section 3   Time of elections: General elections shall be held during the first meeting in April and special elections shall be held as necessary.

Section 4   Form of vote: Voting under this Article shall be by secret ballot.


ARTICLE X:  Officers

Section 1   Elected Officers: The officers of this organization will be:

A.    President

B.     Vice President

C.     Secretary

D.    Treasurer        

E.     Public Relations Director

F.      Sergeant-at-Arms

Section 2   Qualifications: Each elected officer must be an “Active” member of the Minority Leadership Caucus (MLC) as outlined in this Constitution Article V. Officers must be full-time students in good academic standing with the University with a cumulative GPA of 2.30 or above.  Employees of the University are not eligible for officer positions in student organizations. 

Section 3   Term of office: An officer shall serve for one academic year from his/her swearing-in, or until his/her successor is appointed or elected. Any member who’s GPA is a 2.3 and above may run for office, or serve in office, as many consecutive terms they are elected.

Section 4   Duties: The duties of the officers shall be as follows:

A.     The President

1.      Shall be the chief executive officer of the organization and shall preside over meetings.

2.      Shall submit the names of all officers of the organization to the Student Activities Office not more than four weeks after the beginning of the fall semester and within ten days of any election.

3.      Shall submit additional information as it is required to the Student Activities Office.

4.      Appoint to all members special and standing committees

5.      Be the spokesperson for the caucus.

B.     The Vice President

1.      Shall perform the duties of the President, in the event of the absence of the president and shall succeed to that position in the event that it becomes vacant, until a special election can be held.

2.      Shall serve as liaison between the chairperson, committees, and the President.

3.      Shall be responsible for writing the Bylaws of this organization and for presenting them for approval to the total voting membership at the meeting.

4.      Shall perform role call at every meeting.

C.     The Secretary

1.      Shall keep record of all proceedings of the caucus.

2.      Shall maintain all records of active/inactive membership status and committee members.

3.      Shall be responsible for producing all reports deemed necessary - such as program closing reports.

D.    The Treasurer

1.      Shall be responsible for the caucus funds.

2.      Shall handle those funds in accordance with the policies of MSU.

3.      Shall keep record of accounts, disbursements and receipts in detail.

4.      Shall give a monthly report to the body of the caucus.

E.     The Public Relations Director

1.      Shall serve as a public information representative for the caucus.

2.      Shall develop contacts and relationships with media representatives to create opportunities for positive coverage of MLC events/programs.

3.      Shall provide leadership, plan and implement the caucus public relations strategies, policies and procedures to the members of MLC.

4.      Shall create, produce and coordinate internal and external publications, fact sheets, news releases, brochures, displays/exhibits and web site information.

5.      Shall be the Public Relations Committee Chair.

F.      The Sergeant-at-Arms

1.      Shall set up the meeting room.

2.      Introduce the President (or Presiding Officer if president is not available).

3.      Shall maintain order and time of meetings.

4.      Re-open the meeting after the break.




ARTICLE XI - Executive Board

Section 1     Responsibility: Management of this organization shall be vested in the Executive Board It is the Board’s responsibility to the entire membership to uphold this constitution.

Section 2     Membership: Membership shall consist of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations Director, Sergeant at Arms and the Advisors as an ex-officio, non-voting member.

Section 3     Meetings: The Executive Committee shall meet at least once a month or four times a semester to organize and plan future activities and agenda items for meetings.

Section 4     Quorum: A quorum of this committee shall consist of a simple majority.


ARTICLE XII - Removal of Officers

Section 1   Grounds for removal: Any officer not fulfilling his/her duties as outlined in this Constitution Article X, Section 4 to the satisfaction of the voting membership or who has violated a University policy or the Student Code of Conduct, may be removed from office. A two-thirds majority vote of the total voting membership shall be required for removal of any officer.

Section 2   Notice of charges: The motion to remove an officer from his/her position must be presented in writing to the total voting membership at least 2 weeks before the meeting at which the removal will be voted on.

Section 3   Right to a fair hearing: The officer subject to removal shall have the right to present his/her case to the membership at the meeting in which the voting for removal is to take place.     

Section 4   Form of vote: All voting under this Article shall be done by secret ballot.



