Minority Leadership Caucus
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Established in the Spring of 2007, the Minority Leadership Caucus was launched as an umbrella organization in which all student groups, athletic teams and Greek organizations could come together in order to unify the minority voice on Morehead State University's campus.

The MLC provides academic initiatives and social programming events that will endow minority students on this campus an opportunity to not only support one another but, to also amplify their collective college experience.

Membership intake is on-going.




A)    To develop “Leadership Skills”, and equip students with necessary professional and social etiquette.

B)    To act as a means of public relations for Morehead State University, and to function as an outlet for those students who are participating.

C)    To promote/ facilitate interaction amongst students and/or faculty/ staff for the purposes of sharing common goals, objectives, and issues related to minority student development.




A)   Develop leaders of integrity who enable positive action.

B)   To ensure students are held accountable for actions and success as a student and human being.

C)   To give each student an opportunity for personal development.