Section 1   Selection: This Executive Board of the Minority Leadership Caucus shall annually designate a primary advisor at the time of the regular organization elections. There shall be no less than one faculty/staff advisor for the organization. Said Advisor(s) shall have no voting privileges and must be an MSU faculty or staff member.  The Office of First Year Programs and Academic Services will assign a co-advisor to the MLC on an annual basis

Section 2   The advisor will assist the student organization in following and understanding university policies.  He or she is required to chaperone the organization’s activities and/or events on campus.  The advisor’s approval will be required for this organization to utilize university vehicles or facilities, request purchase orders, disburse funds from university accounts, and other such business that may be required by the university.

Section 3   The Advisor(s) shall consult with the officers about the organization’s activities in compliance with University Policies.


ARTICLE XIV - Financial Support

Section 1   All funds of this organization must be maintained with the Office of Accounting and Budgetary Control.  No off campus accounts are permitted.  This organization must follow University procedures for collection and control of cash receipts.  They must maintain financial records for seven years. 

Section 2   The finances of this organization will come from fund-raising projects, individual contributions, and dues.

ARTICLE XV: Committees

Section 1   The President shall have the authority to appoint any special committees, with the approval of the Executive Board that will meet the needs of the organization.

Section 2   These committees may include, but are not limited to the following:

A.       Public Relations Committee - Promotes and publicizes information affiliated with MLC in a professional and positive manner. Assists in the promotion of MLC sponsored events. Creates promotional materials as requested by other committees, the executive board and staff advisors as requested in a timely manner.

B.        Student Life Committee - Researches policies and initiates plans to enhance the quality of student life for minority students on campus. Works in conjunction with the Student Government Association (SGA) Student Life Committee to address student concerns with University officials.

C.        Membership Recruitment & Retention Committee - Raises the awareness of MLC throughout the campus in an effort to recruit quality members by speaking to various classes, organizations, individual students and attending events sponsored by other organizations. Maintains contact with MLC general membership body to determine strategies for retaining members.

Section 3  The Committee Chair is the presiding member of the committee. This person is responsible for managing the committee operations under guidelines established by the executive leadership of MLC.

Section 4  The responsibilities of the Committee Chair include the following:

A.       To determine a date, time and location for the meeting to be held.

B.        To provide a typed agenda and meeting minutes for each meeting.

C.        To conduct the meeting pursuant to Roberts Rules of Order.

D.       To provide a typed report from the committee at MLC General Body meetings.

E.        To report directly to the President, Vice President or staff advisor of MLC.

F.         To maintain attendance records for each committee meeting.

Section 5  Committee Chairs can be removed from their position by the President or staff advisor of MLC as deemed necessary

Section 6  Consultant to Standing Committees

A.       All committees will have consultant from the executive committee as determined by the staff advisor.

B.        The consultant will be available for assistance or feedback to committee members.

C.        The consultant is not required to attend committee meetings but should be available to the committee to if they require assistance.

D.       The staff advisors will also be an available resource to the committees to assist as necessary.

Section 7  Ad Hoc Committee

A.       The President may establish and disband supplemental committees with the intent of addressing specified purposes. These committees shall refer to as AD Hoc committees.




Dues shall be (20) twenty dollars per academic year, and will be collected by the Treasurer at a date to be announced by the President.  Members neglecting to pay will be given ample opportunity to make arrangements, but will be subject to losing voting privileges and officer status (if applicable) or ability to participate in travel.

ARTICLE XVII: Trips and Travel Arrangements

A listing of all trips and engagements will be scheduled with the President of the caucus and the faculty advisors. This list will include: dates, places, and times of meetings and forums. It will be submitted to arrange for transportation. All trips will be chaperoned by at least one full-time faculty or staff employee of MSU. All members will adhere to the predetermined itinerary of the trip.


ARTICLE XI: Amendments

A.       Amendments to this Constitution shall be presented to and voted on at the regularly scheduled meetings.

B.        Adoption of Constitutional Changes must be approved by a simple majority vote of membership.

C.        A current copy of the Constitution shall be placed on file with the Office of Student Activities no later than 10 days after voting.















Drafted: November 20, 2009

Effective: January 1, 2010